Abbildungen der Seite

Roberts, C. Gurney Slade, Somersetshire, inn Smith, I. D. St G. Rotherhithe, cork-manufacturer

Thompson, C. Halifax, watch-glass-cutter
Roberts, W. Chowbent, Lancashire, innkeeper Thackara, J. Maltby, millwright
Reed, C. Plymouth, merchant

Taylor, M. Long-lane, dealer in cotton
Ray, J. & Ray, J. R. Clare, Suffolk, bankers Townsend, w. Sheffield, builder
Read, G. R. Barbican-court, merchant

Taylor, J. Hedon, mariner Roberts, J. Leeds, woolstapler

Thompson H. & Moses, T. Rotherhithe, wineRiley, J. Leicester, grocer

merchants Rabbeth, W. Red-Lion-passage, Red-Lion-square Trustrum, J. Grove, Great Guildford-street, carSendall, J. Fulham, horse-dealer

penter Sorrell, R. B• Kirby-street, printer

Twiddy, G. Bread-street-hill, oil and colourman Sharrock, P. T. Preston, music-vender

Tyler, J. Petworth, spirit-merchant Story, T. Hunworth, miller

Whitfield, W. P. Commercial-road, porter and wine Smith, T. Leeds, worsted-spinner

Sidney, R. Newman-street, Oxford-road, picture Womack, J. W. Norwich, linen-draper

Wood, J. Walsall, factor
Scott, A. John-street, Commercial-road, dealer Wynn, w. Dean-street, Soho, watch-maker
Shopbridge, W. Marden, Kent, farmer

Wheeler, H. sen. Flandford-forum, Dorsetshire,
Sinclair, J. Brighthelmstone, bookbinder

butcher Swaine, J. Bristol, dealer

Worrall, W. Liverpool, merchant Sellers, H. Burnley, cotton-spinner

Whitley, J. Dubb, Bingley, worsted-spinner Scott, J. Fore-street, corn-dealer

Watters, S. Bermondsey, anchorsmith Simpson, C. Stretford, nurseryman

Wrathell, C. C. Lancaster, dealer in coals Skinner, S. Sharpe's buildings, Rosemary-lane, Want, J. Russell-place, surgeon slopseller

Young, J. Laystad-street, milkman.

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ALPHABETICAL List of Scotch BANKRUPTCIES, announced between Ist and 31st

January 1820, extracted from the Edinburgh Gazette.

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Attwell, Wm, brush and basket maker, Glasgow
Alexander, John, distiller, Linlithgow
Brown, Robert, horse and cattle-dealer and grazier,

Byers, Richard, & Co. spirit-dealers, Glasgow
Douglas, G. Newcastleton, Dumfries-shire
Drummond, J. architect and builder, Oban
Erskine, Wm, merchant and spirit-dealer, Glasgow
Ilarkness, Thomas, Esq. of Balthinore, wool and

timber-merchant, residing at Garrachovan, Cowal
Jamieson, Andrew, merchant, Turriff
Laird, Anthony, cooper and fish-curer, Leith
M'Ewen, Archibald, merchant and grocer, Glasgow
Paterson, John, skinner and tanner, Spoutmouth,

Thomson, John, Robroyston, flesher, cattle and

horse dealer, Calton, Glasgow
White & Downie, merchants, Glasgow
Woodman & Lookup, tanners and skinners, Dum-


Francis Garbett & Co, late of Carron Wharf; a di

vidend on 15th February
Gillies, Colin, merchant, Brechin; a dividend oder Pra

14th February
Lawrie, Andrew & Son, upholsterers, Edinburgh;

a dividend on 28th February
M‘Farlane, Rennie, & Co. merchants, Glasgow; &

dividend on 14th February
Macharg & Wallace, merchants, Ayr; a dividend

on 8th February
Petrie, James. jun. merchant, Aberdeen; a divi-

dend on 14th February
Scott, J. sen. & Co. merchants and agents, Glas-

gow; a dividend on 11th March
Sheriff, Robert, manufacturer, Glasgow; a divi-

dend on 16th February.

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$. d. sod

S. d. per 70 lbs.


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54 0 to 56 0


53 0 to 35 0 28 0 to 31 0 27 0 to 320

London, Corn Exchange, Jan. 31.

