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any error or sin : the reasons : our Sect. II. Masters to their servants,


220 and servants to their masters 242

See more instances of the failings of Sect. iv. Magistrates to subjects, and

God's children, chap. xi.

subjects to magistrates


of the tempers, methods, &c. chap. See magistrates at large, chap. xxii.


CHAP. XVII. The duties of believers to-

CHAP. XV. Duties of believers, bre-

thren in the Lord, each to other, as

ward men : those who are without,

unbelievers, enemies


such ; and as standing in that rela-

Sect. 1. In general


tion one to another


Sect. 1. To love each other: the kinds

Sect. 11. In particular; not to judge

of it

them, or to speak evil of them 244

Sect. II. To sympathise with each

Sect. III. Be just, righteous, true and

other in pity and compassion; help

faithful to, and with them, in all

and comfort one another, and

things of trust and dealing 245

Sect. iv. To live peaceably, not in-

bear one another's burdens 223

termeddling with others; nor idle,

See also this duty, how we should be-

have to the afflicted, chap. XX.

or trifling


Sect. v. Not to be discontented, an-

Sect. 111. To honour and esteem each

other : and be kind and affection-

gry, or revengeful against them;

but to behave themselves meekly,



gently, and patiently toward them;

See more of walking kumbly, chap. xiv.

bearing wrong


Sect. iv. Not rashly and unadvised-

See more of meekness, chap. xiv.

ly to take up a prejudice against

Sect. vi. To pity them, shew them

any, believe reports, take offence,

mercy, pray for them, and return

or be angry: but tenderly forgive,

them good for evil, love for ha-

cover faults, and restore offenders



in love


Sect. v. To live peaceably, avoid whis-

Sect. vii. To behave humbly and

courteously toward all; giving

pering, tale-bearing, and whatso-

them due respect


ever tends to divide or disturb

Sect. viii. To avoid all unnecessary



Sect. vi. To rebuke, reprove, exhort,

society and fellowship with wicked

- 249

admonish, and warn each other,

&c. To take such rebukes, &c. CHAP. XVIII. How men come truly and

well from each other


spiritually to know the only true

I. To rebuke, exhort, &c.


God, and Jesus Christ whom he hath

II. To take such rebukes, &c. well 230 sent; and the mysteries of salvation

See more of church discipline, chap. xxv. by him. To believe it, bring forth

Sect. vii. To confess to and pray for fruit, and persevere through difficul-

each other

ties, to eternal life

- 250

Sect. vii. To be of one mind 231 Sect. 1. Man of himself not able to

Sect. IX. To walk wisely and chari-

do these things


tably one toward another: and in

Sect. II, God in Christ doth all free-

things indifferent, to have respect

ly; and that according to pro-

to the weak, and to avoid of-





I. In general

Sect. x. To distribute and communi-

II. In particular, God gives the

cate to each others' necessities :

knowledge of himself, &c, in

give to the poor

233 the gospel


See more in shewing mercy to all, chap. See more of knowledge, chap. xxxvi.


Sect. II. To give faith or ability to

Of giving to enemies, chap. XX.



Of church collections for the poor, chap. Sect. iv. To make fruitful, to ena-

ble to subdue sin, and profit in

CHAP. XVI. Duties of believers toward



Sect. y. To give power to persevere

each other, as they stand related one

in faith and obedience


to another in the flesh

- 236

See more of perseverance, chap. xiv.
Sect. 1. Husbands to wives, and wives Sect. vi. God, in Christ, doth com-
to husbands.
Of marriage, &c.

mand, encourage, and invite by

Of women


promises, to come to him for these

Sect. II. Parents to their children,

and cast our care upon him - 262

and children to their parents 239 CHAP. XIX. How God works and effects



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these things in the hearts and spi-

the designs and ways of Satan,

rits of believers


and of all the adversaries of be-

Sect. 1. By his Spirit, whom he pro-

lievers: and that they can do no


ib. more, nor proceed further against

Sect. It. Of the Spirit of God fur-

us, than God permits. He turns

ther; his being given to, and

about their purposes


dwelling in believers; working in

Cons. IV. That God orders and de-

them, and upon others : the na-

termines the measure, manner,

ture and fruits thereof. Saints'

time, and continuance of afflic-

duties toward the Spirit, &c. 266

tions and persecutions; and that

I. Of the Spirit of God working

according to our necessities 289

in believers, and upon others ib. Cons. V. That God doth sometimes

II. The nature, working, and fruits

make enemies and persecutors

of the Spirit


themselves to attest the saints'

Sect. III. Saints' duties toward the

innocency when they suffer; and


- 271 will surely avenge them of their

1. To follow him, and make use


- 290

of him

ib. Cons. VI. That God will comfort,

II. Not to sin against, grieve, or

uphold, and preserve his, in all

quench the Spirit

272 their troubles, and not lay more

upon them than they can bear 291

Chap. XX. Of afflictions, troubles, and See common calamities, chap. xxi.



