Bi-cultural Critical Essays on Shakespeare

DS Brewer, 1994 - 126 Seiten
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Korea has experienced a flowering of interest in Shakespeare over the last thirty years, bringing a valuable change of perspective to the study of Shakespeare's plays. In these seven previously unpublished essays, Joo-Hyon Kim offers fresh and stimulating insights into well-known texts, using concepts of Oriental philosophy, religion and ethics, and explores various aspects of Shakespeare's plays in relation to cultural differences. His work embraces Confucian principles, Noh drama, Shamanism, Chinese folk-tales, and Korean fiction, demonstrating the different traditions which shape the reception of Western literature in an Eastern culture. Fascinating in their own right, these essays thus provide a unique lens of viewing a world-famous group of plays, bridging the gap between East and West.JOO-HYON KIMis Professor Emeritus of English Literature at Soong-Sil University, Seoul.

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Different Interpretations due to Different Cul
The Mystery of Yin and Yang
East and West
Two Pictures of Desdemona
A Religious Approach to Shakespeare

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