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mented sire, he had the happiness, before he again joined his regiment, to give his consent to the marriage of Ellen and Levingstone, which was solemnized by the Rev. Mr. Thornhill, to the great delight of Mr. and Mrs. Levingstone, and Admiral Springfield, who insisted on the privilege of giving away the happy bride. And in the space of three months more, Mr. Thornhill was summoned to Kelvin, where all Mr. Stuart's family were, to join the hands of Eliza Stuart and Colin St. Clyde.


Page 27, 2nd line, for “lavrock," read the lavrock.”
Page 28, 3rd line, for “comee," read come.”

4th line from bottom, for “gankie," readgaukie."


last line, for “hankie," read “ hawkie." Page 134, 8th line, for Tubermony," read “Tobermory.".

Printed by S. Hamilton, Weybridge, Surrey.

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