Proceedings of the American Gas Institute

American Gas Institute, 1909
"United States patents relating to gas. Issued from October 1, 1905, to September 30, 1906": v. 1, p. 965-1004.

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Seite 719 - Debt expense" as applied to funded debt means all expense in connection with the issue and sale of evidences of debt, such as fees for drafting mortgages and trust deeds; fees and taxes for Issuing or recording evidences of debt...
Seite 751 - If a dividend is not payable in cash the consideration shall be described In the entry with sufficient particularity to identify it.
Seite 701 - ... and the entry of such credit shall cite by name and page of book or other record the original entry of cost of the thing
Seite 839 - Parliament is a sperm candle of six to the pound, burning at the rate of 120 grains per hour.
Seite 764 - ... a = area of piston in square inches, n = number of strokes per minute, or twice the number of revolutions per minute.
Seite 705 - Capital.' If any such franchise has a life of not more than one year after the date when it is placed in service, it shall not be charged to this account but to the appropriate accounts in 'Operating Expenses,' and in 'Prepayments' if extending beyond the fiscal year.
Seite 698 - electrical corporation," when used in this chapter, includes every corporation, company, association, joint-stock association, partnership and person, their lessees, trustees or receivers appointed by any court whatsoever (other than a railroad or street railroad corporation generating electricity...
Seite 727 - ... by him disposed of for the benefit of the corporation that fact and the name of such agent shall be shown and such agent shall...
Seite 716 - By Investments, as here used, are meant all properties acquired not for use in present operations, but as a means of obtaining or exercising control over other corporations, or for income to be derived from them, or for a rise in value, or for devotion to future operations at a time when it seems probable that they can not be so advantageously acquired as at the time of actual acquisition.
Seite 711 - This includes salaries and expenses of all counsel, solicitors, and attorneys, their clerks and attendants, and expenses of their offices; cost...

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