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Evangelistic Sermons By B. H. CARROLL, D.D.


12mo, cloth. Net $1.00 The author, who for nearly half a century has been a pulpit leader in the Southern Baptist World, presents in this volume a selection of sermons which contain the essence of his interpretation of the Gospel. Evangelical Christians of whatever denomination will find spiritual stimulus and uplift in the read. ing of these discourses.



12mo, cloth. Net $1.00 Dr. Carroll's years of service in the Church he represents and his unquestioned ability as a writer assure the reader that he has treated the subject with thoroughness. The author is recognized as one of the highest authorities on matters of Baptist history, polity and doc. trine, and this volume will at once take its place as a standard work on Baptist beliefs.

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N January of 1895, I had the pleasure of comI piling Dr. B. H. Carroll's first book of sermons.

I purposed then to follow up that work as occasion offered with other volumes, but, while the interregnum has been great, I now have the pleasure of presenting this second volume of the sermons of this great American preacher.

It is my deep conviction that Dr. Carroll has no peer in the Baptist world. Profound in scholarship, unexcelled as a theologian, masterful as a preacher of the Gospel, luminous and forceful as a writer and highly accomplished as a litterateur, he stands in the forefront of the great men of his time.

Perhaps his greatest single achievement was the founding of the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, located at Fort Worth, Texas. This seminary is an outgrowth of the Bible Department of Baylor University, which he established while he was yet pastor of the First Baptist Church of Waco. As founder and president of the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Dr. Carroll has done and is doing the best work of his life. His specialty as teacher in the seminary is the English Bible, and he has already produced rich

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