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rately, to admit of either full or partial exhibition in a preface.

It may be enough to remind the reader, that the majority of young men are not heroes nor geniuses, but exceedingly weak and conceited creatures—ever beset with temptations, which often prove too strong for the wise, the beautiful, and brave; and which, while they serve to blight the beautiful, to cripple the brave, and to befool the wise, inflict ignominious ruin on the weak.


This Tale was written five years ago, and it is now given to the public without alteration, except in one particular. It became neces. sary to shorten the narrative. In an artistic point of view this abridging process has been done very awkwardly; for it leaves a considerable amount of matter in the volume which has but slight apparent connexion with the narrative. On the other hand, the author less regrets the awkwardness which nearly isolates the Introductory Book, as it enables him to offer a description of certain scenes which, so far as he is aware, have never been worked up into any fiction.

LONDON, 1860.

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