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cut a cabbage-leaf to make an apple- on both sides of the house from some pie;" and at whose wedding the Job- of the earliest settlers of Nantucket, filies, and the Picninnies, and the and more or less intimately related to Great Panjandrum, danced till the the Coffins, the Folgers, ihe Macys, gunpowder ran out at their boot-heels. and the Starbucks of that adventurous Foote wrote his absurd paragraph, we population, it would seem that I had believe, to try a friend's memory; Mr. a natural right to a roving disposition, Melville has evidently written his un- and to a life of peril

, privation and intelligible novel to try the public's vicissitude. Nearly all the male mempatience. Of three things we are cer- bers of my family, for several genetain, namely, that the Panjandrum rations, have been followers of the story is quite as easy to understand sea : some of them in the calm and as Mardi ; that it is much more divert- peaceful employment of the merchanting; and, the chief advantage of all, service; others, and by far the greater an infinite deal shorter.

number, in the more dangerous purMardi, which we dismissed from suit of the ocean monster.” After reour mind when we closed it with a lating some of the feats of his family, yawn a day or two after its publica- and glancing at his own childhood, tion, has been recalled to our memory which gave early indications of the by another book, also proceeding from bold and restless spirit that animated America, although published in Lon- him at a mature period, Jonathan don; and which, like Mr. Melville's presents himself to his readers at the romance, blends the real and the pos- age of eighteen—a stalwart stripling sible with the ideal and the fantastic. and idle student; the best rider, shot, Kaloolah (Heaven help these Yankee swimmer, and leaper for many miles nomenclators) professes to be the au- around, with little taste for books, and tobiography of Jonathan Romer, a a very decided one for rambling in the young Nantucket sailor, to whose woods with rifle and rod. At this narrative, during his absence in the time the academy, of which he had interior of Africa, one of his country- for four years been an inmate, is nearly men, Dr. W. S. Mayo, obligingly acts broken up by what is called "a reas editor. Most readers will probably vival of religion;" in other words, a be of opinion that the American M.D. violent fit of fanatical enthusiasm, might claim a nearer interest in the provoked and fed by Baptist and Meliterary bantling-the first-born, we thodist preachers. Pupils and teachers apprehend, of his own pen and ima- alike go mad with fervent zeal, classes gination. But our business is with are at an end, unceasing prayer is subthe book, and not with the author, stituted for study, and Jonathan, who whose name, whether Romer or Mayo, is one of the few unregenerated walks is as yet unknown to fame, but who into the forest and knocks the head need not despair of achieving reputa- off a partridge with a rifle-ball. The tion. Kaloolah combines with certain bird is picked up, and the excellence faults, which may presently be indi- of the aim applauded by an old trapper cated, some very excellent qualities, and hunter, Joe Downs by name, well and has several chapters, whereof any known along the shores of the Rackett one contains more real good stuff, and and Grass Rivers, in the northern and ingenuity, and amusement, than the uninhabited part of the state of New whole of the second and third volumes York. Joe is not the wild, semi-Inof Mardi, reduced to a concentrated dian trapper of the south and west, essence. Besides, it is manifest that whom Sealsfield and Ruxton have so the two books must be viewed and graphically sketched; there is as much judged differently-one as a first, and difference between the two characters by no means unpromising attempt; as between a sailor in the coasting the other, as the backsliding perform- trade and a Pacific Ocean beachance of a man who has proved himself comber. There is nothing of the halfcapable of far better things.

horse, half-alligator style about Joe, Before commencing his own story, whose manner is so mild, and his coat young Jonathan Romer introduces us so decent, that he has been taken for to his ancestors, and asserts his right a country parson. He despises the to a life of adventure. “Descended Redskins, sets no value on their scalps,

and would not shed their blood, ex. bounded right at me. When he was just cept in self-defence. How he had about three or four feet from the muzonce been thus compelled to do so, zle, I fired. You never see a fellow jump he relates to Jonathan in the course

so. He kicked his heels up in the air, of their first conversation.

and came down plump on his head, dead

as Julius Cæsar He never winked; the lake. There had been a light fall of snow, and stuck out about two feet from his

“It was the way towards Tupper's ramrod—ą good, hard, tough piece of and I was scouting round, when I happened to make a circumbendibus, and back. Sarved him right; did'nt it?” came across my own track, and there I saw the marks of an Indian's foot right accompany him on an expedition into

