Geological Survey Water-supply Paper, Volumes 214-219

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U.S. Geological Survey, 1907 - Irrigation

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Page 51 - Second-feet per square mile" is the average number of cubic feet of water flowing per second from each square mile of area drained on the assumption that the runoff is distributed uniformly both as regards time and area. "Runoff, depth in inches...
Page 5 - ... 0.0737 second-foot per year. 1 foot equals 0.3048 meter. 1 mile equals 1.60935 kilometers. 1 mile equals 5,280 feet. 1 acre equals 0.4047 hectare. 1 acre equals 43,560 square feet. 1 acre equals 209 feet square, nearly. 1 square mile equals 2.59 square kilometers. 1 cubic foot equals 0.0283 cubic meter. 1 cubic foot equals 7.48 gallons.
Page 51 - Run-off in inches" is the depth to which the drainage area would be covered if all the water flowing from it in a given period were conserved and uniformly distributed on the surface. It is used for comparing run-off with rainfall, which is usually expressed in depth in inches. "Acre-foot...
Page 3 - Attention is called to the fact that the zero of the gage is placed at an arbitrary datum and has no relation to zero flow or the bottom of the river. In general, the zero is located somewhat below the lowest known flow, so that negative readings shall not occur.
Page 60 - WS 158. Preliminary report on the geology and underground waters of the Roswell artesian area, New Mexico, by CA Fisher. 1906.
Page 2 - Cubic feet per second per square mile (cfsm) is the average number of cubic feet of water flowing per second from each square mile of area drained, assuming that the runoff is distributed uniformly in time and area. Runoff in inches...
Page 52 - The standard miner's inch of water shall be equivalent or equal to 1 J cubic feet of water per minute, measured through any aperture or orifice.
Page 61 - Fluctuations of the water level in wells, with special reference to Long Island, New York, by AC Veateh.
Page 52 - March 23, 1901). 1 second-foot equals 38.4 Colorado miner's inches. 1 second-foot equals 40 Arizona miner's inches. 1 second-foot equals 7.48 United States gallons per second; equals 448.8 gallons per minute; equals 646,272 gallons for one day. 1 second-foot equals 6.23 British imperial gallons per second. 1 second-foot for one year covers 1 square mile 1.131 feet or 13.572 inches deep.
Page 58 - B 199. Geology and water resources of the Snake River Plains of Idaho, by IC Russell.

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