Strange Visitors: a Series of Original Papers, Embracing Philosophy, Science, Government ...

Henry J. Horn
Carleton, 1869 - 249 Seiten

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Seite 137 - Wednesday. Doth he feel it? No. Doth he hear it? No. Is it insensible then? Yea, to the dead. But will it not live with the living ? No. Why? Detraction will not suffer it :— therefore I'll none of it : Honour is a mere scutcheon, and so ends my catechism.
Seite 137 - Honour pricks me on. Yea, but how if honour prick me off when I come on, how then ? Can honour set to a leg ? No. Or an arm ? No. Or take away the grief of a wound? No. Honour hath no skill in surgery then ? No. What is honour? A word. What is in that word, honour ? What is that honour ? Air. A trim reckoning ! — Who hath it ? He that died o
Seite 111 - Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six days shalt thou labor, and do all thy work ; but the seventh is the Sabbath of the Lord thy God...
Seite 161 - With directions for self-culture. A sensible and instructive work, that ought to be in the hands of every one who wishes to be either an agreeable talker or listener.
Seite 81 - Dead! dead! You call her dead! Oh, speak not thus! her tender heart you grieve, And 'twixt her love and yours a barrier weave! Call her by sweetest name, your voice she'll hear, And through the darkness like a star appear. Dead! dead! You call her dead! Lift up your eyes! she is no longer dead! In your lone path the unseen angels tread! And when your weary night of earth shall close, She'll lead you where eternal summer blows.
Seite 81 - The shadowy form of Alice never troubled me again, I believe reparation can be made beyond the tomb, and that in some far-off world the new-born spirit of Richard atones to Alice and Herbert for the wrong he did them in this. ELIZABETH BARRETT BROWNING TO HER HUSBAND. Dead! dead! You call her dead! You cannot see her in her glad surprise, Kissing the tear-drops from your weeping eyes; Moving about you through the ambient air, Smoothing the whitening ripples of your hair. Dead! dead! You call her...
Seite 161 - With illustration. I2mo. cloth, $1.75 THE PROFESSOR. — do. . do. . do. $1-75 SHIRLEY. — .do. . do.. . do. $i.7S VILLETTE. — . do. . do. . do. $i»75 Hand-Books of Society* THE HABITS OF GOOD SOCIETY; with thoughts, hints, and anecdotes, concerning nice points of taste, good manners, and the art of making oneself agreeable.
Seite 81 - By came a pedlar and his name was Stout And he cut her petticoats all round about ; He cut her petticoats up to her knees, Which made the old woman begin for to freeze.
Seite 161 - I2mo. cloth, $1.50 ARTS OF WRITING, READING, AND SPEAKING. An excellent book for self-instruction and improvement. I2mo.
Seite 17 - RETTJKNING one evening from a visit to a friend on earth, I was impelled to take a route with which I was unfamiliar. It led me far beyond the habitations of the city, into an. open country whose surface was diversified by sloping hills and broad valleys. The sun was quite low in the horizon, and dark purple clouds, gathering in the west, indicated an approaching storm. Anxious to reach my spirit-home before such an event, I was nevertheless compelled to keep within the earth's atmosphere. The aspect...

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