A journal of the Russian campaign of 1812, tr. by W. Knollys


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Seite 189 - SIERRA LEONE ; Described in Letters to Friends at Home. By A LADY. Post SvO. 6s. 6d. SIMMONS (CAPT. TF) on the Constitution and Practice of Courts- Martial; with a Summary of the Law of Evidence as connected therewith, and some Notice of the Criminal Law of England, with reference to the Trial of Civil OBences.
Seite 1 - Exposed to death, and prodigal of life. Witness, ye heavens ! I live not by my fault : I strove to have deserved the death I sought. But, when I could not fight, and would have died, Borne off to distance by the growing tide, Old Iphitus and I were hurried thence, With Pelias wounded, and without defence.
Seite xvii - These are the planets," said that low old man ; " They govern worldly fates, and for that cause Are imaged here as kings. He farthest from you, Spiteful and cold, an old man melancholy, With bent and yellow forehead, he is Saturn. He opposite, the king with the red light. An armed man for the battle, that is Mars : And both these bring but little luck to man.
Seite xxvii - Cole, whose retreat occasioned the retreat of the whole, retired, not because he could not hold his position, but because his right flank was turned. It is a great disadvantage when the Officer Commanding in Chief must be absent, and probably at a distance. For this reason there is nothing I dislike so much as these extended operations, which I cannot direct myself.
Seite 1 - Testor, in occasu vestro nec tela nec ullas Vitavisse vices Danaum, et, si fata fuissent, Ut caderem, meruisse manu.
Seite 11 - That he had guaranteed to the Emperor of Austria the integrity of his dominions, and...
Seite lxxxvii - Russian historian of the campaigu, in a subsequent edition of his work, remarks — " It is ungenerous to disbelieve a man who would thus voluntarily despoil himself of the glory of a civic crown ; but, on the other hand, information the most positive leaves no room in the author's mind to doubt that the fire of Moscow was prepared aud executed by the Russian authorities ;" ie, by the governor of the city.
Seite 84 - ... plunging, many of them to rise no more ; by dead and dying men, women, and horses, even children ; abandoned baggage,* cannon, caissons, carts, wagons and carriages laden with the spoils of Moscow : every form of danger, suffering, and death seemed to confront the deserted but undaunted leader, f * " The Emperor was desirous to march leisurely in order to preserve the baggage. In vain Marshal Ney wrote to him that there was no time to be lost ; that the enemy pressed the rear-guard closer and...
Seite 190 - Principles of the Minor Operations of War, from the French of Lallemand. By Sir Thomas Troubridge, Bart., late Royal Fusiliers.
Seite 111 - Key's presence," says Fezensac, "was sufficient to infuse confidence. Without presuming to divine what he would or could do, we knew that he would do something. His own confidence in himself was equal to his courage. The greater the danger, the prompter was his determination. When he had once taken his line, he was the last to entertain a doubt of its success. At such a moment his countenance indicated neither indecision nor anxiety. The eyes of all were now turned toward him, but no one had .yet...

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