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1. It will be necessary to determine first what training in

grammar your class has had. By an average class Part I may be completed in twenty-five lessons. If the class is weak in the fundamentals of English fifty lessons will be found necessary. On the other hand, an exceptionally proficient class may profitably begin Part II at once and use Part I for occasional assignments and for reference.

2. We advise that the reading of the first year should begin simultaneously with the work in grammar.

3. The Introduction (pp. xi-xx) may be studied to advantage in connection with Part II, Chapter I. The class should be familiar with the sounds and diacritical marks in order that the dictionary may be used intelligently for pronunciation.

4. The chapter on the Paragraph (pp. 306–319) should be used for reference throughout the first year, but a detailed and systematic study of it is recommended for the

second year.

5. The following outline of work covering two years

is offered by way of suggestion. It assumes that literature will receive approximately the same amount of time weekly as grammar and composition, and that it is carried on simultaneously.

FIRST YEAR First Term. Grammar 10 weeks; oral composition 6 weeks;

punctuation and letter writing 4 weeks.

Second Term. Description 8 weeks; narration 8 weeks ;

elementary study of the paragraph 4 weeks;
continuous practice in oral composition; sen-
tence analysis.

First Term. Exposition 10 weeks; the study of the para-

graph completed 4 weeks; reviews — letter
writing, modes, tenses, conjunctions, sentence
analysis, 4 weeks; continuous practice in oral

Second Term. Argument 10 weeks; sentences and words,

figures of speech, 6 weeks; reviews -- verbs,
verbals, sentence analysis, and a general re-
view of grammar and composition, 4 weeks ;
continuous practice in oral composition.

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