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1844 Rumo, p. xiii and 1717;e among the Abo

1840 MACDONALD (D.) Asiatic Origin of the Oceanic Languages : Etymological

Dictionary of the language of the New Hebrides, with an introduction,
12mo. cloth

1894 0 31 1841 RIDLEY (William) Kamilaroi and other Australian languages

(Wailwun, Kogai, Pikumbul, Tippil, Tarrubul, Turruwul, language
of George's River, Wodi-Wodi), second edition enlarged, with com-
parative Tables, Songs, Traditions, etc. Small 4to. frontispiece ;
morocco extra

Sydney, 1875 1842 Aneityum. GOSPEL of St. Luke, in the Aneiteum language, by John Inglis, 8vo. cloth

1857 0 3 1843 Australian. MOORE (Geo. Fletcher) Descriptive Vocabulary of the

language in common nse among the Aborigines of Western Australia,
12mo. pp. xiii and 171 ; cloth

1842 1844 RAY (Sidney H.) and HADDON (Alfred E.) A Study of the languages

of Torres Straits, Part I, 8vo. 154 pp., sd. R. I. Acad., Dublin, 1893 0 1845 TEICHELMANN and Schürmann, Outlines of a Grammar, Vocabulary, etc.

of South Australia, 8vo. pp. xii, 24, and 76; sd. Adelaide, 1840 0 1846 VOCABULARY of Dialects spoken by aboriginal natives of Australia. .

Sm. 8vo. 6 folding tables of words in the various dialects, including
Tasmanian and New Caledonian; sd.

Melbourne, 1867 1847 Fiji. KERN (H.) De Fidjitaal vergeleken met hare verwanten in Indonesie en Polynesie, 4to. 242 pp., sd.

Amsterdam, 1886 1848 Hawaian. KAWAHINEOKALIULA, Ke Kaao o Laieikawai (Romance of Laieikawai, in Hawaian), 18mo. hf. bd.

Honolulu, 1863 1849 Maori. TREGEAR (Edward) The Maori-Polynesian Comparative Dictionary, large 8vo., cloth

Wellington, N. Z., 1891 1850 New TESTAMENT, in Maori, 8vo. calf

Ronana, 1852 0 1851 Marquesan. MOSBLECH, Vocabulaire Océanien-Français et FrançaisOcéanien, 12mo. sd.

Paris, 1843 0
1852 Motu (New Guinea) MARK's Gospel, in Motu, 12mo. bds. Sydney, 1882
185 Samoan. Pratt (George) Samoan-English and English and Samoan

Dictionary, with a short Grammar, 8vo. 223 pp., mostly in double
columns; cloth

Samoa, 1862 10

1845 Tel Torres seraita, and Haboth

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1854 BERGANO (Diego) Bocabvlario de Pampango en Romance, y Dic

cionario de Romance en Pampango, sm. folio, vellum Manila, 1732 1855 CARRO (Andres) Vocabulario de la lengua Ilocana . . ultimamente añadido .. sm. folio, vellum cover

Manila, 1849 1856 DOMINGO DE LOS SANTOS, Vocabulario de la lengua Tagala

Castellano-Tagalo y Tag.-Cast.; vellum (Manila), Tomas Oliva, 1835 1857 FRANCISCO DE S. JOSEF, Arte y Reglas de la lengua Tagala, 12mo. 919 pp.; vellum wrapper

(Manila), Tomas Oliva, 1832 1858 MENTRIDA (Alonso de) Diccionario de la lengua Bisaya Hiligueina y Haraya de la Isla de Panay, sm. folio, vellum

(Manila), 1841 1959 TOTANES (Sebastian de) Arte de la lengva Tagala y Manval Tagalog,

2 vols. in 1, sm. 4to. vellum Manila, Sampaloc, extra-muros de 1745

. Pp. 14, 140 ; leaf of second title ; pp. 118, and 2 leaves of Tabla.
VOCABULARIO DE LA LENGUA TAGALA trabajado por varios sugetos doctos

y graves . . añadido .. por el P. Juan de Noceda y el P. Pedro de
Sanlucar . . sm. folio, vellum wrapper

Valladolid, 1832 61 VILLACASTIN (Thomas de) Manga Panalanging Pagtatagobilin . . 12mo. plates; vellum

Manila, 1760 A metrical Life of Christ, rendered into Tagala verses by Gaspar Aquino de Belem -24 preliminary leaves ; 127 numbered leaves of text; and 16 plates.

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History and Topography of America, Australasia, Africa 3 (excluding Egypt) and Asia (excluding India)

Languages of America, Africa, and Oceanica

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?! [ABREU DE GALINEO (Juan de)] The History of the Discovery and Conquest

of the Canary Islands translated from a Spanish MS. lately found in
the Island of Palma . . to which is added a description of the Canary
Islands . . by George Glas . . MDCCLXIV. 4to. 2 maps ; calf 1764

The original was written in Palma in 1632.
32 ACOSTA (Christoval de) TRACTADO Delas Drogas, y medicinas de las

Indias Orientales, con sus Plantas debuxadas al biuo . . EN BVRGOS.
Por Martin de Victoria impressor de su Magestad. M.D.LXXVIII. Çon
Prinilegio ..
Small 4to. portrait and a great number of woodcuts of plants ; vellum

* Burgos, 1578
A scarce book, corresponding for the East Indies, with that of Monardes for the

West, but far better illustrated.

QVE SE TRATAN LAS COSA (sic) notables . , metales, plantas, y animales ..
ritos, y ceremonias, leyes y gcuiério; y gnerras de los Indios . . Año
1608 • . Impresso en Madrid:.. : :::.
Small 4to. calf

HISTOIRE NATVRELLE ET MORAL, E des Trides, tant Orientalles qu' Occi.
dentalles . . traduite en François par. Robert Regnault . . Paris . .
M.D.XCVIII. 12mo, calf :::::::::

1598 --- Dérniere edition, reueue' fo' corrigée .. Paris . . M.DCVI. 12mo. green morocco, gilt edges, fine copy

1606 - another copy in crimson morocco extra, gilt edges, by Petit, a charming binding

1606 translated by Grimston, ed. by Markham 1873-79—see Hakluyt

17 ACRELIUS (Israel). Beskrifning om de Swenska Församlingars forna och

närwarande Tilstand, uti det sa kallade Nya Swerige, sedan Nya
Nederland, men nu för tiden Pensylvanien .. De la Ware, Wäst-
Yersey och New Castle County ..
Small 4to. fine copy in the original half calf Stockholm, 1759

Nearly half the book is occupied by a description and History of Pennsylvania
under Swedish, Dutch, and English rule. The remainder is a History of the Church
and of the Missions among the Indians, etc.

COLLATION : 10 preliminary leaves (a and b ia fours, c in two); text A-Rrr in fours.

The Barlow copy fetched 65 dollars.
8 ADAIR (James) The History of the American Indians, particularly those

nations adjoining to the Missisippi, East and West Florida, Georgia,
South and North Carolina, and Virginia . . roy. 4to. with map; some
MS. notes in pencil ; bds. uncut, BARE


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