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struction ; bnt that the association is en Knowledge, and a resolution adopted aptirely unprovided with the funds neces proving of its object. sary for carrying into operation any

EAST DEVON ASSOCIATION. plans that might be adopted. It was, The East Devon Association held their therefore, determined, that an urgent annual meeting at the Rev. T. Horsey's appeal should be made to the churches

meeting-house, Budleigh, on Wednesday, throughont the county, to render such

July 14. The Rev J. Parker, of Sid. contributions as the necessity of the case

month, preached in the morning, from so imperiously demand; an appeal Matt. vi. 10, “ Thy kingdom come.” The which, it is hoped, will be promptly and Committee met for business in the after. cheerfully entertained.

noon, and a public meeting was held in The peculiar circumstances of the

the evening.

The services were well church at Dartford, engaged the atten

attended. Amongst other gratifying intion of the Association, when it appeared telligence, the report stated that a con: that owing particularly to the heavy debt gregation of Independent Dissenters had on the piace of worship, (£1000. which

recently been formed at Collumpton. sum has been called in by the mort

Worship is conducted by them, at pregagee,) and the large amount of interest, sent, in a large room; but a spot of $50. per annum, which the church has ground having been presented to them to pay, there is great danger, unless by Edward Brown, Esq. of that place ; some vigorous effort is made to relieve

a meeting-house is now erecting. them, that the cause in that populous town will be vitally injured, if it do not entirely sink. The difficulty of the case

Died at Tralee, Ireland, on Wed. arises from the fact that a considerable nesday, August 11, in the 28th year of sum has already been contributed, both

his age, the Rev. C. E. PAUL, engaged by the churches in the county, and by

in that town as one of the effective generous individuals elsewhere. Not

agents of the Irish Evangelical Society. withstanding this, the following resolu

This respectable young minister was tion was unanimously adopted, with the

educated at Wymondley College, Herts, hope, that when it has been carried

and entered upon the interesting and into effect throughout the county, the responsible work of an Evangelist in our friends of the Redeemer in other places with promise of great usefulness; but

sister kingdom, about four years since, will assist in preserving the cause in this town from the danger to which it is ex

his health becoming feeble, he returned posed.

to England, on a visit to his friends, in

May last, and was able to address the “ Resolved, that this Association, com

annual meeting of the Society. Appamiserating the situation of the church and congregation, under the pastoral care

rently recruited, he went back to the of the Rev. E. W. Harris, of Dartford,

scene of his labours, where, alas! he soon found an early grave.

His sun agrees to assist them in their efforts tó

went down ere it was yet noon. May reduce the present heavy debt on the the solemn bereavement be admonitory to chapel."

all our young ministers to “be also ready." The attention of the Association was On Thursday morning, August 26th, directed to the subject of a general Con at a quarter before two, died the Rev. gregational Union for the whole king- JOHN THOMAS, Minister of the New dom, and very great pleasure was felt Chapel, Highgate. After twelve hours and expressed in the prospect of such a labouring for breath, worn out nature measure being carried into effect.

took repose, and in a peaceful slumber The attention of the brethren was he expired. To him to live was Christ; also directed to the operations of the and his death, bewailed by others, to Society for promoting Ecclesiastical

him is gain.

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS AND MINOR CORRESPONDENCE. Favours have been received since our last from the Rev. G. Redford - Thomas Guyer-- J. Leifchild--T. Timpson--Charles Moase --T. James--J. Hoppus,

and T. Binney Also from Thomas Wilson, Esq.--A. Allen--G.P.--and R. F.

We have not been able this month to give insertion to additional articles which we have received from several valuable Correspondents on the subject of Translation ; but hope to make room for some of them next month.

We are sorry it is not in our power to inform M. whether his two papers have been received or not, as the Editor into whose hands they may have come is out of towu ; but he may expect information in our next.

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Published Nov" l 1830. by Holdsworth & Ball 18. St Pauls Church Yard, London



OCTOBER, 1830.





