Transactions of the Royal Geological Society of Cornwall, Band 11

Vol. 6, includes the society's annual reports for 1844-46.

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Seite 589 - Catalogue of a stratigraphical collection of Canadian rocks prepared for the World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago, 1893.
Seite 739 - geology, in the magnitude and sublimity of the objects of which it treats, undoubtedly ranks, in the scale of the sciences, next to astronomy...
Seite 368 - Price 10 cents. 65. Stratigraphy of the Bituminous Coal Field of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia, by Israel C. White. 1891. 8". 212pp. 11 pi. Price 20 cents. 66. On a Group of Volcanic Rocks from the Tewan Mountains, New Mexico, and on the occurrence of Primary Quartz in certain Basalts, by Joseph Paxson Iddings.
Seite 28 - The Invertebrata of the Laramie and Cretaceous Rocks of the vicinity of the Bow and Belly rivers and adjacent localities in the North-west Territory J
Seite 18 - There is every reason to consider it established, that an earthquake is simply " the transit of a wave or waves of elastic compression in any direction, from vertically upwards to horizontally in any azimuth, through the crust and surface of the earth, from any centre of impulse or from more than one, and which may be attended with sound and tidal waves, dependent upon the impulse and upon circumstances of position as to sea and land.
Seite 94 - E. SPECIAL REPORT ON THE TRAP DYKES AND Azoic ROCKS OF SOUTHEASTERN PENNSYLVANIA — 1875. Part I, Historical Introduction. By T. Sterry Hunt. 8 vo., pp. 253.
Seite 367 - No. 60 — Report of Work done in the Division of Chemistry and Physics. Mainly During the Fiscal Year 1887-'88.
Seite 34 - 24. List of Marine Mollusca, comprising the Quaternary fossils and recent forms from American Localities between Cape Hatteras and Cape Roque.
Seite 203 - A Bibliography of indian Geology being a list of books and papers relating to the Geology of British India and adjoining countries, published^ previous to the end of ad 1887. 8".
Seite 419 - On the Cause of the Red Colour in the Fossiliferous Rocks in the neighbourhood of Looe in Cornwall.

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