The Forests of Oregon

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1902 - 36 Seiten

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Seite 34 - LIBRARY CATALOGUE SLIPS. [Take this leaf out and paste the separated titles upon three of your catalogue cards. The first and second titles need no addition; over the third write that subject under which you would place the book in your library.] United States.
Seite 32 - Leiberg. 1904. 75 pp., 2 pis. Besides the foregoing, three volumes on forestry have been published, as Pt. V of the Nineteenth, Twentieth, and Twenty-first annual reports, each consisting of several papers. Correspondence should be addressed to — THE DIRECTOR, UNITED STATES GEOLOGICAL SURVEY, WASHINGTON, DC AUGUST, 1904.
Seite 8 - ... which feeds the fire and vastly increases its heat. In the comparatively sparsely timbered southern portions of the Coast Range and the Cascades and in the Blue Mountains, where the forests are largely or mainly of yellow pine in open growth, with very little litter or underbrush, destructive fires have been few and small, although throughout these regions there are few trees which are not marked by fire, without, however, doing them any serious damage.
Seite 4 - Reserve, in part through reconnaissances made by the Northern Pacific Railroad Company, but mainly through examinations made by Mr. AJ Johnson, of Astoria, Oreg., in the employ of this office as a special forest expert. Mr. Johnson has been employed upon this work the greater part of two years. He was supplied with all the information at hand concerning the...
Seite 8 - Itmds in Oregon. The area given as cut over is necessarily only a small portion of that actually cleared, inasmuch as many hundreds of square miles we,re cleared long ago, are now under cultivation, and are here included in the open country.
Seite 23 - Average stand of timluT per acre of limbered h,nd, 30,300 feet BM LINN COUNTY. This county stretches from the summit of the Cascade Range westward to Willamette River, the western part of it being included within the valley of that stream, and consisting of open farming country alternating with patches of timber.
Seite 13 - J,s per cent, a proportion much larger than in Washington. Spruce constitutes 5 per cent, the same as in Washington: hemlock 5 per cent and cedar only/ 2 per cent, being much less than in the more northern State. In the western part of the...
Seite 13 - Range and the lower portion of the west slope of the Cascade Range. This species shares the western part of the Coast Range with the Sitka spruce and cedar, while in the higher parts of the Cascade Range other species of fir and cedar are found. The southern part of this region west of the Cascade...
Seite 9 - Washington, where, as was estimated, 40,000 million feet have been destroyed in a similar manner. Since this region, especially that portion of it west of the Cascades, where the great burns have occurred, is abundantly watered, and in all other respects extremely favorable for tree growth, all of these burns are in some stage of reforesting...
Seite 30 - County, yellow pine in.. 10 lauds in, character and classification of 24 timber in, amount and classification of.. 24 stand per acre and total stand of 15 Lake County...

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