Summary of the Law of Bills of Exchange, Cash Bills, and Promissory Notes, Band 2

E. and R. Brooke, 1797 - 134 Seiten

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Seite 126 - ... that all bonds, contracts, and assurances whatsoever, made after the time aforesaid, for payment of any principal, or money to be lent or covenanted to be performed upon or for any usury, whereupon or whereby there shall be reserved or taken above the rate of five pounds in the hundred, as aforesaid, shall be utterly void...
Seite 125 - ... won by gaming or playing at cards, dice, tables, tennis, bowls, or other game or games...
Seite 16 - ... shall be pleaded or given in evidence in any Court, or admitted in any Court to be good, useful or available in law or equity...
Seite 74 - ... within the kingdom of England, dominion of Wales, or town of Berwick upon Tweed, and the islands of Jersey or Guernsey ; any law or usage to the contrary notwithstanding.
Seite 70 - Guildhall, that it is not an excuse for not demanding payment on a note or bill, or for not giving notice of non-payment, that the maker or acceptor has become a bankrupt, as many ways may remain of obtaining payment by the assistance of friends or otherwise.
Seite 80 - ... where the drawer has no effects in the hands of the drawee i<f) ; for it is a fraud in itself, and if that can be proved, the notice may be dispensed with.
Seite 80 - ... that the drawer had no effects in the hands of the drawee from the time the bill was drawn till the time it became due, he is liable, without proof of demand and notice.
Seite 74 - Know all men, that I, AB, on the day of at the usual place of abode of the said have demanded payment of the bill, of the which the above is the copy, which the said did not pay, wherefore I the said do hereby protest the said bill. Dated this day of *II. Which protest so made as aforesaid shall, within fourteen 1 J days after making thereof, be sent, or otherwise due notice shall be given thereof, to the party from...
Seite 80 - The case of Bickerdike v. Bollman," says Lord Ellenborough, " went upon the ground, that the drawer had no effects in the hands of the drawee at the time of the bill drawn, and the other cases followed on the same ground.
Seite 46 - On not guilty pleaded, and verdict for the Plaintiff, it was moved in Arreft of Judgment, that the Action did not lie, for tho...

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