OUR lamented colleague, the late pastor, the Rev. John Hercus. Rev. William Orme, enriched an His death was improved by Dr. early volume of this Magazine* Wardlaw, who has just pubwith an interesting series of papers, lished the interesting discourse * entitled, Historical Sketch of the he delivered on that occasion, with Rise, Progress, and Present State "a Memoir" appended, which, by of Independency in Scotland,” by his permission, we cheerfully tranwhich much pleasing and novel scribe, with a full persuasion that it information respecting our brethren will be acceptable to our readers. in the North, was diffused amongst « Rev. JOHN HERCUS the Independent churches of Eng- born in the parish of Birsay, in land, and a feeling of greater con- Orkney, July 16, 1782. His fidence and warmer affection than father died when he was only had before generally prevailed, thirteen months old, leaving his was excited. Opportunities of in- mother a widow with three chiltercourse have greatly strength- dren, of whom he was the youngened these desirable impressions, est.--About three years of age, and the public teaching and the according to a manuscript left literary labours of many of our in his own hand-writing, he very Caledonian brethren, are well narrowly escaped from drowning, known and justly appreciated in his step-father (for his mother had the South. The proceedings of married again) having caught him the Congregational Union of Scot- by the hair of the head, when he land now excite an interest, and had fallen into a will-dam, and obtain a support amongst us once was only a few feet from a large unknown, and we shall be happy to wheel. Mark, O my soul,' says promote, in any degree, a state of he in recording this early preserfeeling so primitive and amiable. vation, the goodness of thy God!'

A sister church in the flourishing town of Greenock, on the banks of the Clyde, which was organized in

* Christ's Care of his Servants : A 1806, has recently been bereaved

Sermon preached in the Independent of beloved

Chapel, Greenock, on Sabbath, May 23, and venerated

1830, on occasion of the lamented Death of the Rev. J. Hercus, with an Appen.

dix, containing a brief Memoir, by Ralph * Congregational Magazine, 1819. Wardław, D.D. 48 pages. 8vo. Is. 6d. VOL, XIII, N, S, NO. 70,

3 T

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As a preservative from similar making a grasp at a young fowl dangers, he was early sent to on the cliffs, pushed off the boat, school, and received the best edu. and fell, both of them into the cation, in all the ordinary branches, None of the four could which the place afforded, till be- swim; and had not the boat protween twelve and thirteen years of videntially come directly towards age. During his time at school, the little rock on which he and his when he might be about ten years companion had landed, enabling old, he had to use his own ex them thus to get on board and pick pression) 'some thoughts about up the other two, after they had been that awful subject-eternity, which about fifteen minutes in the water, made him tremble; but as they they must all inevitably have peoccurred to his mind chiefly when rished. This incident made an in bed, they were soon dissipated impression on his mind at the by the social amusements of his time, but it was transient. boyhood. About this early period " Towards the end of the year too, his mind was tenderly affected 1798, the young subject of this by the sufferings of Christ; and brief memorial formed the resoluhe thought, with the natural sym tion of leaving home, to learn pathy of childhood, that had he

some business ; and, having been been in the Jews' place, he never advised to go to Leith, as the best would have acted such a part. place for prosecuting that on He had pleasure in committing to which he had fixed, he came thither memory and repeating psalms and in the month of April, 1799, having hymns, and attended punctually of course nearly completed his to the form of prayer; persisting seventeenth year. Here, through in this practice, though without the the kindness of Providence, his spirit of devotion, even up to the lot was cast in the house of one of time of his coming to the know God's people ; whose example, ledge of the truth. Though un- together with the preaching of the questionably indebted to the re- gospel in the Circus, Edinburgh, straints of early religious impres- was the means of spiritual benefit sions, which had happily made to his soul. About the same him think of swearing and other time, several of those who were improper language as “awfully engaged in the same occupation criminal in the sight of God,' yet, with himself were brought to an like too many other young persons, acquaintance with the Saviour. he did not entirely escape the They formed an association for infection of these evils, being ex prayer; of which the number of posed to it in the company of members soon increased to twelve servants, while overseeing them at or fourteen, and which they found their work, and taking part in exceedingly profitable, in promotheir rural occupations ; -a useful ting both increase in knowledge caution to parents.-When about and circumspection of conduct.fourteen, he went with a brother After returning from a visit of two and two other lads, on board a months to his friends in the North, small boat, to shoot sea-fowl he was, in July 1801, admitted as among the rocks.

He and one of a member of the church in the the other lads landed on a small Circus; and soon after, he began rock, separated from the cliffs on to assist in the duty (which so the coast about thirty feet, to fire 'many have found productive of off their guns. Meantime the two no less benefit to themselves than who remained in the boat, in to their pupils) of Sabbath even

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