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Page 32 - From the head of the bay to the northwest, the land is mountainous, and so in a manner from thence by a south-west line ; so that the more southward the farther off from the bay are those mountaines.* From which fall certaine brookes which after come to five principall navigable rivers.
Page 250 - The direction and force of the wind ; (.) The state of the weather ; (/.) The...
Page 54 - GILLMORE, QA Report on the Compression Strength, Specific Gravity, and ratio of Absorption of the Building stones in the United States.
Page 60 - WB, and BIBBINS, ARTHUR. The Stratigraphy of the Potomac Group in Maryland. Jour. Geol., vol. v, 1897, pp.
Page 60 - Discusses the interpretation of the sedimentary and faunal records. 911 - -Historical sketch embracing an account of the progress of investigation concerning the physical features and natural resources of Maryland. Md. Geol. Surv., vol. i, pp. 43-138, pis. ii-v, 1897. 912 Outline of present knowledge of the physical features of Maryland, embracing an account of the physiography, geology, and mineral resources.
Page 201 - Report on the Compression Strength, Specific Gravity, and ratio of Absorption of the Building Stones in the United States
Page 237 - Hence the soils derived from such rocks are naturally devoid of nutrient matter and can only support a scanty growth of grass and stunted shrubs. The main reason which may be assigned for their unproductiveness is the large percentage of magnesia which they contain, and their slight depth. The analyses of these soils show that they contain very minute quantities of lime and phosphoric acid. Where sufficiently deep to retain moisture for the growing plants, if supplied with manures they are found...
Page 54 - TYSON, PHILIP T. Second Report of Philip T. Tyson, State Agricultural Chemist, to the House of Delegates of Maryland, Jan.
Page 50 - Observations on the Geology of the United States of America, with some remarks on the effect produced on the nature and fertility of soils by the decomposition of the different classes of rocks. With two plates. 12mo. Phila., 1817. 1818. MACLURE, WM. Observations on the Geology...
Page 50 - CARPENTER, GEORGE W. On the Mineralogy of Chester County, with an account of some of the Minerals of Delaware, Maryland and other Localities.

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