The old trapper urges Jonathan to on my trail. Thinks I, that is kind of the woods, promising; as an inducequeer; the fellow must have been following me; howsomever I'll try him, and ment, to put him “right alongside the make sure; so I made another large biggest catamount he has ever seen,” circle, and again struck my own track, and to let him fight it out, with rifle, and there was the tarnal Indian's foot hatchet, and knife, without making again, Says I, this won't do; I must find or meddling in the contest. He also out what this customer wants, and how pledges himself to show him a fish. he'll have it. So I stopped short, and pond, “ where the youngest infants, soon got sight of him; he knew that I of a genteel pickerelto family, weigh saw him, so he came along up, in the at least three pounds.” Such inducemost friendly manner you can think. But I didn't like his looks; he was alto

ments are irresistible. Jonathan packs gether too darned glad to see me. He up a brace of blankets and his shoot. had no gun, but he had an almighty ing and fishing fixings, and goes off long-handled tomahawk, and a lot of in the canoe with Joe Downs on a skins and real traps. Thinks I, may be, pleasant up-stream cruise, enlivened old fellow, your gun has burst, or by a succession of beautiful scenery, you've pawned it for rum, and you can't and by the varied and original conraise skins enough to redeem it, and you versation of his companion. On their want mine, and perhaps you'll get it.

“At last I grew kind of nervous; 1 way they fell in with a party of Inknew the fellow would hatchet me if I

dians, amongst them one Blacksnake, gave him a chance, and yet I didn't a brother of the gentleman whom want to shoot him right down just on Joe had spitted on his ramrod. He suspicion. But I thought, if I let him cut suspects Joe of having shot his kinsmy throat first, it would be too late to man, and Joe strongly suspects him shoot him afterwards. So I concluded of having already attempted to revenge that the best way would be to give him his death. a chance to play his hand; and if so be he'd lead the wrong card, why I should

“ I was leaning out of the second story have a right to take the trick. Just doorway of Jones's shop one day,' said then, at the right time, a partridge flew Joe, 'looking across the river, when, into a clump that stood five or six rods whizz, a rifle bullet came and buried it off. So I kind of'næuvred round a little. self in the doorpost. I hain't the least I drew out my ramrod, as if to feel whe- doubt that that very identical Blackther the ball in my rifle was well down; snake sent it. Thank God, his aim was but instead of returning it again, I kept not as his will! He's a bad chap. Why, it in my hand, and, without letting the I really believe it was he who murdered vagabond see me, I got out a handful of my old friend Dan White the

trapper. powder. I then sauntered off to the If I only knew it was the fact, I wish I bush, shot the partridge, and in an in- may be stuck, forked end uppermost, in stant passed my hand over the muzzle a coon hole, if I wouldn't send a ball of my rifle, and dropped the powder in. through his painted old braincase, this I picked up the bird, and then just took 'ere very identical minute. Darn your and run my ramrod right down upon skin! energetically growled Joe, shathe powder. Now, he thought, was his king his fist at the distant canoe.” chance before I loaded my gun again. It would have saved Mr. Downs He came towards me with his hatchet in his hand. I saw that he was deter

some trouble and suffering if he had mined to act wicked, and began to back yielded to the impulse, and expended off; he still came on. I lowered my ri- half-an-ounce of lead upon Black file, and told him to keep away. He rai. snake, who, about a week later, sed his tomahawk, gave one yell, and sneaks up, with two companions, to


the trapper's pine-log fire, and shoots shipmate of his father's. In this the unfortunate Joe, but is shot down smart little craft, he sees some counhimself, the very next moment, by try and more water, unti), upon the Jonathan Romer, whose double barrel voyage from the Azores to Malaga, a settles two of the murderers, and then white squall or a waterspout—which descends with crushing force upon the of the two he could never ascertaincranium of the third. Joe not being capsizes the schooner and dashes him dead, although very badly wounded, senseless down the hatchway, whence his young companion conveys him to he was just emerging, in alarm at the a cave, whose hidden entrance the sudden uproar on deck. On recovertrapper had revealed to him the pre- ing himself, he finds the vessel disvious day, and there tends him till he masted, the deck swept of all its fixis able to bear removal. With his tures, and the captain and crew committal to the hands of a village missing: Doubtless they had been surgeon, Mr. Romer's backwoods ad- hurled into the waves by the same Fentures terminate, a source of regret terrible force that had shattered the to the reader, since they are more bulwarks and carried away boats, lively and attractive than some sub- casks, and galley. The horizon was sequent portions of the book, evidently now clear, not a sail was

sight, and deemed by the author more interest. Jonathan' Romer was alone on ing and important, and therefore helpless wreck in the middle of the dwelt upon at greater length. Indeed wide ocean. But he was a man of it is our opinion that the author of resource and mettle, whom it was Kaloolah is mistaken, as young au- hard to discourage or intimidate ; and thors constantly are, in the real scope finding the schooner made no water, and nature of his own abilities, and he righted her as well as he could, and that he would shine much more in a resigned himself to float at the will of novel of backwoods life, or nautical the wind until he should meet a rescuadventure, than in the mixed style he ing sail. This did not occur for some has selected for his first attempt, weeks, during which he floated past which is a sort of mosaic, distinguish- Teneriffe in the night, within hail of ed rather for variety and vividness of fishermen, who would not approach colour than for harmony and regu- him for fear of the quarantine laws. larity of design.