Cons. VII. That the righteous are

Sect. 1. To whom they belong, or

near and dear to God in Christ;

who may expect them

so that he takes notice of their

I. Common to all

afflictions and troubles; and is

II. More especially to Christian

said to be persecuted and afflicted



in their persecutions, &c. 294

First. The Holy Ghost affirms it ib. See union and relation between Christ
Secondly. The saints have been

and his church, chap. xiii.

so exercised

274 Cons. VIII. That the greater the

1. From God more immediately - ib.

afflictions and distresses of the

II. From men, by persecutions


righteous have been, the more

First. From wicked men, hea-

wonderful have their deliver-



ancés been : and then hath sal-

Secondly. From hypocritical pro-

vation appeared in their extre-

fessors, men zealous of the



law and traditions

· 277 Cons. IX. That afflictions and Per-

Sect. 11. For what ends God doth

secutions shall redound to the

correct his children, and suffer

benefit of God's children - 297

them to be persecuted

280 See of the ends of God in afflicting, sect.
1. To exercise and try their faith

ii. and cons. V.

and obedience

Cons. X. That God will not always

II. To humble and purge them - 281

suffer his children to lie under

III. To make them remember God

afflictions and persecutions; but

and things above; look to, own,

will bring deliverance and re-

and close with them

ib. store joy


IV. For God's glory, and the fur-

Cons. XI. That afflictions and per-

therance of the gospel


secutions have been the lot of

V. For the procuring of great good

Christ himself, and of the saints

and advantage to those who are

- 301

exercised with trouble, &c. 283 Sect. iv. The duties of the saints, and
Sect. II. The considerations which

how they ought to behave them-
should bear up, stay, and comfort

selves in trouble, both toward

the spirits of believers in their

God and Man:


afflictions, and under persecutions 285

First. Toward God


Cons. I. God appoints them; and

I. To see God in them, as being
that for good ends
ib. sent by him

Cons. II. That such who are so ex-

See also common calamities, chap. xxi.

ercised are blessed and happy;

II. To submit to God with an en-

and so pronounced in scripture :

tire resignation under troubles - 303

it is a seal of sonship, of God's

III. To confess their sins, and jus-

choice love, and of their salva-

tify God

- 305


ib. See more of confession of sin, chap. xiv.

Cons. III. That God well knows

IV. To hold fast to God, own the

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Lord Jesus, his people, and Sect. II. What they are in the sight

ways in the midst of trouble and

of God, and considered as men - 324


305 Sect. III. What are the duties of ma-
See Perseverance, chap. xiv.

gistrates : what they should not

V. To be cheerful under afliction,

be; and what they should be 325

and rejoice at being counted Sect. iv. The duties of subjects to

worthy to suffer for Christ 307 magistrates, with respect both to

VI. To call upon the Lord for

their persons and decrees - 329

help, support, and salvation - 308 First. What they may not do:

See more of prayer, chap. xiv.

when, and wherein they may not

In common calamities, chap. xxi.

obey them


VII. Not to fear, but believingly Secondly. What they ought to do,

commit their cause to God, and

or wherein they should acknow-

quietly wait for his salvation - 310 ledge and obey them


See also trusting in, and waiting for

I. To submit to, and obey them

God, chap. xiv.

in things lawful


Secondly. Duties of Believers

II. To give them due honour

toward enemies and persecu-

and respect. Not contemn

tors in a time of suffering


their persons, or speak evil of

1. To be patient, quiet, and sober


- 330

toward them; not revenge, or

III. To pray for them

- 331

return evil for evil, or reviling

IV. To endeavour to get good

for reviling; but forgive them ib.



