Bulletin - United States Geological Survey, Issue 322

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Page 72 - I found that every one of them was situated either directly on or near the crown of an anticlinal axis, while wells that had been bored in the synclines on either side furnished little or no gas, but in many cases large quantities of salt water. Further observation showed that the...
Page i - Underground waters of Tennessee and Kentucky west of Tennessee River and of an adjacent area in Illinois, by LC Glenn.
Page i - B 303. Preliminary account of Goldfield, Bullfrog, and other mining districts in southern Nevada, by FL Rausome, with notes on the Manhattan district, by GH Garrey and WH Emmons.
Page 160 - The interaction between minerals and water solutions, with special, reference to geologic phenomena, by EC Sullivan.
Page 159 - PP 55. Ore deposits of the Silver Peak quadrangle, Nevada, by JE Spurr. 1906. 174 pp., 24 pis. B 289. A reconnaissance of the Matanuska...
Page i - Economic geology of the Independence quadrangle, Kansas, by Frank C. Schrader and Erasmus Haworth. 1906. 74 pp., 6 pis.
Page i - Rate of recession of Niagara Falls, accompanied by a report on the survey of the crest, by W. Carvel Hall.
Page 157 - Systematic geology and paleontology; D, Petrography and mineralogy; E, Chemistry and physics; F, Geography; G, Miscellaneous; H, Forestry; I, Irrigation; J, Water storage; K, Pumping water; L, Quality of water; M, General hydrographic investigations...
Page 50 - The asphalt and bituminous rock deposits of the United States: Twenty-second Ann. Rept. US Geol. Survey, pt. 1, 1901, pp.
Page 162 - B 287. The Juneau gold belt, Alaska, by AC Spencer, and a reconnaissance of Admiralty Island, Alaska, by CW Wright.

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