The Italian Lakes: Being the Record of Pilgrimages to Familiar and Unfamiliar Places of the "lakes of Azure, Lakes of Leisure," Together with a Description of Their Quaint Towns and Villa Gardens and the Treasures of Their Art and History

L.C. Page, 1907 - 362 Seiten

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Seite 162 - Vesuvius flamed out in several places with much violence, which the darkness of the night contributed to render still more visible and dreadful. But my uncle in order to soothe the...
Seite 167 - ... any wicked design, but never to commit any fraud, theft, or adultery, never to falsify their word, nor deny a trust when they should be called upon to deliver it up ; after which it was their custom to separate, and then reassemble, to eat in common a harmless meal. From this custom, however, they desisted after the publication of my edict, by which, according to your commands, I forbade the meeting of any assemblies.
Seite 168 - For it appears to be a matter highly deserving your consideration, more especially as great numbers must be involved in the danger of these prosecutions, which have already extended, and are still likely to extend, to persons of all ranks and ages, and even of both sexes. In fact, this contagious superstition is not confined to the cities only, but has spread its infection among the neighboring villages and country.
Seite 166 - ... for I was persuaded, whatever the nature of their opinions might be, a contumacious and inflexible obstinacy certainly deserved correction. There were others also brought before me possessed with the same infatuation, but being citizens of Rome, I directed them to be carried thither.
Seite 166 - ... purpose I had ordered to be brought, together with those of the gods), and even reviled the name of Christ: whereas there is no forcing, it is said, those who are really Christians into any of these compliances: I thought it proper, therefore, to discharge them.
Seite 3 - Nay, dearest, nay, if thou would'st have me paint The home to which, could Love fulfil its prayers, This hand would lead thee, listen !* — A deep vale Shut out by Alpine hills from the rude world ; Near a clear lake, margin'd by fruits of gold And whispering myrtles ; glassing softest skies As cloudless, save with rare and roseate shadows, As I would have thy fate ' PAULINE. My own dear love ! MELNOTTE. A palace lifting to eternal summer Its marble walls, from out a glossy bower Of coolest foliage...
Seite 160 - ... it appeared sometimes bright and sometimes dark and spotted, as it was either more or less impregnated with earth and cinders.
Seite 161 - When hastening to the place from whence others fled with the utmost terror, he steered his direct course to the point of danger, and with so much calmness and...
Seite 158 - YOUR request that I would send you an account of my uncle's death, in order to transmit a more exact relation of it to posterity, deserves my acknowledgments ; for, if this accident shall be celebrated by your pen, the glory of it, I am well assured, will be rendered forever illustrious.
Seite 268 - Perhaps I shall succeed better in describing my manner of life, which is as regular as that of any monastery. I generally rise at six, and as soon as I have breakfasted, put myself at the head of my needle-women, and work with them till nine. I then inspect my dairy, and take a turn among my poultry, which is a very large inquiry.

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