Liverpool, Feb. 5.

s. Wheat,

s. d. Wheat, red, new 56 to 60 Boilers

46 to 48 Fine ditto 60 to 65 New .

Pease, grey 36 0 to 10

to Superfine ditto 64 to 67 Small Beans . 40 to 42 English, new 9 0 to 10 0 Flour, Eng. pr. 280 lb.

· Boiling'. 45 0 to 52 White 56 to 60 | Tick

35 to 38 American.

8 3 to 9 0 Fine Fine ditto

. . 62 to 66 Foreign 36 to 38 Dantzic 9 6 to 10 O Irishp.24011.44 0 to 45 0 Superfine 68 to 71 Feed Oats . 19 to 21 Dutch Red 0 0 to

0 0 Amer. p. 196 lb. old ditto .. • 75 to 78 Fine

21 to 25 Riga ..:.8 0 to 8 5 Do. in bond 34 0 to 35 0 Rye 30 to 32 Poland do 22 to 24 Archangel . 7 6 to 7 9


34 0 to 36 0 Barley • 28 to 31 Fine . 25 to 27 Canada ... 0 0 to 0 0 Oatmeal,per 240 lb. Fine 32 to 34 Potato do. 24 to 26 Scotch

9 0 to 9 6 English Superfine . . .35 to 37 Fine . 27 to 29 Irish, new

8 6 to 9 3 Scotch Malt,

50 to 60 | Flour, p. sack 55 to 60 Barley, per 60 lbs. Irish Fine

63 to 70 Seconds 50 to 55 Eng. grind. · 44 to 16 Bran, p.24 lb. 0 0 to 00 Hog Pease

10 to 42 North Country 45 to 50 - - Malting · 50 to 0 0 Maple . 42 to 44 Pollard

20 to 28 Scotch

4 6 to 50 Butter, Beef, dics White pease 42 to 45 i Bran

9 Irish.

4 0 to 0 0 Butter, per cwt. $.

Seeds, &c.

10 to 4 3 Belfast

84 to 0 Oats, per 45 lb).

s. English pota. 3 6 to 3 8 Waterford, new to

0 Must. Brown, 15 to 20 Hempseed . to Irish, do.


. 3 3 to 3 6 Cork, pick. 2d 78 to White. 6 to 11 Linseed, crush. to Scotch do. 3 6 to 3 81

70 to 0 Tares

0 to

0 New, for Secd to Turnips ...14 to 20 Ryegrass,

Rye, perqr. 36 0 to 38 0 Beef, p. tierce 95 to 105 15 to 10 Malt, p. 9gis. 10 0 to 00 Tongu. p. firk. O to

0 -New 0 to 0 Clover, Red, 60 to 98 Beans, pr qr.

Pork, p. bri. -Yellow 0 to 0 - White

60 to 100 English. : 46 0 to 50 O Bacon, per ewt. Carraway ... 48 to 50 Coriander 10 to 12 Irish ... 44 0 to 46 0 Short middles 56 to 58 Canary 80 to 941 Trefoil

30 to 68 Rapeseed £30 to £0 Hars, dry, . 0 to New Rapeseed, £31 to £33.

8 to

82 to 0

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3d dry

75 to 84


1st,......35s. Od.
2d, ......32s. 6d.
3d, ......27s. Od.


1st,...... 25ş. Od. Ist,...... 20s. Od.

.22s. 6d. 2d, .19s. Od.
3d, ......19s. Od. 3d, ...... 15s. 6d.
Average of Wheat, £1:12:5: 6-12ths.

Pease & Beans. 1st,...... 18s. 6d. 2d, ......16s. Od. 3d, ......15s. 6d.


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Tuesday, February 1.
Beef (17oz. per Ib.) Os. 5d. to Os. 8d. Quartern Loaf

Os. 50. to Os. 8d. Potatoes (28 lb.)
Lamb, per quarter Os. Od. to Os. Od. Butter, per lb.

Os. 8d. to ls. Od. Salt ditto,

Os. 6d. to Os. 8d. Ditto, per stone
Tallow, per stone 9s. Od. to 9s. 6d. Eggs, per dozen

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O$. 8d. to Os. 98. Os. 8d. to Os. Od. 1s. 6d. to Os. Od. 1s. Od. to 9$. Od. 16s. Od. to Os. Od. ls. 3d. to Os. Od.


