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ter and opener, knocker at the door, lion Condemnation is for not believing in the of Judah, lamb slain, sitting on the throne, light, iii. 267. everlasting governor, king of saints, de- Conformity to the world, non-conformity stroyer of Babylon, king of kings, lord of to Christ, ii. 92. 175. To the image of the lords, word of God, faithful and true, bind.! Son of God, what? ii. 93, 97. To his er of Satan, casting the devil with the beast , death, what? 174. and false prophet into hell, judge of quick Conscience God only is to rule, i. 362. and dead, maker of new heavens and earth, Not to be forced by magistrates, i. 210, the A. and 0., well of the water of life, 211; iji. 272, 273. temple of the holy city, sun and mooni Conversation of saints in Christ, m. 104. thereof, tree of life, root and offspring of Covenant of God, Christ, i. 58-62 ; ü. David, bright morning-star, way, truth and 267. First disannulled, second established, life, believers' rest, saints' establishment, | i. 144. The end of the first, Christ, i. 145. bridegroom, giving his flesh and blood, be- Saints of old saw beyond the first, i. 148. ing before Abraham, door of the sheep, New, what? i. 154. Renews the heart, i. resurrection and life, drawing others after 155. With death and hell vain, ü. 443. him, father's delight, restorer of all things, The old typical of the new, in laws, ordison of man, sitting in heavenly places, nances, tabernacle, sacrifices, oil, priestfoundation of many generations, leader to hood, salt, feasts, first-fruits, tythes, cir God, head of the church, son of God spi- cumcision, punishments, temple, worshipritual rock, quickening spirit, ii. 84–154.) lights, lamps, meats, drinks, days, sabbaths,

Christ a mystery to the Christian world, weapons, swearing, curses, elements of the ï. 197, 198. The blessed seed, light of life, world, works, economy, ark, manna, inpurger of conscience, healer of nations, recense, bondage, washings purifications, storer of mankind, i. 266, 270. Seed of urim and thummim,unblemished bodies, dif. blessings, ii. 403. Witness, leader, light, ference of clean and unclean beasts, highsalvation, deliverer, feeder, preserver, priest, year of jubilee, blowing of trumcounsellor, shepherd, bishop, priest, pro- pets, outward kingdom, ministry, veil, letphet, king, baptizer, judge, rewarder, ii. ter, passover, Jews, &c. ii. 38-77; iii. 414. 319. 323. His coming into the world, not Covetousness, idolatry, ii. 425-427. pompous, iii. 113. Outward and inward Counsel, to be asked of God, ii. 406, 407. coming must be confessed, iii. 270. Cruci- Cross, but one, which crucifies to the fied in the flesh, iii. 376. King over all world, ii. 454. Is the power of God, i. emperors, ü. 379.

370. Christendom examined, ii. 379, 380. Cruelty amongst catholics, i. 239. Of Persecuting, is Anti-christian, îi. 320. fellow-servants, i. 332.

Christianity, why despised by Turks and Curse, Christ has redeemed from, č. 261. heathens? ¡i. 5.

Curtching reproved, i. 50. Christians true, who?i, 298–302; iii. 405. Customs of the world denied, i. 45, 46. 409. Are persecuted, but not persecuting, Of the heathens, in naming days and ii. 212, 213. Seduced from the anointing, months, iii. 347, 348. 464. 467. who? ï. 326, 327. Their wickedness a stumbling to the Jews, ii. 368. Without the Holy Ghost call Christ Lord, ii. 377.

D. Many really ungodly, iii. 222. 475. How to be reconciled, iii. 403, 404.

Death, how destroyed by Christ, äi. 298. Church, not a house or outward temple, 340. Of Christ, universal, ü. 344. i. 18. 317. One body, i. 293. Is to be Deacons must be grave and honest, ï. holy, ii. 227. 299. Perfected by Christ, ii

. 42, 43. 300. Its primitive nature lost, ii

. 302, 303. Defence of the saints, God, iü. 171. Popish, headless upon the pope's death, ii. Dependence to be upon God, ii. 108. 450. Has power to exhort and admonish, Destruction of man, of himself, ii. 392. iii. 180, 181. Reproved by Christ, iii. 223. Comes upon the destroyers, iii. 140. Of Not built upon Peter, iii. 368. Built on men for religion, abominable, iii. 148. the rock Christ, iii. 369. False, persecutes, Diotrephes denied, iii, 220. üi. 399.

