The Journal of Political Economy, Band 5

University of Chicago Press, 1897
Deals with research and scholarship in economic theory. Presents analytical, interpretive, and empirical studies in the areas of monetary theory, fiscal policy, labor economics, planning and development, micro- and macroeconomic theory, international trade and finance, and industrial organization. Also covers interdisciplinary fields such as history of economic thought and social economics.

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Seite 49 - Government without limitation or restriction, saving the very inconsiderable reservation relating to their inspection laws. This authority having thus entirely passed from the States, the right to exercise it for the purpose of protection does not exist in them, and consequently if it be not possessed by the General Government it must be extinct.
Seite 241 - The financial situation commanded their earnest attention, and after a two days' session the convention recommended to Congress the appointment of a monetary commission. I recommend this report to the consideration of Congress. The authors of the report recommend a commission "to make a thorough investigation of the monetary affairs and needs of this country in all relations and aspects, and to make proper suggestions as to any evils found to exist and the remedies therefor.
Seite 83 - ... the established policy of the United States to maintain the two metals on a parity with each other...
Seite 83 - ... the parity in value of the coins of the two metals and the equal power of every dollar at all times in the markets and in the payment of debts.
Seite 378 - We demand the free and unlimited coinage of both silver and gold at the present legal ratio of 16 to 1, without waiting for the aid or consent of any other nation. We demand that the standard silver dollar shall be a full legal tender, equally with gold, for all debts, public and private, and we favor such legislation as will prevent for the future the demonetization of any kind of legal tender money by private contract.
Seite 83 - And it is hereby declared to be the policy of the United States to continue the use of both gold and silver as standard money, and to coin both gold and silver into money of equal intrinsic and exchangeable value, such equality to be secured through international agreement, or by such safeguards of legislation as will insure the maintenance of the parity in value of the coins of the two metals...
Seite 112 - Bell, and the amounts given for 1882, 1884, and 1885 are estimates made by Mr. James M. Swank, general manager of the American Iron and Steel Association. The...
Seite 240 - Clerk a notice stating that a hearing will be held at a time and place to be designated by the Presiding Officer and specifying the matters which will be inquired into at the hearing.
Seite 504 - Provided, that not more than five per centum of the qualified electors of the state shall be required to invoke either the initiative or the referendum.
Seite 504 - The legislative power of the state shall be vested in a legislature which shall consist of a senate and house of representatives, except that the people expressly reserve to themselves the right to propose measures, which measures the legislature shall enact, and submit to a vote of the electors of the state...

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