Bretton Woods Agreements Act: Hearings Before the Committee on Banking and Currency, United States Senate, Seventy-ninth Congress, First Session, on H.R. 3314, an Act to Provide for the Participation of the United States in the International Monetary Fund and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development. June 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 25, and 28, 1945

Considers H.R. 3314, to provide for U.S. participation in the International Monetary Fund and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

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Seite 661 - To facilitate the expansion and balanced growth of international trade, and to contribute thereby to the promotion and maintenance of high levels of employment and real income and to the development of the productive resources of all members as primary objectives of economic policy.
Seite 528 - To assist in the establishment of a multilateral system of payments In respect of current transactions between members and in the elimination of foreign exchange restrictions which hamper the growth of world trade.
Seite 214 - In witness whereof, the undersigned, duly authorized by their respective Governments, have signed...
Seite 537 - An act to amend title sixty, chapter three, of the Revised Statutes of the United States, relating to copyrights", that said act "shall only apply to a citizen or subject of a foreign state or nation when such foreign state or nation permits to citizens of the United States of America the benefit of copyright on substantially the same basis as its own citizens...
Seite 530 - March 11, 1941, the terms and conditions thereof shall be such as not to burden commerce between the two countries, but to promote mutually advantageous economic relations between them and the betterment of world-wide economic relations.
Seite 543 - As a member of the family of nations, the right and power of the United States in that field are equal to the right and power of the other members of the international family. Otherwise, the United States is not completely sovereign.
Seite 507 - ... the parity in value of the coins of the two metals, and the equal power of every dollar at all times in the markets and in the payment of debts.
Seite 542 - ... except under such limitations and exceptions as the President prescribes, any arms or munitions of war in any place in the United States...
Seite 2 - ... the district court of the United States for any district in which such person is found or resides or...
Seite 615 - Whenever the Fund is of the opinion that any member is using the resources of the Fund in a manner contrary to the purposes of the Fund...

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