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1st,......34s. 6d. 1st....... 255. Od. 1st....... 20s. Od. 1st......175. Od. 1st, .....18s. Od.
2d, ......32s. 6d. | 2d,.. .22s. Od. | 2d, ......17s. Od. | 2d, ......14s. Od. 2d,......155. Od.
3d,......30s. Od. 3d, ......19s. Od, 3d,......14s. Od. | 3d, ......1 ls. Od. 3d,......12s. Od.

Average of Wheat, £1:12:3:4-12ths.

Average Prices of Corn in England and Wales, from the Returns received in the Week

ended 22d Jan. 1820. Wheat, 63s. 100.-Rye, 41s. Od.Barley, 33s. 11d.-Oats, 23s. 9d.-Beans, 44s. 9d. Peasc, 478. 4d.

Beer or Big, Os. Od.Oatmeal, 25s. 9d.

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Average Prices of British Corn in Scotland, by the Quarter of Eight Winchester Bushels, and Oatmeal, per Boll of 128 lbs. Scots Troy, or 140 lbs. Avoirdupois, of the Four Weeks imn

tely preceding the 15th Jan. 1820. Wheat, 52s. 90.-Rye, 36ş. 5d.-Barley, 27s. 11d.--Oats, 20$. 10d.-Beans, 31s. 7d. Pease, 31s. 1d.

Beer or Big, 23s. 10d.-Oatmeal, 17s. 9d.


The frost that set in towards the latter end of December continued with increasing severity during the first four days of January. During the first night of the month, the thermometer sunk to 14, and on the 2d, to 10. From the 5th to the 9th, it was more mo. derate ; and on the 10th, the temperature of the day rose to 401, the lowest during the night being 36. After the 12th, the frost became more severe than at any former period, and continued till the 22d. On the morning of the 18th the thermometer stood at Zero, and did not rise higher than 11ļ till very late in the evening. In the neighbourhood of the river the temperature was observed about 10 degrees below Zero, probably the greatest degree of cold ever experienced in this country. After the 17th, the thermometer sunk repeatedly to 5, and on the last night of the frost it was at 121. From the 23d to the end of the month, the thermometer rose to 40 or upwards every day. The state of the barometer during the month was as extraordinary as that of the thermometer. From the 1st to the 9th, it rose gradually, every day, with one slight exception ; and on the morning of the 9th, stood at the very unusual height of 30.835. This was at 10 ; but an hour before, it was at 30.845, and in all probability had been higher during the night. Making allowance for the elevation of the place, it must have been as high as 31.045 inches at the level of the sea, a height altogether unexampled perhaps in this climate. During the next nine days, the barometer sunk almost as gradually as it had risen ; and on the morning of the 19th, two days after the greatest depression of temperature, it stood at 28.830, being 2 inches lower than at its greatest elevation. The mean temperature of January is nearly 74 degrees lower than that of January last year, the mean of Leslie’s hygrometer is one degree lower, and the mean relative humidity exactly the same. The quantity of evaporation is one-third less than last year.


1 0


METEOROLOGICAL TABLE, extracted from the Register kept on the Banks of
the Tay, four miles east from Perth, Latitude 56° 25', Elevation 185 feet.



Mean of greatest daily heat,

35.8 Maximum,

31st day,

24.8 Minimum,


temperature, 10 A.M.
30.7 Lowest maximum, 17th

10 P.M.
30.4 Highest minimum, 30th

39.0 ....... of daily extremes,

Highest, 10 A. M. 31st

46.0 ............ 10 A.M. and 10 P.M.

30.5 Lowest ditto,


6.0 ............ 4 daily observations, 30.4 Highest, 10 P. M. 24th

43.0 Whole range of thermometer,

340.0 Lowest ditto


10.5 Mean daily ditto, 11.0 Greatest range in 24 hours, 21st

temperature of spring water,

Least ditto,



Mean of 10 A.M. (temp. of mer. 38) 29.708 Highest, 10 A. M.