Disobedience, the cause of man's misery, Circumcision of Ishmael and Esau, a type | ii. 419. of universal grace, ii. 397, 398. Cloathing Divinity of Christ denied, by denying from heaven, what? iii. 301.

the light, iii. 479. Commands unlawful, not to be obeyed, Diviners forbid, ii. 444. i. 356. 363.

Doctrine of God, and of the serpent, ii. & Compulsion to conformity, Anti-chris- Doers, and not sayers only, justified, tiü. tian, üi. 95.

160. 215.

Dragon makes war with the woman, i. Gentiles, partakers of Christ, i. 57. 71. Is worshipped, i. 240. Persecutes Gifts of men, from Christ, iii. 21, 22. the true church, iii. 124. Must be over Spiritual, freely given, iii. 476. come, iii. 280.

Glory of this world, not Satan's to give, Drunkenness condemned, i. 28.

iii. 28. Refused by Christ, iii. 115. Not Dust to be shaken off, against rejecters becoming Christians, iii. 469. of the word, iii. 266.

God of truth and the world's God, how they differ, iii. 35. Not crucified, iïi. 376.

Good works will be rewarded, i. 321, E


Gospel Christ is, i. 21. Preached again Election and reprobation how misunder-by the Quakers, i. 316. Ministers thereof stood, ii. 388. 392. Election, of grace, ii. preach universal grace, ii. 419. 393. Stands not in profession, but posses- Grace of God, the best teacher, i. 22, sion, ii. 408.

24. Is universal, i, 22; ii. 409.
Elements of the world, vain, iii. 98.
Emperor of Germany, counselled, i. 228.
Of China informed, i. 252, 253. Of Tur.

H. key, answered, iii. 271. 282. Esau and his stock, who? ï. 389–391. Hand of God, how extensive, iü. 333.

Haters of brethren, murderers, iii. 262.

Head of the church, Christ, ii. 291; iii. F.


Heathens have an inward principle, ia. Faith not purifying, denied, i. 45. Not 387. Have communion with God without to be forced, i. 276. 345. Of the faithful, Scripture, i. 388. Are better than many precious, 286–296. Of Christians, to be Christians, i. 389. Confess to the power examined, ï. 399.

of God, i. 393. Prophesy by the word of Fall of man, by the serpent, iii. 5, 8. God, i, 390. Understand divine things, i.

Fashions of the world, vain, i. 139. Un- 394-404. becoming Christians, i. 140, 141.

Hell the portion of unmerciful Dives, ii. Fast true and false, i. 111-114.

273. Feasts to be for the poor, and not for the Heretics love not enemies, i. 209. rich, i. 162, 163.

High-priest Christ is to us, ii. 262. Fellowship of saints is in the light, ii. Hirelings, to be denied, i. 24. 358; iii. 229. 241. In spirit, not dissolved Holiness in Christians, the best means to by bodily absence, üi. 237. Out of the convert the Jews, ï. 371. Qualifies for light, will be broke, iii. 242. Not to be dwelling with God. ii. 275. with the wicked, ii. 428.

Horst come down, i. 174. To

just , , .. Fellow-feeling saints have in sufferings, From iii. 123.

be given to all men, i. 201. Given to kings Figleave-covering vain, iii. 7.

by them that fear God, i. 210. Not given Fishermen, how made fishers of men, evil doers, i. 211-215. 278.

Humanity of Christ unscriptural term, Fishing coat. Peter's canonical robe, ii. ii. 149. 282.

Husbandmen killing the heir, who? ïïi. Flesh is to be silent, i. 120.

473. Flock scabbed through the shepherd's Hypocrisy of priests and professors, iii. neglect, iii. 455.

461. Food of Christians, what? ii. 338. Fooleries of the world, among profes

I. sors, i. 196, 197.

Forgiveness they obtain who forgive, i. Idolaters, who are? ï. 428. 332.

Idols forbid, i. 366-386.

Jerusalem destroyed, and why? i. 55. G.

From above, the unclean cannot enter, iii.

157. Her children, who? ïü. 51, 352. Gain got by men's lusts proves a curse, Jews, killed the prophets and Christ, i. iii. 143. Greediness after it, destructive, 54. Had the prophets words, without life, i. 100.

i. 64. Judgments of God upon them, i. Gainsayers of the light, in the reproba- 72. Hate the light, ibid. Cannot know tion, ii

. 386. Despise the government of the Messiah without it, i. 74. Inward, true Christ, üi, 358.

worshippers, üü. 235.