II. Not to desire or rejoice in the

V. To discover treasons


hurt of enemies, &c

- 313 VI. To submit to lawful magis-

III. To pray for and do good to

trates which God hath, set up,

persecutors and enemies 314

although they be not such as

IV. To use lawful and honest

they should be


means for avoiding and deliver See also the kings of Israel and Judah,

ing themselves and others from

chap. xlii.

afflictions and persecutions ib.

V. To look to the cause of our

CHAP. XXIII. Of an oath for testimony,

confirmation, and ending of contro-

sufferings, that it be for well do-

versies, and other occasions; and

ing, for Christ, and a good con-

evil oaths


science; and not as busybodies,
or evil-doers

316 CHAP. XXIV. Of the gospel : gospel

Thirdly. The duties of others; preachers in general; their duty and

and how we ought to behave recompense


toward such as are afflicted Sect. 1. What the gospel is; and its

and persecuted

- 317



To sympathise with them, visit, Sect. II. Of gospel preachers, their

help, comfort, and pray for

duty and recompense


them : and take heed we add See more of church officers, chap. xxv.
not to their trouble

ib. CHAP. XXV. the church of Christ,

CHAP. XXI. Of public or common ca-

under the several notions thereof,

lamities and judgments, whence they

and the things belonging thereto, in

319 general; and also with regard to

Sect. 1. That they are of God's ap-

particular churches


pointment, and none can guard

First. The several acceptations of the

against them


church mentioned in scripture ib.

See also looking to God in affliction,

I. General, or universal


chap. xx.

II. Universal, visible


Sect. 11. The privileges of the ser-

III. Particular visible churches of

vants of God in such a time - 320

believers, who are joined toge-

See more in saints' privileges in general,

ther as one body, and usually

chap. xii.

meet together in one place, for

Sect. II. The duties of the righteous

the participation of the same or-

in such times of distress

321 dinances, and exercising duties

as a church, and one to another

CHAP. XXII. Of magistrates and ma-

as members thereof



323 Secondly. The dignity, privileges, and

Sect. 1. That magistracy is an ordi-

blessings belonging to the church

nance of God: that by him magis-

of Jesus Christ in general, as such 340

trates are advanced to office: the See union and relation between Christ

titles given to them

ib. and his church, chap. xiv.

the several ends in scripture men-

- 354
Thirteenthly. Of the several ordi-

nances of Christ to be observed in
and by the churches of Christ,
and elsewhere

Ord. I. Prayers

See more in prayers and praising at

large, chap. xiy.
Ord. II. Reading, teaching, preach-

ing of the word of God, prophe-


See more of ministers in general, and of

gifts of church members, chap. xxiv.

Sec of the word of God, chap. i.

Ord. III. Baptism


Ord. IV. Breaking of bread, or

the Lord's supper


Ord. V. Discipline, church cen-

sures, or removing of scandals 360

See more of rebuking one another chap.


Thirdly. Of the qualifications of mem-

bers of the church of God; what

they should be


Fourthly. Of the property that parti-

cular churches had in their mem-

bers, and of others joining them-

selves to them


Fifthly. Of letters commendatory,

and the churches receiving of such

as were recommended to them by

word or letter


Sixthly. Of the order of the churches

in their assemblies and meetings :

their stated regulations in con-
stant worship


Seventhly. Of the gifts of prayer,

prophesying, psalms, tongues, &c.

which the members of churches re-

ceived : how they used them in

the church assemblies, and else-

where, for the edification one of

another, and instruction of others :

the order how they should be

used, directed : such gifts to be

desired for this end


Eighthly. Of other acts done in and by

these particular churches, in send-

ing messengers to other churches;

and, upon occasion, determining

controversies, writing and sending

epistles, and other affairs : of their

meeting together in order thereto,

and hearing such epistles : the

epistles directed to the whole body 347

See Church discipline in this chapter,

sect. xiii.

Ninthly. Of the ending of controver-

sies arising between the members

of the church; to avoid going to

law before the infidels


Tenthly. Of the relief of the poor of

the churches, and their contribu-

tion to the necessity of other

churches, and the order of it


See distributing to the poor at large,

chap. xvii.

Eleventhly. Of the officers of parti-

cular churches; their power, duty,

and recompense: how they should

be qualified for their office; and

of the churches' duty to them as



1. Of the officers' power, duty,

qualification, and recompense


See more of gospel preachers in general,

chap. xxiv.

