Bulletin - United States Geological Survey, Ausgabe 409


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Seite 33 - Mineralogy Simplified. Easy Methods of Identifying Minerals, including Ores, by Means of the Blow-pipe, by Flame Reactions, by Humid Chemical Analysis, and by Physical Tests. By...
Seite 18 - December, 1907, being an account of mining operations for gold, coal, etc., in the Province of British Columbia.
Seite 40 - Rock salt, its origin, geological occurrences and economic importance in the State of Louisiana, together with brief notes and references to all known salt deposits and industries of the world: La.
Seite 5 - Chicago, 111. British Columbia, Bureau of Mines: Annual Report of the Minister of Mines for 1907.
Seite 35 - Robertson. 367. A handbook on the minerals and mineral resources of Virginia. Prepared for the Virginia Commission to the St. Louis Exposition. Richmond, Virginia [1904]. 159 pp., illus. Fuller, John T. 368. Report on the property of the Arkansas Diamond Company, 38 pp., 1908. Includes an account of the geology of the locality In Pike County, Arkansas, where diamonds have been found. Fuller, Myron L.
Seite 22 - A great Permian delta and its vertebrate life, with restorations by the author.— Pop.
Seite 61 - Describes optical properties of the mineral kaolinite from Colorado. Miller, Arthur M. 746. Abstract of report on the lower (or "conglomerate ") measures along the western border of the eastern coal field. — Kentucky Geol. Survey, Report of Progress for 1906 and 1907, pp. 27-35, 1908. Discusses the distribution and character of the coal seams in this area.
Seite 77 - The localization of values in ore bodies and the occurrence of shoots in metalliferous deposits; ore shoots at Butte, Montana: Econ.
Seite 64 - The Four Inseparable Factors of Evolution. Theory of their Distinct and Combined Action in the Transformation of the Titanotheres, an Extinct Family of Hoofed Animals in the Order Perissodactyla,
Seite 40 - Science, new ser., vol. 27, pp. 347-348, February 28, 1908. 436. Note on the "Lafayette beds" of Louisiana. — Science, new ser., vol. 27, p. 351, February 28, 1908. 437. Salt in Louisiana, with special reference to its geologic occurrence. — Louisiana, Geol. Survey, Bull. no. 7, pp. 5-59, 22 pis., 12 figs., 1908. 438. Domes; or, structural peculiarities of the salt-bearing localities of Louisiana and southeast Texas. — Louisiana, Geol. Survey, Bull. no. 7, pp. 59-83, 1908. Discusses the structure...

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