Ignorance of the truth, chiefly among | 15. 32. Leads out of the world, i. 18. Is the letter-learned, ii. 227.

hated by evil-doers, i. 21. Not natural, Image, earthly and heavenly, what? ii. ibid. Is Scripture within, i. 22. Haters of 240.

it, deny Christ, the prophets and apostles, Images, not to be made, i. 367; ii. 444. i. 23. 213. It condemns the haters, i. 27. Makers condemned, and breakers justified, Calls to repentance, i. 34. Opens parables i. 373–386. Offensive to the Jews, ii. 369. and figures, i. 35–39. Keeps in unity and Inchantments forbid, ii. 438.

cleanness, i. 43. Unites Jews and Gentiles, Indulgences, vain, ii. 449.

i. 65. Subjects to the higher powers, i. Informers and persecutors, like the de. 88, 89. Discovers the first and second covil, iii. 130. Their punishment, iii. 132- venant, i. 144. An antidote against temp. 136 Are Judases, and false witnesses, iii. tations, i. 303–305. Denied by many Chris137. 325.

tians, owned by Turks and heathens, z. Inspiration, not ceased, ii. 245. Scrip. 199–200. Deniers of it, crucify Christ in tures not understood without it, 246. spirit, ïi. 202. And dishonour him, ii. 209. Judas's sin and punishment, iii. 433. Blasphemy against it, what? ï. 350. Is

universal, ii. 359, 360. 412. Teaches how

to live and die in the Lord, iii. 110. 112. K:

Is the best armour, iii. 168. Lighteth men's

candle, iii. 341, 342. Kingdom of God, not seen by the natu- Lights of the tabernacle, a type of Christ, ral man, i. 15. Of darkness, stands in dis. ii. 352, 353. obedience, ii. 21. The unrighteous can- Lip-worship God abhors, i. 86. not enter, iï. 263. Doers, and not sayers, Best London rebuked, i. 142. inherit it, iji. 266. Of Christ, everlasting, Love, we owe to enemies, i. 331; ü. 309. iii. 354. In righteousness, iii. 485, 486. To one another, i. 364, 365. Is to be uni.

Kings, to be prayed for, iii. 321. King versal, ii. 217. Of God and Christ, to man, of France, warned, i. 234. Of Spain judged, is universal, ü. 218-220. 339. 390. Of mo i. 238.

ney, the root of all evil, ii, 431. A mark Kneeling at the supper, whence? iii. 432. of true Christianity, ii. 210. 347.

Lust, contrary to the light, i. 17. Mis

pends God's creatures, ii. 4. L.

Luxury, punished by want, and other

judgments, ii. 6-12, Lake of fire, is for the beast and false prophet, iii. 264. Lamb, has the victory, i. 171.

M. Language plain, of thou and thee, scriptural, i. 46; iii. 470. Divers, from Babel, Magistracy owned, i. 45. i. 175.

Magistrates to use the sword aright, i. Law, without life, the Jews have, i. 53, 342. 54. Many, called Christians, also, i. 77. Is Mahomet's worship to be forsaken, i. 217written in the heart, i. 149. Royal, is love | 220. and liberty, i. 337. Made for the unright- Man, not his own, ü. 204. Of sin reeous, i. 344; iii. 310. Of the old and new vealed, iii. 25. covenant, differ, 308.

Mastery, not to be striven for, i. 124. Laymen, none were called by the apos- Measure, must be kept to, č. 246. tles, i. 325.

Mediator, none but Christ, ii. 453. Letter, is not the word, i. 16. Is a de. Meet-helps, male and female are in Christ, claration of the word, i. 21.

ij. 356, 357. Letter-learned, denying revelation, are Meetings for worship, not to be restrainignorant, of God, his peace, truth, glory, ed, i. 347, 348. Not confined to certain arm, righteousness, secrets, Son, light, houses, iii. 185-187. coming, judgment, ministry, power, spirit, Men-eaters, who? üi. 276. deep things, gospel mystery, man of sin, Merchants should be honest, i. 160. of themselves, &c. ïi. 229-239.

Mercy, better than sacrifice, i, 67. Liberty to the captives

, Christ gives, i. Messiah come, proved, i. 291-297. Pro69. Of the Aesh, among professors, i. phesied of, to be the rod of Jesse, a hiding. 199-201. Of conscience, due to all, i. 278- place, the way, God's servant and elect, 2 281. Of worship, also, i. 349-352. Given, plant and root, despised and rejected of by Turks and heathens, i. 359. Pure in men, a witness, leader and commander, the truth, ii. 229, 230, 231.416.

born in Bethlehem, crucified and buried, Light, shows evil, and reproves for it, i. a sanctuary, stone, gin, snare, a priest,

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shepherd, prince, refiners' fire, king, shilo, Pearl lost in the apostacy, i. 165. Found prophet, &c. ii. 63–81.

within man, i. 164. Is Christ, i. 166, 167, Ministry, of men's making, is to be dis. 168. owned, i. 43. True, to be attended to Perfection of the state of innocency, iii. 3. with diligence, iii. 425.