30.835 10 P.M. (temp. of mer. 38) 29.717 Lowest ditto,


28.830 ...... both, (temp. of mer. 38)

29.713 Highest, 10 P. M.


30.800 Whole range of barometer,

9.285 Lowest ditto,


28.990 Mean ditto, during the day,

Greatest range in 24 hours, 27th

.164 Least ditto,


.055 ................. in 24 hours,


Leslie. Highest, 10 A. M. 11th

16.0 Rain in inches,

............ Lowest ditto, 18th

0.0 Evaporation in ditto,

Highest, 10 P. M. 11th

16.0 Mean daily Evaporation,

.... Lowest ditto, 18th

0.0 Leslie. Mean, 10 A. M.


Anderson. P. of Dep. Highest, 10 A.M. 30th 41.0

6.0 ........................ 10 P. M.

Lowest ditto, 18th 6.0

Highest, 10 €.M. 30th 38.0
Anderson. Point of Dep. 10 A.M. 26.8

Lowest ditto,

18th 11.0 10 P.M.


........ Relat.Hum.Highest, 10 A.M. 18th 100.0

Least ditto,

11th 66.0 Relat. Humid. 10 A.M. 87.9

....... Greatest, 10 P.M. 18th 100.0 ............................................ 10 P. M. 85.7

Least ditto,

9th 65.0

Mois. 100 cub. in. Greatest, 10 A.M, 31st.184 ...............Grs. mois. in 100 cub. in air, 10 A.M.,118

......... Least ditto, 18th .055 ........10 P.M. .113

Greatest, 10 P. M. 30th .166 both, .115

........... Least ditto, 18th .066 Fair days, 21; rainy days, 10. Wind west of meridian, 23 ; east of meridian, 8.

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METEOROLOGICAL TABLE, extracted from the Register kept at Edinburgh, in

the Observatory, Calton-hill. N.B.- The Observations are made twice every day, at nine o'clock, forenoon, and four o'clock, afterThe second Observation in the afternoon, in the first column, is taken by the Register


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Ther. Barom. Ther.


Ther. Barom.



Snow deep, Jan. 17{ A. 19




19{A: 25 20{A. 24 21{

A. 31

Frost, with

A. 19%

Fine thaw.

M.17 29.106 M.27
Jan. 1{

A. 22 .178 A.28

.209 M.27

Keen frost.

.225 A. 26
A. 23

snow on gr.
M.17 .325 M.25

Cble. Ditto
.580A. 27
A. 22
M.21 .675 M.28

Frost, snow

A. 28 .706 A.30

on ground.

.619 M.33
A. 37 .624 A. 36

S.W. Rain.
M.313 .885 M.36

A. 36 .844A. 35) Calm. Foggy, fair.

M.29 .999 M.32 7


Snow and
A. 34 30.403 A. 36 ) hail aftern.

.511 M.36

Cble. Keen frost.
A.31 .639 A. 36

M.19 .651 M.29
A. 26

Cble. Ditto.
.633 A. 29
.371 M.33

A. 35

.131 A. 35

rather fresh.
M.312 29.792 M.35

Fresh, snow
A. 37

and rain.
.986 M.34

A. 32 .982 A. 34 ) rather fresh.
M.24 .859 M.32


Dull, shrs.
A. 30 .964 A.33

of snow.
.975 M.31


Frost, .660 A. 32

snow on grd. 15 M.213 .498 M.34


Sunshine, .457 A. 33

snow on gr. M.22 .376 M.31


Keen frost,
A.28 .374 A.27


M.14 29.279 M.26

Sunshine, .264 A. 26


Keen frost.
M. 6

.254 M.22
A, 16
.101 A.24

Cble. Keen frost.
M.14 28.672 M.25

Snow foren.

.847 A. 27
M.13 29.101 M.25

frost night.

Frost, sun,

.220 A. 26 )

snow on gr.
.315 M.30

Keen frost,

.536 A, 27

dull day.

.695 M.23
.619 A. 29 )



.230 M.33 1
A. 36
.206 A. 37 S


M.39} 28.954 M.40
A. 42

S.W. Ditto.

.999 A, 42 S
M.354 29.343 M.41

Dull foren.
A. 41

.108 A. 40

rain even.

.217 M.40
A. 38
.154 A. 10)

sunshine aft.

