Statistical Information Relating to Certain Branches of Industry in Massachusetts: For the Year Ending June 1, 1855

W. White, printer to the state, 1856 - 658 Seiten
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Seite iii - Number of yards of cassimere manufactured ; value of cassimere. Number of yards of satinet; value of satinet. Number of yards of Kentucky jeans; value of Kentucky jeans. Number of yards of flannel or blanketing; value of flannel or blanketing ; number of pounds of woollen yarn manufactured and not made into cloth; value of woollen yarn; the amount of capital invested in said business. Number of males employed in the manufacture of wool; number of females in same.
Seite xiv - ... or considerable over one million of dollars per day for every working day in the year. As it is, the result exhibits a rapid and substantial growth in our industrial resources which is believed to be without a parallel in the history of the world.
Seite iv - The number of calico manufactories. Number of yards of calico printed during the year as aforesaid; gross value of calico printed. Number of yards of goods bleached and colored in said calico factories and not printed ; value of the goods bleached and colored. The amount of capital invested in calico establishments.
Seite x - SECT. 5. The assessors of any town may authorize either of their number, or some other suitable person, to collect the Information required by this act, to whom the same allowance per day shall be made from the treasury of the Commonwealth, as is provided for the services of the assessors. SECT.
Seite 198 - Rolling, Slitting and Nail Mills, 1; Iron m'd. and not made into nails, 1,565; val.
Seite viii - The number of powder mills; quantity of powder manufactured during said year; value of powder manufactured ; amount of capital invested in said business ; number of hands employed in same. The number of establishments for the manufacture of...
Seite iv - Number of pounds of wool consumed in the manufacture of carpeting. Number of yards of carpeting manufactured. Value of carpeting manufactured. Amount of capital...
Seite xiv - ... information embodied in the accompanying pages, it is still apparent that the truth has not been reached. It is next to impossible for the tax-payer, when called upon by the Assessor to answer such questions as were propounded under the law, to divest his mind of the impression of an intimate connection between his answers and the assessment of his taxes. Hence, the general tendency to understate results, and an absolute refusal, in numerous instances, to answer at all.
Seite x - SECT. 3. The secretary of the Commonwealth, after he shall have received the returns aforesaid, from the assessors of the several towns, shall cause to be prepared and printed a true abstract of the same, with each column of figures of such abstract added up for the use of the next legislature, at the next session thereof.
Seite viii - Paper, &c. made use of during said year. Quantity of paper manufactured. Value of the paper. Amount of capital invested in said business. Number of hands employed in the same.

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