Notes on some upper Cretaceous Volutidae, with descriptions of new species and a revision of the groups to which they belong

Smithsonian Institution, 1908 - 23 Seiten

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Seite 306 - Compound B was first mentioned by Captain AR Johnston, who, after speaking of the well, noticed the "terrace" and pyramidal mound. "About two hundred yards from this building" (Casa Grande), he says, "was a mound in a circle a hundred yards around; the center was a hollow 25 yards in diameter, with two vamps, or slopes, going down to its bottom. It was probably a well, now partly filled up ; a similar one was seen near Mount Dallas. A few yards farther in the same direction, northward, was a terrace...
Seite 294 - ... cardinal points, east, west, north, and south ; and round about it there are ruins, indicating a fence or wall, which surrounded the house and other buildings, particularly in the corners, where it appears there has been some edifice like an interior castle or watch-tower ; for in the angle which faces towards the south-west there stands a ruin, with its divisions and an upper story.
Seite 541 - The right is reserved to award no prize if in the judgment of the committee no contribution is offered of sufficient merit to warrant such action. Memoirs designed for consideration should be addressed to either "The Smithsonian Institution, Washington, District of Columbia, USA,
Seite 540 - Smithsonian Institution has from time to time offered prizes, awarded medals, made grants for investigations, and issued publications. In connection with the approaching International Congress on Tuberculosis, which will be held in Washington, September 21 to October 12, 1908, a prize of $1,500 is offered for the best treatise " On the Relation of Atmospheric Air to Tuberculosis." Memoirs having relation to the cause, spread, prevention, or cure of tuberculosis are included within the general terms...
Seite 220 - ... third ; the fifth is a little longer than the fourth. The flagellum is composed of three articles, the first one of which is a little shorter than either of the other two, which are subequal in length.
Seite 168 - Larix alaskensis differs from L. laricina in its usually shorter leaves, but more particularly in its cones. The cone scales are longer in proportion to their breadth ; the bracts of the cone scales are ovate and without a projecting mucronate point at the apex, while L.
Seite 85 - Observations on the Neuration of the Hind Wings of Hymenopterous Insects, and on the Hooks, which join the Fore and Hind Wings together during flight.
Seite 264 - Acuna's efforts to restore peace. It was already an open secret that the Chinese had fixed the uprising for Saint Francis Day (October 4). A Tagal woman had learned this from her Chinese husband, and betrayed it to her father-confessor, who, of course, had nothing more urgent to do than to inform the Gobernador. Fierce combats during eighteen days followed between the Spaniards and the Chinese, which are full of romantic incident and teeming with merciless massacres. The lives of twenty-three thousand...
Seite 107 - The Kootanie series should probably be placed at the base of the table as a representative of the Urgonian or Neocomian, or, at the very least, should be held as not newer than the Shasta group of the United States geologists and the Lower Sandstones and Shales of the Queen Charlotte Islands. It would seem to correspond in the character of its fossil plants with the oldest Cretaceous floras recognized in Europe and Asia, and with that of the Kome formation in Greenland, as described by Heer.
Seite 177 - That on placing a fish of this species, just caught, into a pail of water, it fixed itself so firmly to the bottom, that on taking it by the tail, the whole pail by that means was lifted, though it held some gallons, and that without removing the fish from its hold.

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