M.311 28.869 M.43
A. 44

N. W. Rain.
.972 A. 43
M.31 29.537 M,42

N. W.

Dull morn.
.836 A.41 S sunshine day
.820 M.40)

Fair, rain

A. 38
.644 A. 42

.631 M.42

Fair, dull,
A. 43

.576 A. 43

rain night.

Fair, rain
A.47 .513 A. 43 S night.

Average of Rain, •505 inches,

Foggy foren.

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I. MILITARY. Army Lieut.-Col. Tuyll, hp. 26 Dr. to be Col. on

the Continent only 16 Dec. 1819 Capt. Pierce, R. Art. Major 12 Aug. do. -Nicolls, R. Art. Major

do. -Mar. of Worcester, 37 F. Major

30 Dec. do. 2 Dr.G.

-Collins, Cornet by purch. v. Cotton, pro. 25 Dr.

6 Jan. 1820 9 Dr. Major Wildman, Lt.-Col. by purch. vice

Lord Hartland, ret. 23 Dec. 1819 Capt. Hurt, Major by purch.

do. Lieut. Minchin, Capt. by purch. Cornet Porter, Lieut. by purch. do.

Wm Beresford, Cornet by purch. do. 10 Cornet & Adj.

Wells. rank of Lt. 30 do. 25

Hon. R. H. S. Cotton, fm. 2 Dr. G. to be Lieut. by purch. vice Jeffries, pro.

23 do. G. Gds. Ens. & Lt. Dirom, Lt. & Capt. by purch. vice Molloy, ret.

6 Jan. 1820 Lord Howard de Walden, fm. hp. Ens. & Lt. by purch.

do. C. Gds. Col. Woodford, 1st Major, vice Jackson, Staff Corps

18 do. Bouverie, 2d Major

do. Bt. Lt.-Col. Steele, Capt. & Lt. Col. do. Ens. & Lt. Bentinck, Lt. & Adj. do.

Cor. Smith, pro. 2 Dr. G. Ens. & Lt. do. 17. . Bt. Maj. Wetherall, Major, v. Lynch, dead

30 Dec. 1819 Lieut. Macdonald, Capt.

do. Ensign Eddington, Lieut. vice M'Ewen, dead

do. Lewis, Lieut.

do. W. Tottenham, Ensign 22 Mar. 1817 Home, Ensign

30 Dec. 1819 Lt. Cameron, Adj. vice M‘Ewen, dead do. 11 Bt. Maj. Campbell, Maj. vice Élrington, 4 Vet. Bn.

do. Lieut. Walker, Capt.

do. Ensign Marsh, Lieut.

do. 22 F.

As. Surg. Brown, from hp. 4 Dr. G. As.

Surg. vice Martin, E. Ind. 6 Jan. 1820 29 H. Deedes, Ens. by purch. vice Burke, ret.

23 Dec. 1819 30 Ens. Warren, Lieut. vice Harrison, dead

13 Nov. 1818 Paton, hp. 34 F. Ensign

do. 41

Ens. Gossip, 87 F. Ens. vice Burrowes, hp. York Chass.

30 Dec. 1819 W. Fludyer, Ens. vice Barry, dead do.

Ens. Woollart, Adj. v. Barry, dead do. 50

Flude, Lt. vice Edwards, dead 29 do.

Weir, Lt. vice Harley, dead 30 do. Gent. Cadet J. Foy, from R. M. C. Ens.

29 do. S. J. Hodgson, from R. M. C. Ens. 30 do. Lt. Vinicombe, from hp. 68 F. Paym. v. Montgomery, dead

6 Jan. 1820 58

Lt. Fugion, from hp. 37 F. Paym. vice
Torner, dead

23 Dec. 1819 J. Skinner, Ensign

30 do. 61

Lt. Furnace, Capt. vice Mackrill, dead do.
Ens. Verner, Lieut.

do. A. Grieve, Ens.

do. 64 Ens. Stevenson, Lieut. vice Isbell, dead

6 Jan, 1820 H. F. Broderip, Ens.

do. 67

Lt. Snow, from 89 F. Capt. vice James, pro.

