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April 6. To Mr. Thomas Freeman ...

Advice on a variety of subjects connected with that gentleman's

intended voyage.

April 6. To the Rev. John Mason, A. M.

A good reason for not writing more at large.

May 29. To the Rev. Samuel Clark, D. D. . . .

Report of the Doctor's death, notice of Mr. David Some's illness,
perplexity of his affair with Catharine Freeman, interested views of
her mother, &c.

May 29. To the Rev. Mr. Tong..

Vindicates his conduct as to Coventry.

May 29. To his Uncle, Mr. Norton ...

An account of a visit from his cousin.

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Impassioned expostulations on the inconsistency of her late conduct.

June 29. To Miss Freeman

Describes the perturbed state of mind in which he had been involved
for a considerable time; pleads strongly with her affections, and names
as a last resource those noble consolations which may even still the
stormy ocean of disappointed love.

July 21. To Mr. Thomas Freeman

Advice on several important points of practical religion.

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Remarks, serious and sportive, on the education of young ladies.

Congratulations on a recent conquest, written in a strain of agreeable


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An account of a late visit to Coventry.

Remarks of a general nature, opinions on books, &c.

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Consolatory reflections on the probable benefits of what appeared an
adverse providence.

Pleasing particulars relative to Mrs. Jennings, &c.

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