The Sporting magazine; or Monthly calendar of the transactions of the turf, the chace, and every other diversion interesting to the man of pleasure and enterprize


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Seite 59 - Caledonia ! stern and wild, meet nurse for a poetic child, • land of brown heath and shaggy wood, land of the mountain and the flood, land of my sires!
Seite 394 - His drink was generally ale, except on Christmas, the fifth of November, or some other gala days, when he would make a bowl of strong brandy punch garnished with a toast and nutmeg. A journey to London was, by one of these men, reckoned as great an undertaking as is at present a voyage to the East Indies, and undertaken with scarce less precaution and preparation.
Seite 394 - He was commonly followed by a couple of greyhounds and a pointer, and announced his arrival at a neighbour's house by smacking his whip or giving the view-halloo.
Seite 50 - The braes ascend like lofty wa's, The foaming stream deep roaring fa's, O'er-hung wi' fragrant spreading shaws, The Birks of Aberfeldy. The hoary cliffs are crown'd wi' flowers, White o'er the linns the burnie pours, And, rising, weets wi' misty showers The Birks of Aberfeldy.
Seite 449 - To this was added a long, rambling epitaph in tawdry Latin, as though any inscription which scholars could devise could equal the simple name of Robert Burns. When the new structure was completed, on...
Seite 395 - ... were a couple of seats. Here, at Christmas, he entertained his tenants assembled round a glowing fire made of the roots of trees and other great logs, and told and heard the traditionary tales of the village respecting ghosts and witches, till fear made them afraid to move. In the meantime, the jorum of ale was in continual circulation.
Seite 395 - ... a porch with seats in it, and over it a study; the eaves of the house well inhabited by swallows, and the court set round with holly-hocks. Near the gate a horse-block for the conveniency of mounting. The hall was furnished with flitches of bacon, and the mantle-piece with guns and fishing-rods of different dimensions, accompanied by the broadsword, partizan, and dagger, borne by his ancestor in the civil wars. The vacant spaces were occupied by stags
Seite 193 - O'ertakes their sounding pinions : and again Immediate, brings them from the towering wing Dead to the ground ; or drives them wide dispersed, Wounded, and wheeling various, down the wind.
Seite 422 - Head, with the brilliancy of his reputation, and the weight of his personal experience, to give the finishing touches to our education. He tells us in the simplest language, and as if it were the easiest thing in the world to do it as well as himself, how we are to saddle our horse and bridle our horse, how to dress and how to feed, how to go out in the morning and how to come...
Seite 390 - Dublin pits are of a more recent date, the principal of which were in Clarendon-street and Essex'Street, where the Meaths and Kildares often proved the powers of their cocks. The fights were managed by men, who made a livelihood by it, and were called handlers: they alone were admissible...

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