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No. CXLV.-Studies on Secret Records, 1.-Sermons by the late

Rev. W. B. Shaw, Minister of Langholm, 8.--Lord Palmerston's Reform for India, 13.—Bible Manuals, 16.—The Case of the Abstainers, — Dr Guthrie and Professor Miller, 19.—Mabel Vaughan, and Speculation, &c., 34.-Dr Robert Lee's Sermon before the Queen, 45.—The Sabbath Schools of the Church of Scotland, 53.-India - Neutrality in Religion a Gross Blunder in Policy, and a Grevious Sin in Practice, 59.-Poetry : “ A Lay of the Indian War,” 60, “A Plea for the Sufferers in India,” 61, "To a Child,” 62, “The Thornless Rose,” 63.-Ecclesiastical Intelligence, 64.

No. CXLVI.—The Sabbath Schools of the Church of Scotland, (conduded) 65.—The Evangelical Alliance Prize Essay on the Sabbath, 72.-Is Woman what she should be ? 83.-Luther and the German Reformation, 91.-Contributions to Popular Theological Literature, 111.-Refugees—Orsini Affair-Conspiracy Bill, 124.Ecclesiastical Intelligence, 128.

No. CXLVII.--A Chapter from a New and Unpublished System of Comparative Psychology, 129.-A “Charge" against the Scotch

” Episcopal Church, 151.-The India Education Question, 163.-. Indian Government, Past and Prospective, &c., 174.-A Walk through the Exhibition, 176.---Literary Notice, 188.--Ecclesiastical Intelligence, 192.

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