Oriental and Western Siberia: A Narrative of Seven Years' Exploration and Adventures in Siberia, Mongolia, the Kirghis Steppes, Chinese Tartary, and a Part of Central Asia

Harper & Brothers, 1858 - 533 Seiten

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Nutzerbericht  - linda.marsheells - LibraryThing

I have to join the troops of readers who enjoyed this book. More than many others i've read regarding the Romanovs, both fiction and non, this is an unique view of the family as seen from an insider ... Vollständige Rezension lesen

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Nutzerbericht  - Newmans2001 - LibraryThing

How does one rate such a book? Literary ??, not really of literary note at all. The story is very limited, simply a journals high lights and therefor often repetitive, and then progressing to no place ... Vollständige Rezension lesen

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Seite 1 - Khan marched his wild hordes toward the west — scenes on which no pencil has previously been employed — comprising a distance traversed of about 32,000 versts in carriages, 7100 in boats, and 20,300 on horseback— in all, 59,400 versts (about 39,500 miles) in the course of seven years. Neither the old Venetian nor the Jesuit priests could have visited these regions, their travels having been far to the south ; nor am I aware that they brought back any pictorial representations of the scenes...
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Seite 106 - Zlataoost, in the production of weapons combining in an equal degree edge and elasticity. The water of this variety of damask resembles most that of No. 5, of my list above. It is a succession of small bundles of almost parallel lines, occupying the whole breadth of the blade; the ends of the bundles crossing and mingling at the point of junction. I have called them nearly parallel lines, because such they are to superficial observation.
Seite 315 - ... near, looking to the east, and began chanting a prayer, and beating on his large tambourine to rouse up his god, and then made his request for multitudes of sheep and cattle. The ram was being flayed; and when the operation was completed, the skin was put on a pole, as shown in the accompanying sketch, raised above the framework, and placed with its head to the east.
Seite 407 - The kirghis sprung from his horse, slipped the hood over the eagle's head, and the shackles upon his legs, and removed him from his prey without difficulty. The keeper mounted his horse, his assistant placed the bearcoote on his perch, and he was ready for another flight. No dogs are taken out when hunting with the eagle : they would be destroyed to a certainty ; indeed the kirghis assert that he will attack and kill the wolf.
Seite 403 - ... own towel. This ceremony was performed for every man, from the sultan to the herdsman. The women and the girls were left to do it for themselves. The ablutions having been performed, the cooks brought in the smoking vessels — long wooden trays, similar to those used by butchers in London — piled up with heaps of boiled mutton. One was placed between the sultan and myself, filled with mutton and boiled rice. Each man drew his knife from its sheath, dispensing entirely with plates. My host...
Seite 402 - Between us and the door sat eight or ten Kirghis watching my proceedings with great interest. Outside the door were a group of women with their small black eyes intently fixed on the stranger. A conversation was carried on between the sultan, a Cossack, and Tchuck-a-boi ; and by the scrutinizing glances of the sultan I soon perceived that I was the subject. My shooting-jacket, long boots, and felt hat were matters of interest, but my belt and pistols formed the great attraction. The sultan wished...

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