At last, sitting over his solitary dinJonathan reaches home in time to ner, he perceived a ship heading up receive the last adieu of his mother, a for the schooner. worthy but eccentric old lady, who

“ As she came on, I had full time to had fitted out her son, on his depar- note all her beautiful proportions. She ture for school, with a winding-sheet, was small, apparently not above 300 amongst other necessaries, that he tons, and had a peculiarly trim and might be buried decently should he clipper-like look. Her bright copper, die far from his friends, and that he flashing occasionally in the sunlight, might be reminded of his mortality as showed that she was in light sailing often as he emptied his trunk. It was trim; whilst from the cut of her sails, & curious conceit, but, as Jonathan the symmetrical arrangement of her observes, she was from Nantucket, spars and rigging, and her quarter

boats, I concluded she must be a manand they are all queer people there, of-war. Passing me about half a mile and filial affection induced him long astern, she stood on for a little distance, to preserve the shroud. Mrs. Romer then, hoisting the bilious-looking flag of dead, her son applies to the study of Spain, she tacked and ran for me, backsurgery, gets himself into trouble by ing her main-topsail within twenty a body-snatching exploit, has to yards of my larboard beam. Her quarlevant to New York, and there, find- ter-boat was immediately lowered, and ing he is still in danger from the half-a-dozen fellows in red caps and lanfriends of the disinterred corpse, who, nel shirts, jumped into it, followed by have set the police upon his track,

an officer in a blue velvet jacket, with ships himself on board the fine fore- and a broad-brimmed straw hat upon

a strip of gold lace upon his shoulders, topsail schooner, “Lively Anne,” his head. I ran below, stuffed all the bound for the Western Islands, and money that I had in gold—about a thoucommanded by Captain Coffin, an old sand dollars—into my pockets, and got


upon deck again just as the boat touch a long thong of plaited buffalo hide, ed the side."

Romer learned that she is of a far The precaution was a good one :

distant nation called the Gerboo the saucy Bonito, Pedro Garbeż Blanda, who dwell in stone houses on master, was bound from Cuba to the an extensive plain. The slave-dealer coast of Africa, with a cut-throat

knows them only by report, and Ka. and

loolah and her brother, who is near at an empty slave-deck. Owing to an accident, she had sailed hand, are the first specimens he has without a surgeon, and Romer was

seen of this remote tribe. He had well received and treated, so soon as and then she had already come a long

bought her two months' journey off, his profession was known. When he discovered the ship's character, he distance. And now that he had got would gladly have left her, but means

them to the coast, he esteems them were wanting, for the Bonito loved of small value compared to the full. not intercourse with passing craft,

blooded blacks; for Kaloolah has pined and touched nowhere until she reach herself away to a shadow, and her broed her destination-Cabenda Bay, on

ther, Enphadde, is bent upon suicide, the western coast of Africa. There and cannot be trusted with unfettered being no slaves at Cabenda, it was

hands; so that for thirty dollars resolved to run a few miles up the Romer buys them both. The Bonito Congo river.

having been driven out to sea by the

approach of a British cruiser, he “We at length reached Loonbee, and passes some days on shore with anchored off the town, which is the chief his new purchases; during which market or slave-depot for Embomma. time, with a rapidity bordering on It consists of about a hundred huts the miraculous, he acquires sufficient of palm-leaves, with two or three block of their language, and they of his, to houses, where the slaves are confined, carry on a sort of piebald conversa. About two hundred slaves were already tion, to learn the history of these pale collected, and more were on their down the river, and from different Africans, and some particulars of their towns in the interior. After presents mysterious country. for the King of Embomma, and for the Mafooka (a sort of chief of the board of a name given to their country by the

“ The Gerboo Blanda, I found, was slave-trade,) and other officials, had Jagas, that its true name was Frama; been made, and a deal of brandy drunk, zugda, and that the people were called we landed, and in company with several Framazugs. That it was situated at a Fukas, or native merchants, and two or great distance in the interior, in a dithree Portuguese, went to take a look rection west by north, and that it was at the slaves. Each dealer paraded his gang for inspection, and loudly dilated tions, through whom a trade was carried

surrounded by negro and savage na. upon their respective qualities. They on with people at the north-west and were all entirely naked, and of all ages, east, none of whom, however, were ever sexes, and conditions, and all had an air seen at Framazugda, as the trade had to of stolid indifference, varied only in of them by an expression of surprise phadde represented the country to be of

pass through a number of hands. Enand fear at sight of the white men.”

