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It will not be unacceptable to persons acquainted with the merits of those authors, to observe that such poets as Grahame and Bloomfield, occupy in this selection, a place which has been too long usurped by writers inferior to them, both in poetical and moral excellence.

The extracts are continued down to the present day, embracing the most excellent among the poets of the United States; and it is believed that the selections from them will be found scarcely inferior in interest and excellence to those in any part of the volume.

In regard to the addition from the Hebrew poets, the Editor has no apology to make, for it cannot but be of value; he must however say, in justice to himself, that he did not think of it, till the first part of the volume was already in press, and therefore was unable to spend upon it either the time or the labour which he could have desired. Yet he was unwilling to omit what he considered so great an improvement on the plan of the work; and only regrets that circumstances would not suffer him to finish this, the pleasantest part of his labour, with the care which he deemed requisite. The extracts from the book of Job are from the translation of the Rev. George R. Noyes, by whose kindness the editor was also favoured with a few beautiful specimens from his manuscript translation of the Psalms.


Most of the sheets in this volume were printed while the Editor was absent at such a distance as rendered it impossible to have them submitted to his own inspection. A few errors have occurred, in regard to which he solicits the caution and correction of the "benevolent reader."-Page 131, last line-for oftier read loftier.-Page 142, line 16-for halved read haloed.-Page 160, last line-for ess read less.-Page 182, line 32-for rememberance read remembrance. -Page 191, line 27-for Katerfelto read Katterfelto.-Page 223, line 14-for Illissus read Ilissus.-Page 238, 5th line from bottom,for annointed read anointed.-Page 239, line 18-for infant read infant's.-Page 322, line 9th from bottom, and Page 324, line 24.for Lock read Loch.-Page 332, line 3d from bottom, for or read our. Page 395, 4th line from bottom, for not read nor.—Page 70, line 1st, for kercheft read kerchieft.

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