6 do. Ens. Hassell, Lieut. vice Harpur 13 do. Gent. Cadet A. Ansell, from Ro. Mil. Col. Ens.

do. 87 Ens. Bateman, Lt. vice Hutchinson, pro.

23 Dec. 1819 C. H. Doyle, Ensign

do. Ens. Sutherland, from hp. York Chass. Ens. vice Gossip, 41 F.

30 do. 89 Lt. Vincent, from 46 F. Lieut. vice Snow,

6 Jan. 1820 90

As. Surg. M'Arthur, from hp. 25 F. As.

Surg. v. Farnan, hp. 25 F. 30 Dec. 1819 92 Bt. Maj. Couper, Major, vice Ferrier, dead

do. Lieut. Innes, Capt.

do. Ens. Macdonald, Lieut. vice Gordon, dead

27 do.

Ens. Mackintosh, Lieut. vice Logan, dead

28 do. Gordon, Lieut. vice Will, dead 29 do.

Campbell, from 58 F. Lieut. 30 do. Gent. Cadet Sir 0. Gibbs, from R. M. C. Ens. vice Reynolds, dead 27 do.

C. c. Smith, from R. M. C. Ens.

28 do. A. Amsinck, from R. M. C. Ens.

29 do, - Pearson, Ensign

6 Jan. 1820 Hosp. As. J. Strachan, As. Surg. vice Thomas, dead

30 Dec. 1819 Rifle B. Bt. Lieut.-Col. Miller, Maj. by purch. vice Wilkins, ret.

23 do. 1st Lt. Cox, Capt. by purch.

do. 20 Lt. Brownrigg, 1st Lt. by purch. do.

W. H. Wood, 20 Lt. by pur. 13 Jan. 1820 Staff C. Col. Sir R. D. Jackson, K.C.B. fm. 2 F. G. Col. vice D'Urban

18 do. Staff: Col. Sir R. D. Jackson, K.C.B. D.Q.M. Gen. to the Forces, vice D'Urban

18 Jan. 1820

Garrisons. Capt. Weeks, from hp. Nova S. Fen. Town Adj. of Cape Breton, vice Schwartz, res. 25 Oct, 1819

Medical Department. Physician T. Short, from hp. Phys. 25 Dec. da. As Surg. Dunn, from 2 w. I. R.


13 Jan. 1820 Savery, from hp. R. W. I. R. As. Surg.

25 June 1819 Hosp. Mate M. Ritchie, Hosp. As. vice Macleod, dead

25 Dec, do. W. Charles, Hosp. As. vice Grier, dead

30 do. Hosp. As. Duncanson, from hp. Hosp. As.

13 Jan. 1820 Exchanges. Bt. Major Tayler, from 93 F. with Capt. Mansel,

hp. 53 F. Capt. Lambert, from 64 F. with Bt. Major Eliot, hp. 21 F.

Goldie, from 6 Dr. G. rec. diff. with Capt. Schreiber, hp. 22 Dr.

Crawford, from 11 Dr. with Capt. Mylne, 13 Dr.

· Prager, from 19 F. with Capt. Farquharson, Sub-Insp. Mil. Ion. Isl.

Fitz-Gerald, from 54 F. with Capt. Emett, hp. 83 F.

Wright, from 73 F. with Capt. MacMahon, hp. 95 F.

Strangwayes, 65 F. with Captain Burrowes, hp. 12 F. Lieut. Dillon, from 63 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Colls, hp.

Walbridge, from 17 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Cary, hp. York Chass.

Smyth, from 31 F. rec. diff. with Lt. Gage, hp. 3 F. Gds.

Gordon, from 42 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Macdougall, hp. 85 F.

Hewitt, from 92 F. with Lieut. Randall, hp. 61 F.

Robb, from 7 Dr. Gds. rec. diff. with Lieut. Crossley, hp. 25 Dr.

Sperling, from 9 F. with Lt. Robinson, hp.

Barlow, from 30 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Cheape, hp. 93 F.

Dickens, from l Dr. Gds. rec. diff. with Lt. West, hp. 24 Dr.

Cameron, from 75 F. with Lieut. Brooke, hp. 85 F.