II. Complaints of, and threaten-

ings against evil officers or mi-

nisters of the church


III. Of the churches duty toward

their officers and those who la-

bour amongst them


IV. Of the ordination of officers in



Twelfthly. Of laying on of hands

upon the several occasions, and to

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Chap. XXXII. Of death; or the laying CHAP. LI. Of Israel's murmurings .. 447
down of these tabernacles

391 Chap. LII. Of diligence in our callings 449

Chap. XXXIII. Of the resurrection of Chap. LIII. Of voices, dreams, and visi-

the dead

- 396 ons, by which God declared his mind

Chap. XXXIV. of Christ's second com-

of old


ing to the judgment; and rendering Chap. LIV. Of the call and commission

unto every man according to his of the apostles, equal


deeds done in the body, whether good CHAP. LV. Of Israel's return from the

397 countries into which they are scat-

See waiting for Christ's coming, chap.




CHAP. LVI. Of the seventh day, and

CHAP. XXXV. Of the glory prepared the laws about it: and the change to

the first day of the week


pearing of the Lord Jesus Christ 402 CHAP. LVII. Of Usury


See the end of the wicked, chap. iv. CHAP. LVIII. Of Envy, hatred, emula-
CHAP. XXXVI. Of knowledge and un tion, discontent, strife


derstanding in divine things, and of CHAP. LIX. Of murder, and the taking

the want thereof: ignorance about away of the life of man

- 461

such things, and the evil thereof 405 Chap. LX. Of adulteries

- 463

See more of the sottish nature of man, CHAP. LXI. Of fornication and lascivi-

chap. iv.


- 465

See also the giver of knowledge, chap. CHAP. LXII. Of drunkenness

- 466


CHAP. LXIII. Of covetousness - 467

Chap. XXXVII. Of this present world, CHAP. LXIV. Of theft


and the titles, honours, pleasures, Chap. LXV. Of lying and equivocating 469

and other things in this world : the Chap. LXVI. Of tempting God; or

use of them; the snares and tempta wherein men may be said to tempt him ib.

tions in them; our duty in relation CHAP. LXVII. Of witchcraft : or dealing

to them

413 with familiar spirits


CHAP. XXXVIII. Of idolatry, setting Chap. LXVIII. Of a hardened heart,

up and worshipping strange gods, and God's giving men up to hardness

graven images, &c.

422 of heart


See worshipping the true God, chap. xiv. Chap. LXIX. Of vain curiosity, or

CHAP. XXXIX. Of angels; their ap being wise above what is written 472

pearing to men; what they are, and Chap. LXX. Of God's providence in


428 the disposal of all events


CHAP. XL. Of the parables and simili CHAP. LXXI. Of resignation to, and
tudes which Christ spake

432 contentment with all God's dispensa-

CHAP. XLI. Of the miracles, and won-



derful things which were done by CHAP. LXXII. Of men truly wise, or
Christ and his apostles

433 of religious wisdom; and folly as its

CHAP. XLII. Of the kings of Israel and


- 475

Judah ; their appointment and esta Chap. LXXIII. Of Antichrist - 476

blishment divine

· 435 CHAP. LXXIV. Neither external privi-
See magistrates at large, chap. xxii.

leges, nor our righteousness alone,

CHAP. XLIII. Of sacrifices and altars, can beour security against judgments

and calling upon the name of the here, or damnation hereafter; no

Lord, before the giving of the law 437 cause of boasting in these only 477

CHAP. XLIV. The importance of Chris Chap. LXXV. Of words and actions

tianity, and difficulty of being a that are neither true nor good, spo-
Christian indeed

438 ken or undertaken on the politic

CHAP. XLV. Of time or opportunity views of compassing our designs, or

for spiritual improvement; not to be avoiding dangers



440 CHAP. LXXVI. Of words or sayings

CHAP. XLVI. Of the signs of the end expressing choice, but not binding us

of the world

442 to their observance -


CHAP. XLVII. Encouragements to hope CHAP. LXXVII. Of awakened sinners,

in, and cry to God, when our case &c. such whom Christ came to seek

seems desperate

ib. and heal

- 482

CHAP. XLVIII. God takes notice of the CHAP. LXXVIII. Of man's ignorance

first dawnings of amendment 443

of the men and things of this world

CHAP. XLIX. Of vows and promises to after his departure hence



444 CHAP. LXXIX. Of our Lord's kindred

Chap. L. Of blasphemies

445 according to the flesh

- 483

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