considerable extent, consisting mostly In one of these unfortunate groups exceedingly populous, containing nu;

of a lofty plateau or elevated plain, and of dingy humanity, Romer was struck

merous large cities, surrounded by high by the appearance of a young girl, walls, and filled with houses of stone. whose features widely differed from Several large streams and lakes waterthe usual African stamp, and whose ed the soil, which, according to his accomplexion amongst a white popu- count, was closely cultivated, and prolation, would not have been deemed duced in abundance the greatest variety too dark for a brunette. Her grace- of trees, fruits, flowers, and grain. fully curling hair contrasted wiih the Over this country ruled Selha Shounsé, woolly polls of her companions; her the father of Enphadde and Kaloolah, eyes were large and expressive, and as king. It was in going from the caher form elegant, but then emaciated their escort was attacked by a party of

pital to one of the royal gardens that by fatigue and ill-treatment. This is blacks from the lowlands, the attendKaloolah. On inquiry of the slave- ants killed or dispersed, and the young dealer, a great burly negro, wielding prince and princess carried off”


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Thirty dollars could hardly be their feet pointing inboard or athwart deemed a heavy price for the son and the vessel. They, of course, occupied a daughter of the great Shounsé, and space fore and aft the ship, of about six Jonathan was well pleased with his feet on either side, or twelve feet of the bargain, although it was not yet clear whole breadth. At the feet of the out

side rank came the heads of the inner how he should realise a profit ; but meanwhile it was something to be the more on either side, or together twelve

row. They took up a space of six feet proprietor of their royal highnesses of feet. There was still left a space running Framazugda; something too to gaze up and down the centre of the deck, two into Kaloolah's bright black eyes, and or three feet in breadth; along this were listen to her dulcet tones, as she stretched single slaves, between the feet warbled one of her country's ditties of the two inner rows, so that, when all about the Fultul, a sweet-scented were lying down, almost every square lily flourishing beside the rivulets of foot of the deck was covered with a mass her native mountains. The verses,

of human flesh. Not the slightest space by the bye, are not to be commended the ranks, but the whole were packed as

was allowed between the individuals of in Mr. Romer's version ; they perhaps closely as they could be, each slave havsounded better in the original Frama- ing just room enough to stretch himself zug, and when issuing from the sweet out fat upon his back and no more. In lips of Kaloolah.

this way about two hundred and fifty Instead of a week, the Bonito was were crowded upon the slave-deck, and a month absent, having been caught as many more upon the berth-deek. in a calm. Captain Pedro Garbez Horrible as this may seem, it was nothpromised the Virgin Mary the value ing compared to the “packing'generally of a young negro in wax-lights for a boasted that he had tried both systems,

practised by slavers. Captain Garbez capful of wind, but in vain; and he tight packing and loose packing, thowas fain to tear the hair from his roughly, and found the latter the best. head with impatience. Meanwhile “* If you call this loose packing,' I Jonathan had caught a fever in the replied, ' have the goodness to explain swamps of Congo, and Kaloolah had what you mean by tight packing ? made his chicken-broth, and tended “Why,tight packing consists in makhim tenderly, and restored him to ing a row sit with their legs stretched bealth, although he was still so apart, and then another row is placed

between their legs, and so on, until the altered in appearance that Garbez

whole deck is filled. In the one case knew him not when he mounted the each slave has as much room as he can side of the slaver. All speed was

cover lying; in the other only as much now made to buy and ship a cargo. room as he can occupy sitting. With The account of the latter process is tight packing this craft ought to stow interesting, and, we have no doubt, fifteen hundred.'» perfectly authentic; for although the author of Kaloolah 'has chosen to in

The Bonito was not above three terlard, and perhaps deteriorate his hundred tons. Such are the blessings book by strange stories of imaginary for which the negroes are indebted to countries, animals, flowers, &c., it is the tender-mercied emancipators who not difficult to distinguish between have ruined our West Indian colonies. his fact and his fiction, and to recognise the internal evidence of veracity es, (in the event of a gale) said Captain

“When it comes to closing the hatchand personal observation. A short

Pedro, “it is all up with the voyage. extract may here with propriety be You can hardly save enough to pay exmade, for the benefit of anti-slavery penses. They die like leeches in a thunphilanthropists.

derstorm. I was once in a little schoo

ner with three hundred on board, and " The first slaves that came on board we were obliged to lie-to for three days. were taken below the berth-deck, and It was the worst sea I ever saw, and arranged upon a temporary slave-deck came near swamping us several times. placed over the water-casks, and at a We lost two hundred and fifty slaves in distance of not more than three feet and that gale. We couldn't get at the dead & half from the deck overhead.

ones to throw them overboard very hanThe slaves were arranged in four ranks. dily, and so those that didn't die from When lying down, the heads of the two want of air were killed by the rolling outer ranks touched the sides of the ship, and tumbling about of the corpses. Of

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