Sandon, from 86 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Nunn, hp. Cornet Langmead, from 10 D. with Ens. Wortley,

76 F. 2d Lieut. Lewis, from 21 F. with Ensign Booth,

hp 53 F. Ensign Francis, from 8 F. rec. diff. with 2d Lieut. Curtis, hp. Rifle Brig.

Bennett, from 32 F. with Ensign Power, 68 F.

Carey, fm. 88 F. with Ens. Boyes, hp. 50 F.
Hall, fm. 13 F. with Ens. Macdonell, 25 F.

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pro. 67 F


to EC


Ensign Potenger, from 35 F. rec. diff. with Ensign
Semple, hp. 96 F.

Russell, froin 55 F. rec. diff. with Ens. Fur-
long, hp. 6 F.

Field-Marshal his Royal Highness the D. of Kent,

K. G. & G. C.B. 1 F. Governor of Gibraltar
Nutt, from 64 F. rec. diff. with Ens. Fo-

23 Jan. 1820
thergill, hp. 36 F.
Paym. Chapinan, from 9 Dr. with Paym. Knight,

General Earl of Suffolk, 44 F. Governor of Lon.
donderry and Culmore

Jan, 1820
kp. 5 Line K. Ĝ. L.
Assist. Surg. Fogerty, from 2 W. I. R. with Assist.

Lieut.-General Jas Campbell, Unatt. London

17 Jan. 1820
Surg. Dunn, hp. 19 Dr.
Hosp, Assist. Robertson, M.D. from Staff Med.

Captain Pyner, Adjutant to 2d Surrey Militia
Lieut. Maw, 17 F.

11 June 1819
Dep, with Hosp. Assistant Hall, hp.

Hearn, 34 F. Madras

4 July do. Resignations and Retirements.

Cavanagh, Royal Art. Trinidad 12 Oct. do. Lieut.-General Lord Hartland, 9 Dr.

Chadwick, late 1 Roy. Vet. Bn. Dublin Lieut.-Colonel Wilkins, Rifle Brigade

23 do. Captain Molloy, Grenadier Guards

Crouchley, hp. 85 F.

29 Dec. do. Lieut. Schwartz, Town Adj. of Cape Breton

Garrard, of Invalids

27 Sep, do. Ensign Burke, 29 F.

Openshaw, of Invalids 7 Jan, 1820 Surgeon Loftus, 1 Lanc. Mil.

Hudson, of Invalids

Jan, do.

13 do

Vaughan, 1 F. 1 Bn. Dublin
Captain Lee, Rifle Brigade

Ensign & Adj. Barry, 41 F.
Appointments Cancelled.

Quarter-Master Masters, 8 Dr. Bengal 26 May 1819

Murray, 75 F. Thurso, N. B. Captain C. L. Fitzgerald, on hp. 83 F. as Major in

25 Dec. do. the Army

12 Aug. 1819 Commis. Depart. Dep. Ass. Com. Gen. M.Douall, The Exchange between Captain Stangways, of 65 Trinidad

20 July 1819 F, and Captain Perry, hp. 56 F.

Medical Depart. Dep. Ins. Taylor, hp. 9 Jan. 1820

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1E son,




gen, a son.

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the Hague, Lieut.-Col. Sir James Roupell ColleJuly 28. At Surat, the lady of John Romer,

ton, bart. to Septima Sexta Colleton, daughter of

Rear-admiral Richard Graves, Esq. second judge of the Court of Circuit and Ap

19. At Senwick, near Kirkcudbright, at the house peal, a daughter. Dec. 1. At Rossie, Mrs Oliphant of Rossie, a son.

of Sir John Gordon, bart. Major-Gen. Riall, go21. In Great Russel-street, London, the lady of

vernor of Granada, to Eliza, eldest daughter of the James Loch, Esq. a son.

late James Scarlett, Esq. jun. of Peru, in the island

of Jamaica. At Greenock, Mrs Turner of Kilbute, a son. 23. Lady Mackenzie of Coul, a son.

