The National Cyclopaedia of American Biography


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Seite 199 - I doubt whether one single law of any lawgiver, ancient or modern, has produced effects of more distinct, marked, and lasting character than the Ordinance of 1787.
Seite 2 - War has commenced between the United States and Spain. Proceed at once to the Philippine Islands. Commence operations, particularly against the Spanish fleet. You must capture vessels or destroy. Use utmost endeavors.
Seite 50 - Nature contains the elements, in colour and form, of all pictures, as the keyboard contains the notes of all music. But the artist is born to pick, and choose, and group with science, these elements, that the result may be beautiful— as the musician gathers his notes, and forms his chords, until he bring forth from chaos glorious harmony.
Seite 258 - Situation of the Principal Powers, with Conjectures on Their Future Prospects: By a Citizen of the United States...
Seite 258 - Europe, or a General /Survey of the Political Situation of the Principal Powers, with Conjectures on their Future Prospects (1822) ; New Ideas on Population, with Remarks on the Theories of Godwin and Malthus...
Seite 180 - It was Abraham Baldwin, a native of Connecticut and lately a tutor in Yale College, a recent emigrant to Georgia, who thus divided the vote of that state, and prevented a decision which would in all probability have broken up the convention. His state was the last to vote, and the house was hushed in anxious expectation, when this brave and wise young man yielded his private conviction to what he saw to be the paramount necessity of keeping the convention together. All...
Seite 247 - London, by drawing a machine against her side by means of a line. The machine was loaded with powder, to be exploded by a gunlock, which was to be unpinioned by an apparatus to be turned by being brought alongside of the frigate. This machine fell in with a schooner at anchor astern of the frigate, and concealed from my sight.
Seite 50 - I have seen and heard much of cockney impudence before now, but never expected to hear a coxcomb ask 200 guineas for flinging a pot of paint in the public's face.
Seite 289 - THE MAGNETIC Atlas, or variation charts of the whole terraqueous globe ; comprising a system of the variation and dip of the needle, by which the observations being truly made, the longitude may be ascertained.
Seite 273 - An Act for improving the navigation of the Mohawk river, Wood creek, and the Onondaga river with a view of opening an inland navigation to Oswego, and for extending the same, if practicable, to Lake Erie.