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Easily Conquered in 3 Days

Picture No. 1-Shows how tobacco has nearly wrecked a man's career. He has become nerrous, dyspeptic and irritable; he cannot sleep well, has lost his energy and ambition. No.2-The doctor says: “I'm giving you this meduine but it will do very little good, unless you stop killing yourself with tobacco." No. 3-Stall a stare; another collapse. No. 4-Wife reads advertisement of Mr. Woods. No. 5-Writes for Woods' FREE BOOK. No. 6-Being convinced by multitude of proofs, he has ordered remedy which is in bor postman is now deliver. ing. No. 7-Has begun to overcome tobacco craving. Already is feeling much better; vigor and ambition re turning. No. 8-Surprising improvement; all craving gone, filled with new courage and backed by gove health. No. 9-Beginning anew. No. 10-Succeeding in business. No. 11-No trouble to resist templation of tobacco in any form. No. 12–By clear-headedness, good health and energy, he has now become prosperous. Would You Like to Quit Tobacco Quickly and Easily and Enjoy Yourself a Thousand Times Better While in Robust Health ? Why continue to commit slow suicide when you can

STOP RUINING live a really contented life, if you only get your YOUR LIFE -don't do it. The correct way is to eliminate nicotine poison

body and nerves right? It is unsafe and torturing to

attempt to rid oneself of tobacco by suddenly stopping with "will-power"

from the system, and genuineiy overcome the craving.

Tobacco is poisonous and seriously injures health in several ways, causing such dis orders as nervous dyspepsia, sleeplessness, gas belching, gnawing, or other uncomfortable sensation in stomach; constipation, headache, weak eyes, loss of vigor, red spots on skin, throat irri tation, catarrh, asthma, bronchitis, heart failure, melancholy, lung trouble, impure (poisoned blood, heartburn, torpid liver, loss of appetite, bad teeth, foul breath, lassitude, lack of am· bition, weakening “üd falling out of hair and many other



Overcome that peculiar nervousness and craving for cigarettes, cigars, pipe, chewing tobacco, or snuff. Here is an opportunity to receive FREE a carefully compiled treatise on the subject, containing interesting and valuable information that you should be glad to learn about. This book tells all about the renowned THREE DAYS’METHOD by which thousands and thousands saved themselves from the life wrecking tobacco habit. Full particulars, including the book on tobacco and snuff habit, will be mailed FREE TO YOU, in plain wrapper, postpaid. All you need do is merely REQUEST IT.


EDWARD J.WOODS, TA-294, Station F, New York, N.Y,

NOTE.-To those who are injuring their health, making themselves nervous, dyspeptic, etc., by excessive use of cigarettes, cigars, pipe, snuff or chewing tobacco:—now you may easily become your own master.




Let us have the chance to prove to you that K. I. Shorthand is the best, because it is the easiest to learn, is the

most practical for general use and is the cheapest in cost. You positively can learn in 5 evenings; then attain speed in writing. To prove this, let us send you FREE specimen lessons. You will be convinced. Many who were learning other systems have given them up to learn K. I. Shorthand. Address KING INSTITUTE, EA-294, Station F, New York City


Deafness Is Misery

I know because I was Deaf and had Head Noises for over 30 years. My invisible Anti-septic Ear Drum restored my hearing and stopped Head Noises. and will do it for you. They are Tiny Megaphones. Cannot be seen when worn. Easy to put in. easy to take out. Are "Unseen Comforts." Inexpensive. Write for Booklet and my sworn statement of how I recovered my hearing.

Suite 8, 150 Fifth Ave., New York City



Orthopedic Braces for all Deformities. Send for Booklet.

MINNEAPOLIS ARTIFICIAL LIMB CO.. 662 Dean Building, Minneapolis, Minn., U. S. A.



WRITE FOR FREE CATALOG. Over 4,000 illustrations of
Watchos, Diamonds, Jewelry, etc. Select any article desired, have

CREDIT it sent to you prepaid. If satisfactory, send us one-fifth of the

purchase price and keep it, balance in eight equal monthly amounts. No Interest Charged. No Security Required. Write Today Dept. W. A.


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