22. At Edinburgh, Mr John Paterson, agent for 24. The lady of William Stothert, Esq. of Car

the Leith-bank, Dalkeith, to Mary, eldest daughter

of Mr Richard Lees, Galashiels. 28. At the King's-stables, Grassmarket, Ann

27. Mr Stocks of Lathrow, to Mary, only daugh

ter of Mr Kirkland, Kinross.
Comrie, upwards of 50 years of age, one of the out-
patients of Dr Thatcher's dispensary, and wife of

At Edinburgh, Mr Robert Oliver, merchant,
Malloch, shoemaker, a still-born son, being

to Charlotte, daughter of Mr George M'Latchie,

Nicolson's-street. her first child. 30. At Edinburgh, Mrs Hood of Stoneridge, a

28. At the house of Mrs Admiral Deans, Anne

street, St Bernard's, Wm Paul, Esq. accountant, son. 31. At Warriston-crescent, Edinburgh, Mrs Cap

Edinburgh, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the

late Admiral Deans of Huntingdon. tain Barclay, R.N. a son. Jan. 2, At Ulston, near Jedburgh, Mrs Caver

Jan. 4. At Greenock, James Hunter, Esq. to hill, a son.

Jane, daughter of Æneas Morrison, Esq. 3. At Kelso, Mrs D. Douglas, a son.

- At Port-Glasgow, Claud Marshall, Esq. she. 4. Mrs Ferrier, Northumberland-street, Edin

riff-substitute, Greenock, to Miss Mary Beckford burgh, a daughter.

Johnstone, youngest daughter of David Johnstone, 5. At Rockville, the Right Hon. Lady Eleanor

Esq. Port-Glasgow. Balfour, a son.

At Ormidale, Argyllshire, Major James Li7. At Edinburgh, Mrs Maitland Gibson, younger

mond, of the Hon. East India Company's artillery, of Cliftonhall, a son.

Madras, to Jessie, third daughter of john Cami9. At Stirling, Mrs William Galbraith, a daugh

bell, Esq. of Ormidale.

6. At Yair, Rob. Scott Moncrieff, Esq. younger ter. 10. At Woolwich-common, the lady of Captain

of Newhalls, advocate, to Susanna, daughter of H. W. Gordon, a daughter.

Alexander Pringle, Esq. of Whitebank. 12. At Knockbreck, Ross-shire, the lady of H. - At Pape Westray, George Traill, Esq. of HolRoss, Esq. a son.

land, to Mary, second daughter of W. Swan, Esq. At Brighton, the Hon. Mrs Captain Sotheby,

7. At Edinburgh, Alexander Macleod, Esq.coma son.

mander of his Majesty's cutter Wellington, to Mar 15. At Acton, Middlesex, the lady of Henry

garet, eldest daughter of the late Alexander Chrya Alexander Douglas, Esq. a son.

stie, Esq. of Balchrystie. Mrs Cunningham Graham of Gartmore, a

Robert Muter, Esq. captain in the 7th royal daughter.

fusileers, to Fanny, eldest daughter of J. O'Neill, At her house, Great King-street, Edinburgh,

Esq. of Lanch-hill, county of Dublin, Mrs James Lang, a daughter.

8. At Bath, Captain John Maitland, royal navy, 18. At her house in George-street, Edinburgh, youngest son of the late Hon. Colonel Richani Lady Elizabeth Hope Vere, a daughter.

Maitland, brother of the late Earl of Lauderdale,
At, Mrs Ireland, a son.

to Dora, eldest daaghter of C. Bateman, Esq. of 20. At Comely-bank, Mrs Laidlaw, a daughter,

Bedford, county of Kerry, Ireland.

10. At Duchally, Mr Charles Graham Sidey,

postmaster, Perth, to Miss Frances Monteath, MARRIAGES.

third daughter of J. Monteath, Esq. of Duchally, Dec. 3. At Rickmansworth, L. G. Brown, Esq.

13. At Leith, Mr George Craig, Quality-street,

to Miss Mary Ann Graham, of Newington, Edison of the Rev. Dr Brown, principal of Marischal burgh. college, Aberdeen, to Catherine Elizabeth, eldest 11. At her father's house, in Queen-street, Felin. daughter of Brian Hudgson, Esq. Claeton, Essex. 12. At the house of his Excellency the Earl of

burgh, Walter Frederick Campbell of Shawficld,

Esq. to Lady Ellinor Charteris, eldest daughter of Clancarty, his Britannic Majesty's Amb: ss idor at the Right Hon. the Earl of Wemyss and March.

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