Attainable in this life through Christ, iris Ministers, not masters, i. 44. Of Christ, 439. Denied by the false church, iii. 448. preach him the word, i. 90-92. Have the By ignorant teachers, iii. 478. word of reconciliation, iïi. 424. Have their Persecution, contrary to Christ, i. 319. exercises, iii. 428. Want not maintenance, 329-330. 338-340, 341. 352, 353, 355; ii. ii. 37. Preach freely, ïi. 39. Are servants 321; ïïi. 146. 315. 328. 344. 409-412. Is to all, ibid. Use no tythe-bags, ii. 262. the portion of God's people in this world, Have the anointing, iii. 423. Of Satan, ) iii. 125. plead for sin, iii. 20-22. 438-450. Trans- Persecutors condemned, i. 52. 274. 307. form themselves, iii. 226. Of the letter, 309, 310; iii. 312-313. 321. Will be deny the word, i. 93. Persecute them that plagued, i. 243. Persecuted themselves, preach it, i. 97.

i. 314; ii. ii. 386. Cannot pray the Lord's Mockers at the moving of the spirit, re- prayer, ii. 323; ïïi. 147. 347. Nor exercise proved, iii. 463.

a good conscience, iii. 456. Nor convert Moderation commended, i. 229.

others, iii. 479. Observe not the royal law, Mother of harlots, the false church, ïi. ï. 271. Their punishment, iii. 307. Are 311.

man-slayers and murderers, ïïi. 314. Mountain, filling the earth, is Christ, iii. Philadelphia commended, iii. 224. 302-304. 354.

Plays and sports no Christian exercise, Mystery of iniquity discovered, i. 241; i. 315. iii. 432.

Pleaders for sin, please the world's God, iii. 15. Refuted, iii. 438-450.

Plotting, and plotters denied, i. 267. N.

Poor to be relieved by the rich, i. 135.

161. Follow Christ, ii. 278. Naming of Christ, obliges to depart from Pope, guilty of innocent blood, i. 246, sin, ii. 338; ïïi. 252-254.

247. His plagues, i. 248, 249, 250. Not Nature of Ishmael, Esau, and Cain, in the head of the church, ii. 451, 452. A professors, ii. 395.

question to him, iii. 484. Newness of life, becomes the new cove Popery disowned, i. 270, 271; ï. 434. nant people, ii. 369.

Miracles by dead men's bones, praying to the dead, purgatory, making a god of bread

and wine, worshipping according to the 0.

traditions of men, iii. 360-366. 481-484.

Power of the enemy in the disobedient, Observers of saints' days profane them, iïi. 26. iii. 464. Persecute others, iii. 463. Con- Prayers to be made for all men, ii. 222, trary to the Jews and Christ, iï. 466. Are 223. To the dead, idolatry, ii. 436, 442. in bondage, iii. 471, 472.

The saints make, without book, iii. 434. Offices exercised by Christ, iii. 401. Preaching to the spirits in prison, how?

Opposers of the order of truth, sensual, | ïi. 324. üi. 231.

Preachers envious, to be turned from, iii. Oppression reproved, i. 28.

462. Order to be kept in the church, iii. 182- Predestinarians deny universal grace, ii. 184.

391. Contradict Scripture, ii. 409. Ordinances of men in religion, not to be Priests, worse than Balaam and Simon minded, iii. 317. 319, 320.

Magus, i. 23. Put an end to, by Christ, i. Ornament of women, what? i. 140. 33. Chief persecutors of Christ, and his

followers, i. 95; iii. 450-455. Robbers, i.

182. Called to the bar, i. 179. Love P.

tythes and honour, i. 183. 189. Observers

of days, i. 184. 186. Destroyers of men's Paradise, man's happiness, iii. 9. lives, i. 186. Plead for sin, i. 188. Buy Parents are to teach their children, iii. and sell their gifts, i. 190. Live in worldly 206, 207.

lusts, ibid. Serve God merely with their Parliament, to reform the nation, i. 262, lips, i. 192. Complain for want of gain, i. 263, 264.

