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Automobile School

231 West 50th St., New York Phone Circle 1754
War-Time Opportunities
and Activities


All day end evening classes in practical Through the Woman's Motor Vocational and theoretical gas engine knowledge, with and Industrial Corps. Mrs. Harper. Directress. headquarters at this school have the motor operation. construction, maintenance, use of our practical equipment at low rates. also repair, for owners and prospective pur- which include membership in the Corps. chasers and those men wanting to become JOIN NOW: RECRUITS WANTED. Automobile or airplane engine mechanics. Splendid. healthful. Interesting training Advance classes for those with some expe- opportunity with motor preparedness and rience. Driving road lessons are included mechanical knowledge with driving. Opin all courses from onc to eight weeks. tional military training in National Guard Tractor and truck demonstrations arranged Armory. Corps uniform and insignia, oath for those entering this branch of industry of allegiance and salute to flag required in when qualified. Send for booklet or call Military Division. You niay become any time. Home Soldier without owning a motor car.


WOMEN. There are occupational benefits and numerous opportunities to serve in War Work in the U. S. and abroad when qualified. Folder B will be sent on request,



This 104-page book for inventors and manufacturers sent on
request without charge.-Robb & Robb.
-Robb & Robb. Tells what you want

to know about PROTECTIVE PATENTS. how to obtain them
in the United States and foreign countries and the cost; also
about our Personal Service. Inventors will find this work of
special interest and value. We have procured BUSINESS
BUILDING PATENTS affording foundation for industries in-
volving millions of dollars of capital. No charge for informa-
tion and advice. Two thousand references furnished.

ROBB & ROBB, 300-304 Southern Bldg., Washington, D.C.





Earn $25 to $100 a week in salary or in business of your own.
Easy, fascinating profession. Anyone can learn. We teach you
all branches thoroughly in three months. Big opportunities
in studios everywhere for trained men and women.

Learn Now in New, Up-to-Date Studios

Experts train you by actual practice with motion picture,
portrait and commercial cameras. Day or evening classes.
Easy terms. Earn while you learn.

Call or Write for Free Booklet.-Explains all about the opportu-
nities in this delightful, uncrowded profession and our complete,
up-to-date course. Special reduccd-rate offer to those enrolling
from this advertisement.

N. Y. INSTITUTE OF PHOTOGRAPHY, Dept. 201, 141 W. 36th St., New York City

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Will improve a good complexion and make a bad one better. Should be on every

Lady's Dressing Table

Delightfully fragrant, it is not sticky or greasy and will keep the skin smooth and soft; very soothing, and relieves chapped or chafed skin, prickly heat, sunburn and windburn.

For Gentlemen

with tender skin and after shaving it soothes and
relieves that burning and smarting sensation.

Try It and You Will Never Be Without It
Sent postpaid anywhere on receipt of price, 25c


162 William St.,


There is hope for every deaf person.


A Multiple Megaphone Sound Accumulating

Not Metal or Rubber-Non-Irritating.
Takes the place of
imperfect, punctured,
ruptured or destroyed
Makes the

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New York City

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How I Improved My Memory In One Evening

The Amazing Experience of Victor Jones

"Of course I place you! Mr. Addison Sims of Seattle.

"If I remember correctly-and I do remember correctly-Mr. Burroughs, the lumberman, introduced you to me at the luncheon of the Seattle Rotary Club three years ago in May. This is a pleasure indeed! I haven't laid eyes on you since that day. How is the grain business? And how did that amalgamation work out?"

The assurance of the speaker-in the crowded corridor of the Hotel McAlpin-compelled me to turn and look at him, though I must say it is not my usual habit to "listen in," even in a hotel lobby.

"He is David M. Roth, the most famous memory expert in the United States," said my friend Kennedy, answering my question before I could get it out. "He will show you a lot more wonderful things than that before the evening is over."

And he did.

As we went into the banquet room the toastmaster was introducing a long line of I got in line and guests to Mr. Roth. when it came my turn. Mr. Roth asked. "What are your initials. Mr. Jones. and telephone your business connection and number?" Why he asked this I learned later, when he picked out from the crowd the 60 men he had met two hours before and called each by name without a misWhat is take. he more. named each man's business and telephone number, for good measure.

I won't tell you all the other amazing things this man did except to tell how he callled back, without a minute's hesitation. long lists of numbers, bank clearings, prices. lot numbers, parcel post rates and anything else the guests had given him in rapid order.

When I met Mr. Roth again-which you may be sure I did the first chance I got-he rather bowled me over by saying. in his quiet. nrodest way:

"There is nothing miraculous about my remembering anything I want to remem ber whether it be names, faces. figures. facts or something I have read in magazine.

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"Mr. Jones," he replied. "I can teach you the secret of a good memory in one evening. This is not a guess, because I have done it with thousands of pupils. In the first of seven simple lessons which I have prepared for home study. I show you the basic principle or my whole system and you will find it-not hard work as you might fear—but just like playing a fascinating game. I will prove it to you.'"

He didn't have to prove it. His Course ddd; I got it_the_very next day from his publishers. the Independent Corporation.

When I tackled the Thret lesson. I suppose I was the most surprised man

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