Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Court of Common Pleas: With Table of the Names of Cases and Digest of the Principal Matters, Bände 2-3


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Seite 312 - persons, in that part of Great Britain called England, to borrow, owe, or take up any sum or sums of money on their bills or notes payable at demand, or at any less time than six months from the borrowing thereof." The great grievance, therefore, to which the
Seite 244 - a customary tenant of the said manor, who held to him and his heirs, divers lands and tenements of the lord of the said manor by copy of court roll ; that he died seised thereof; and that, before his death, he duly made and published his last will and testament in writing, bearing date the 23d
Seite 256 - the said testator continued his will in the words following, that is to say, "And as to all the rest, residue, and remainder, of my estate and effects, whatsoever and wheresoever, real and personal, I do hereby give, devise, and bequeath the same unto William Congreve, Ralph Dunn, and John Morison,
Seite 42 - that no person shall make an entry or distress, or bring an action to recover any land or rent, but within twenty years after the right of action accrued to the claimant, or some person whose estate he
Seite 145 - This case has been argued before us by counsel: we have considered it, and are of opinion, that the vendors cannot, under the said award of the commissioners and the said act of parliament, make a good title to the said closes, pieces, or parcels of land, called the Stearts and
Seite 42 - of the same in writing shall have been given to the person entitled thereto, or his agent, signed by the person by whom the same was payable, or his agent." It is contended that this does not apply to rent reserved by specialty, and a
Seite 297 - in pursuance of the said proviso and of the said letters patent, particularly describe and ascertain the nature of the said invention, and in what manner the same was to be performed, by an instrument in writing, under his hand and seal, and
Seite 297 - should not particularly describe and ascertain the nature of the said invention, and in what manner the same was to be performed, by an instrument in writing under his hand and seal, and cause the same to be enrolled in our said
Seite 151 - that no set-off of damages or costs between parties, shall be allowed to the prejudice of the attorney's lien for costs, in the particular suit against which the set-off is sought; provided, nevertheless, that interlocutory costs in the same suit, awarded to the adverse party, may be deducted.
Seite 291 - due, in arrear, and unpaid; and the plaintiff, as administrator as aforesaid, before and at the time of the commencement of this suit was, and still is, indebted to the defendants in the said sums of 1600/. and 3000/., upon and by virtue of the said guarantee ; which said several sums

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