259. Have Popish hire, i. 260, 261, 262. Peace of Christ, to believers in the light, Offend the Jews by school-craft, swearing, i. 241.

preaching for hire, many temples and al

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tars, observing saints' days,old stony hearts, Relics, of heathenism and popery, ii. ü. 372-375. Needless under the new co- 469. venant, ii. 422-424.

Remnant of Babel cut off ; of Israel, Priesthood disannulled by Christ, i. 147; saved, i. 70. ži. 258; iii. 334. 462.

Repentance to be preached to all, ii. 418. Prince of darkness, and his reign, iii. 16. Reprobation unconditional, contradicts 21. Overcome by the light, iii. 18. the Gospel, ii. 388. Man himself the cause

Privileges of females, in Christ, iii. 245. of, ü. 406.

Profession without possession, hypocrisy, Reprobates, who! ï. 370. Think themi. 101.

selves elect, ü. 396. Professors without life blinded and hard

Respect of persons denied, i. 45. 86, 87. ened, i. 85, 86. God will try, i. 131. Are Resurrection, a mystery, ü. 153. Christ erred from the spirit of truth, comfort, as- is, iii. 295-297. surance, grace; from true Christianity, Revelation true ministers own, i. 24. faith, baptism, church, Christ the head, ü. Owned by heathens, i. 405. Who deny it, 308, 309. Turned persecutors, iii. 138. know not God, ü. 229. Denied by the

Promise of God, the election obtains, i. world, ibid. 82. Of the new covenant, universal, ii. Rich men, should remember Dives and 416.

Lazarus, ü. 271, 272. Prophets false, who? i. 37. Uphold An. Righteousness of the scribes and pharitichrist, and his worship, i. 170. True, sees, what? iii. 260. persecuted by professors, iii. 128, 129. Rudiments of the world, by whom up

Prophecy of Christ fulfilled, ii. 82. Not held, iïi. 216. ceased in the church, ii. 240. Despisers of Rule of the apostles, the new creature, it, slay the witnesses, ii. 241-243. Without i. 249. Before Scripture, ïi. 250. Spirit it, no edification, ii. 244.

of God, the chief, ii. 251-253. Psalms of David, profanely sung, i. 42. Rulers, unjust, reproved, i. 50. Are not 130.

to persecute, iï. 147. Purgatory, unscriptural, ii. 445. True, the blood of Christ, ii. 447-449.

Purification, Jewish and Popish, ii. 435. Under the Gospel, by fire and water, iii. 422.

Sacrament, not a Scripture term, i. 42.

Sacrifices ended, i. 294; ï. 259, 260; iii. Q.

343. 382. Under the Gospel, what? üi.

383. Quakers, how first called so, ii. 202, Salutations of the world, vain, i. 137. Know and witness Christ, ii. 203. Suffer School-craft, prophets and apostles had for non-conformity to Popery, as not pay not, i. 318. Is useless, ü. 371. ing tythes, steeple-house rates, not sprink- Scholars rude and unsober, i. 312, 313. ling infants, not churching women, not Scriptures wrested by the unlearned, i. marrying by a ring, not owning school-de. 105. Not understood without the Holy grees, using plain language, not bowing Spirit, iii. 35. and uncovering, not swearing, not observ. Seamen warned, and advised, ï. 283– ing saints' days, as being reputed priests, 289. üi. 95–104. Are true Protestant Chris- Sea dried up, what? ü. 290. Converted tians, ibid. Their testimony for Jesus to Christ, ibid. Christ, iii. 378. Antiquity of their wor Sect-makers, deny God's love to be uniship, religion, mother, faith, foundation, versal, üi. 222. Know not the One Spirit, way, original, hope, Gospel-ministry, lead. ii. 224. Deceive the world, iii. 11, 12. er, teacher, mediator, overseers, prayers, Separatists ignorant of unity in spirit, ii. baptism, cross, iii. 384-402.

239. Quietness to be sought, i. 125.

Serpent, the head of false teachers, i. 314. His head bruised, how? iii. 244. Not

reconcileable to the seed of the woman, iii. R.


Shepherds, true owned, and false denied, Rebellion the cause of reprobation, ii. i. 41. 326, 327. 382, 383–385. And of destruction, iii. 160. Shopkeepers not to deceive, i. 161.

Rejoicing, to be in the cross of Christ, Silence, God's ordinance, i. 119. An of. ü. 249.

fence to the world, i. 130–133. Relation to Christ the saints have, i. 210, Sin pleaded for by false Christians, ïi. 211.

226, 371.

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