Maxwell, Band 1

J. & J. Harper, sold by Collins and Hannay, 1831

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Seite 168 - God's goodness and providence, that each individual of the civilized millions that cover the earth, may have nearly the same enjoyments as if he were the single lord of all.
Seite 3 - Watson (R.) The Works of the Rev. Richard Watson. With his Memoirs, by the Rev. THOMAS JACKSON. Thirteen Volumes, demy 8vo. Price £3 i8s.
Seite 1 - THE LIFE OF MOHAMMED, Founder of the Religion of Islam, and of the Empire of the Saracens.
Seite 167 - And in a corner of my house I have BOOKS! the miracle of all my possessions, more wonderful than the wishing-cap of the Arabian Tales; for they transport me instantly, not only to all places, but to all times.
Seite 167 - I have roads, and canals, and bridges, to bear the coal for my winter fire ; nay, I have protecting fleets and armies around my happy country, to secure my enjoyments and repose. Then I have editors and printers who daily send me an account of what is going on throughout the world...
Seite 137 - Did coldly furnish forth the marriage tables. Would I had met my dearest foe in heaven Or ever I had seen that day, Horatio!
Seite 260 - The utmost care will be taken, not only to exclude whatever can have an injurious influence on the mind, but to embrace every thing calculated to strengthen the best and most salutary impressions. With these arrangements and facilities, the publishers flatter...
Seite 167 - I am lodged In a house that affords me conveniences and comforts which even a king could not command some centuries ago. There are ships crossing the seas in every direction, to bring what is useful to me from all parts of the earth. In China, men are gathering the tea-leaf for me ; in America, they are planting cotton for me ; in the West India islands...
Seite 147 - With head up-raised, and look intent, And eye and ear attentive bent, And locks flung back, and lips apart, Like monument of Grecian art, In listening mood, she seemed to stand The guardian Naiad of the strand.
Seite 260 - ... of having instructed many, and amused all ; and above every other species of eulogy, of being fit to be introduced, without reserve or exception, by the father of a family to the domestic circle.

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