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compassion for the son of her womb, yet God will not Forget His.—Isa. xlix. 14. His Compassions FAIL Nor.' Lam. iii. 22. 'I will never leave thee nor Forsake thee.'Heb. xiii. 5. David prayed, "Forsake not the Works of Thine own hands.'-Ps. cxxxviii. 8. 'I the Lord will not Forsake them.'-Isa. xli. 17. For the Lord thy God is a Merciful God; He will not Forsake thee, neither destroy thee, nor Forget the Covenant [PROMISE] unto thy fathers which He Sware unto them.'-Deut. iv. 31.

"His Truth and FAITHFULNESS endureth to All Generations.'—Ps. c. 5; cxix. 90. 'He keepeth Truth forever.'cxlvi. 6.

The Lord upholdeth All that fall, and raiseth up All that are bowed down. The eyes of All wait upon Thee, and Thou givest them their meat in due season.'-- Ps. cxlv. 14, 15. Let All FLESH, [or, ‘All Flesh SHALL,') bless His holy name forevermore.'—21.

“Himself the Magnet of the Universe,
Round Whom all spirits tremble, and towards Whom
All tend."-BAILEY.


of God Indicates the Truth of Universal Redemption. "There is no Respect of persons with God.'-Rom. ii. 11. Of a truth,' said Peter, 'I perceive that God is no Respector of Persons. -Acts x. 34. "God doth not Respect any person; yet doth He devise means, that His Banished be not [utterly] expelled from Him.'-2 Sam. iv. 14.

There is no Respect of persons with the Lord our God, nor taking of gifts,' [i. e. purchasing of favors.]—2 Chron. xix. 7. "God regardeth not persons, nor taketh reward,' [He blesses impartially, and therefore freely.]—Deut. x. 17.

He respecteth not [exclusively,] any that are wise of heart.'--Job xxxvii. 24. Sendeth rain and sunshine upon the evil as well as the good, upon the just, no more than upon the unjust.' 'Is Kind to the Unthankful and the Evil.' Is 'WITHOUT PARTIALITY.'

God has impartially concluded the whole human race in sin, error and unbelief, (Prop. XIII,)---with equal impar

tiality did Jesus suffer for All, (Prop. XI,) and with the same impartiality shall the Grace, Gift, and Redemption of God, ultimately be realized to All, (Prop. XIV, XV, &c.).

Jesus reprimanded the bigoted Pharisees for their selfishness of heart, and partialism of faith, because they wished to close the kingdom of heaven which was for All, that others should not go in.—Mat. xxiii. 13.

The Lord is not a respector of Persons, (Eph. vi. 9, &c.) He is not a respector of Nations, (Isa. xlix. 6, Rom. xi., &c.) He is not a respector of Times,—so, if this life be a state where reigns the impartial love and goodness of God, and the freedom of salvation for man, so also is the next ; if He has the Ability, Desire, and Mercy to exterminate sin ultimately from this world, and bring in universal, everlasting, righteousness and peace, so has He also for the other world. ---Heb. xiii. 8; Rom. viii. 38; Eph. i. 21; Rev. v. 13, &c.

III. THE VERACITY Of God is Pledgeil for Universal Blessedness. "It is impossible for God to lie.'---Heb. vi. 13. * The COVENANT which God made with our Fathers, saying unto Abraham, In thy seed (Christ] shall All the Kindreds of the Earth be Blessed,-in turning away every one from his iniquities.'---Acts iii. 25, 26. “My COVENANT, saith the Lord, I will not break, nor alter the thing that has gone out of My lips.'---Ps. Ixxxix. 34.

"I will Ransom them from the power of Hell, [Sheol ;) I will Redeem them from Death! O Death, I will be thy plagues; O Hell, [ Sheol,] I will be thy destruction! Repentance shall be hid from Mine eyes.'---Hos. xiii. 14. The Strength of Israel will not lie, nor repent; for He is not a man that He should repent.'---1 Sam. xv. 29.

'Hath He said, and shall He not do it? or hath He spoken, and shall He not make it good ??---Numb. xxiii. 19. "I will not keep anger forever.'---Jer. iii. 12. 'I will not Conlend forever.'---Isa. lvii. 16. See for a fuller exhibition of this argument, all the chap. ters concerning the PROMISE, and OATH, contained in Propositions IV, V, VI.

“Why should I make a man my trust ?
Princes must die and turn to dust,

Vain is the help of flesh and blood:
Their breath departs, their pomp and pow'r,
And thoughts all vanish in an hour ;

Nor can they make their promise good.
Happy the man whose hopes rely
On Israel's God who made the sky,

And earth and seas with all their train ;
Whose Truth forever shall endure,
And glory to all souls sucure,

For none shall find His Promise vain.

