Wisconsin Reports: Cases Determined in the Supreme Court of Wisconsin, Band 47


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Seite 459 - Now, if the special circumstances under which the contract was actually made were communicated by the plaintiffs to the defendants, and thus known to both parties, the damages resulting from the breach of such a contract, which they would reasonably contemplate, would be the amount of injury which would ordinarily follow from a breach of contract under these special circumstances, so known and communicated.
Seite 53 - ... notice to such person and the adverse party, apply to the Court for an order to substitute such person in his place and discharge him from liability to either party on his depositing...
Seite 285 - ... it may well be doubted whether those tribes which reside within the acknowledged boundaries of the United States can, with strict accuracy, be denominated foreign nations. They may, more correctly, perhaps, be denominated domestic dependent nations.
Seite 118 - The real and personal property of any female who may hereafter marry, and which she shall own atthe time of marriage, and the rents, issues, and profits thereof, shall not be subject to the disposal of her husband, nor be liable for his debts, and shall continue her sole and separate property.
Seite 295 - That all that part of the United States west of the Mississippi, and not within the states of Missouri and Louisiana or the territory of Arkansas...
Seite 280 - That nothing in this act contained shall be construed to impair, the rights of person or property now pertaining to the Indians in said Territory, so long as such rights shall remain unextinguished by treaty between the United States and such Indians...
Seite 200 - We know of no case in which a legislative act to transfer the property of A to B without his consent, has ever been held a constitutional exercise of legislative power in any State in the union. On the contrary, it has been constantly Unifo rmiiy resisted as inconsistent with just principles, by every judicial tribunal in which it has of decisions. been attempted to be enforced.
Seite 98 - And the said applicant hereby covenants and agrees to and with the said company, that the foregoing is a just, full, and true exposition of all the circumstances in regard to the condition, situation, value and risk of the property to be insured, so far as the same are known to the applicant, and are material to the risk.
Seite 87 - ... to the effect that he will pay all costs and damages which may be awarded against him on the appeal not exceeding five hundred dollars.
Seite 258 - That the proceeds of said lands, whether from sale or by direct appropriation in kind, shall be applied, exclusively, as far as necessary, to the purpose of reclaiming said lands by means of the levees and drains aforesaid.

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