The Salamandrine; Or, Love and Immortality

How and Parsons, 1842 - 145 Seiten

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Seite 39 - Yet I should kill thee with much cherishing. Good night, good night ! parting is such sweet sorrow, That I shall say — good night, till it be morrow.
Seite 59 - THEY sin who tell us Love can die ; With life all other passions fly — All others are but vanity. In heaven ambition cannot dwell, Nor avarice in the vaults of hell ; Earthly these passions of the earth, They perish where they have their birth. But Love is indestructible ; Its holy flame for ever burneth, From heaven it came, to heaven returneth...
Seite 49 - Now, from his eastern couch, the sun, Erewhile in cloud and vapour hidden, Rose in his robes of glory dight ; And skywards to salute his light, Upsprang a choir, unbidden, Of joyous larks, that, as they shook The dew-drops from their russet pinions, Pealed forth a hymn so glad and clear, That Darkness might have paused to hear, (Pale sentinel on morn's dominions,) And envied her the flood of song Those happy minstrels poured along. XVII. The lovers listened. Earth and heaven Seemed pleased alike...
Seite 64 - Sweet loving kindness ! if thou shine, The plainest face may seem divine, And beauty's self grow doubly bright In the mild glory of thy light ! VIII.
Seite 50 - Blessed with the love of one another, A Paradise to thee and me. Yes, Peace and Love might build a nest For us amid these vales serene, And Truth should be our constant guest Among these pleasant wild-woods green. My heart should never nurse again The once fond dreams of young Ambition, And Glory's light should lure in vain, Lest it should lead to Love's perdition; Another light should round me shine, Beloved, from those eyes of thine 1
Seite 55 - Goddess humane, reach then, and freely taste. He ended; and his words, replete with guile, Into her heart too easy entrance won...
Seite 14 - One day ! one night ! yet what a change they bring ! High in the clouds, the same sweet birds may sing : The same green leaves may rustle in the air, And the same flowers, unfold their blossoms fair : Still nature smile, unchanged in all her plan, But, oh, what change may blight the soul of man ! The sun may rise as brightly as before, But many a heart can hail its beams no more...
Seite 52 - O'er the green meadows gemm'd with dew, And up the hill, and through the wood, And by the streamlet bright and blue, And sit them down upon a stone, With mantling mosses overgrown, That stands beside her cottage door, And oft repeat, When next they meet, That Time shall never part them more. He's gone ! Ah, no ! he lingers yet, And all her sorrow who can tell, As, gazing on her face, he takes His last and passionate farewell...
Seite 8 - Five score men are stretched around — So weary worn are they, They could not sleep a sounder sleep, If on eider-down they lay, With sheltering draperies of silk, And sheets and blankets white as milk. One of the sleepers is a youth, Of twenty years, not more, — His lineage high, his bearing proud, — And the name his fathers bore iz.
Seite 31 - From a human heart we win A love devoid of guile and sin ; A love for ever kind and pure — A love to suffer and endure ; Unalterably firm and great Amid the angry storms of Fate ; For ever young, for ever new, For ever passionate and true. This gained — all woe is past — all joy begun ; Heaven is our hope — Eternity is won.

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