IV. THE UNCHANGEABILITY Of God furnishes Reasons for the truth of The Great Salvation.

I am the Lord, I CHANGE noț; therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed.'---Mal. iii. 6. The Lord is good and tenderly merciful to all His works.' Then no creature will ever cease to be the object of His solicitude and care.

Every good gift, and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no Variableness, neither SHADOW of Turning.'--Jas. i. 17.--"God clothes even the grass,decks even the lillies of the field, marks every sparrow's fall, but MUCH MORE takes care of men, aye, even of every hair of their head, because they are of much more value than those.' Consequently His watchfulness over them shall exist throughout the immortality of their existence. .

God is PERFECT, and therefore loves the world, even His enemies, and not merely those who love Him.' But 'He is the same yesterday, to-day, and Forever.'---Heb. xiij. 8.

He is The God and FATHER of All.' And it is written, “Thou art THE SAME, and Thy years shall have no end.'Job v. 19. Thus, God will be eternally Our Father.'

He is of ONE MIND, and none CAN TURN Hım.'---Job xxiji. 13. "He Punishes for our PROFIT;' doth not afflict willingly;' 'is very pitiful ;' 'of tender mercy;' “knoweth our frame, and remembereth that we are but dust ;' 'knoweth

what we have need of, and giveth us not stone for bread.' These facts plainly show that the future condition of mans not that of utter, hopeless, merciless, endless abandonment to sin and suffering.

When the wicked turneth away from his wickedness that he hath committed, and doeth that which is lawful and right, he shall save his soul alive ; because he considereth, and turneth away from all his transgressions, he shall surely live, he shall not die.'---Ezek. xviii. 27, 28. Whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely.'—Rev. xxii. 17. Whatever be the nature or degree of man's independence of will and agency from those of the Being in whoin he lives and moves forever, we have not a particle of evidence that such self-agency on the part of man will ever be taken from him, and destroyed. Now if the Lord be eternally the same, as we have proved, eternally merciful, eternally good, eternally Parental in the government of His immortal chil. dren, and eternally able also to subdue, reform, and sanctify, we see at once, that supposing we enter the future world with all the facilities of evil-doing we possess in this, that the notion of this infant life being the exclusive probationary state in all eternity, (of which Revelation is silent as the grave,) must be altogether erroneous. It is plain then, that to prove endless punishment, you must prove also endless, incessant, entire CRIMINALITY ; for to suppose that God entirely puts it out of the power of the wicked to continue in, and eternally repeat or multiply their crimes, and yet that He perpetuates endless sufferings upon them, is incredible ; for harmless, innocent souls could not possibly deserve such torments. But while the whole Bible contains not one single clause in proof of the co-Eternity of Satan, wickedness, hell, error, or ignorance, with God, Heaven, Holiness, and Knowledge, it clearly reveals in a hundred several places, the final detruction of the former, in the universal triumph and prevalence of the latter. Besides, it is to be observed, that in all the passages, without a single exception, (though they only number a dozen, or thereabouts,) where the doom of endless woe is pretended to be taught, the punishment threatened is always for deeds of the flesh, or unbe

lief, in this world. Neither is there the least particle of proof to be drawn from the Scriptures, that any liberty of will possessed by the creature shall finally and eternally prevail against the Supreme Will of the Creator, and the Purposes of its Goodness and Wisdom. There is enough, on the contrary, to convince us, that whatever is apparently cross-wise of the way between man and Maker, is aster all concomitant of the Mighty Plan; that Free Agency itself, as much of it as there exists, is but a link of the complicated chain of means, that is to result in bringing man to 'come to himself;' (Luke xv. 17,) and thus ultimately, also, that .All Nations whom God has made shall come and worship before Him, and Glorify His name.'—Ps. lxxxix. 9. See also Ps. xxii. 27 ; lxv. 2; John vi. 37; xii. 32; Ps. cx. 3, &c.

PROPOSITION FORTY-SECOND. Universal Righteousness will be the Final Issue of God's

Infinite HOLINESS.

EVIDENCES. “Who is like unto Thee, Glorious in Holiness ?'—Exod. xv. 11. •YE SHALL BE HOLY, for I the Lord your God am Holy.'---Lev. xi. 44. “It is I, the Lord, which sanctify you.' --xx. 7.

'If the first-fruit be holy, THE LUMP is also holy.'---Rom. xi. 16. "O, sing unto the Lord a new song ; for He hath done marvellous things; His right hand, and His HOLY ARM hath gotten Him the Victory. The Lord hath made known His Salvation.'---Ps. xcviji. 1--3.

Thou only art Holy, O Lord : for All Nations shall come and worship before Thee.'---Rev. xv. 4.

"We cannot see, [said Wesley,] that there is anything in it either odious or terrible, anything that is calculated to ex. cite either hatred or fear, in any reasonable creature.--What reasonable objection can you have to the loving the Lord your God with all your heart? Then, if it would not hurt you, or lessen your happiness either in this world or the world to come, why should you be afraid if all men

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