History of Oliver Cromwell and the English Commonwealth: From the Execution of Charles the First to the Death of Cromwell, Band 2

Blanchard and Lea, 1854

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Seite 347 - It is not possible," replied the minister. " Then," exclaimed the dying man, " I am safe; for I know that I was once in grace." He then turned round, and prayed aloud. "Lord," he said, " though I am a miserable and wretched creature, I am in covenant with Thee through grace ; and I may, I will, come to Thee, for thy people ! Thou hast made me, though very unworthy, a mean instrument to do them some good, and Thee service...
Seite 119 - I think it my duty to tell you that it is not for the profit of these Nations, nor for common and public good, for you to continue here any longer. And therefore I do declare unto you, That I do dissolve this Parliament.
Seite 291 - I say I am persuaded to return this answer to you, That I cannot undertake this Government with the Title of King. And that is mine answer to this great and weighty Business...
Seite 114 - The government of the Commonwealth of England, Scotland, and Ireland, and the dominions thereunto belonging.
Seite 348 - Lord, however thou dost dispose of me, continue and go on to do good for them ; give them consistency of judgment, one heart, and mutual love, and go on to deliver them ; and with the work of reformation ; and make the name of Christ glorious in the world...
Seite 312 - I think it high time that an end be put to your sitting. And I DO DISSOLVE THIS PARLIAMENT ! And let God be judge between you and me...
Seite 118 - I have stated them, — it had been huge friendliness between persons who had such a reciprocation in so great concernments to the public, for them to have convinced me in what particulars therein my error lay ! Of which I never yet had a word from you ! But if, instead thereof, your time has been spent in setting up somewhat else, upon another bottom than this stands
Seite 116 - There be some that choose, — a man may say so by way of allusion, — to thrive under the shadow of other trees. I will tell you what hath thriven, — I will not say what you have cherished, under your shadow ; that were too hard. Instead of Peace and Settlement, — instead of mercy and truth being brought together, and righteousness and peace kissing each other, by 'your...
Seite 102 - I bear not witness to myself;' but that the good People of England and you all are my witnesses. " Yea, surely ! —And [now] this being so, —though I told you in my last Speech ' that you were a Free Parliament,' yet I thought it was understood withal that I was the Protector, and the Authority that called you ! That I was in possession of the Government by a good right from God and men ! And...
Seite 92 - ... that the persons elected shall not have power to alter the government as it is hereby settled in one single person and a Parliament.

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