Timely Reflections: A Venture in Philosophical Investigation

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The subject of the proposed book is the combination of social and religious values of humanity. I have entitled this book, "Timely Reflections: A Venture in Philosophical Investigation". For generations, we can say that religious beliefs are shaped by mankind's advancement in the vast universe. Africa, no doubt, is the cradle of civilization. However, the western world has portrayed a different story through years of subjugation of and distortion of Africa, its people and the True history of the continent. Thus, race relations have and still are the root of many social and political problems.

I intend the book to be presented in two parts. I have structured the content of this book by elucidating on social, historical and religious themes in both essays in the first part. The final part of this book, the epilogue, deals with formulating a NEW UNIVERSAL LAW based on concepts in the Bible. Both essays reflect my discontent with western thought that has never been challenged but only endorsed down through the centuries. There is something divine in my being able to argue and challenge the western account of Africa's place in the history and civilization of human kind.

These essays are presented in a controversial manner to provoke intellectual discussion on the subject of race, world leadership and a spiritual universal phenomenon. I believe the essays would be the beginning of the solution of the race problem. The first essay discusses the correlation between race and power. The second essay is an exercise in intellectual curiosity dealing with a complex, abstract sensitive Christian concept-The Holy Trinity- with scientific analogy. The Holy Trinity is illustrated scientifically to explain the triune nature of the Creator.

I intend to use this hook to discredit the western notion that the black race is a "cursed race". The western belief is contrary to many biblical inferences of black people in the Bible.

The reason I believe that I am the best qualified person to write this book stems from my personal experiences and my intellectual a

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