Manual Of Mineralogy


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Seite 430 - Is traversed lengthwise by two parallel ranges of mountains — the Sierra Nevada on the east and the coast range on the west — which...
Seite 49 - I.) ; hence the sum of all the angles, both interior and exterior, is equal to twice as many right angles as there are sides to the polygon. But the sum of the interior angles alone, less four right angles, is equal to the same sum (Prop.
Seite 385 - Cologne, (Hamburgh, etc.,) = 8 oz. = 3608 Eng. grs. The Russian pood (or pud) = 40 Russian pounds = 36 English pounds avoirdupois. 12 inches English, 1 foot. 3 feet, 1 yard. 40 rods, 1 furlong. 8 furlongs, 1 mile. 3 miles, 1 league.
Seite 317 - ... reduced to a manageable quantity, the gold is amalgamated with clean mercury ; the amalgam is next strained to separate any excess of mercury, and finally is heated and the mercury expelled, leaving the gold.
Seite 86 - It receives a brilliant polish, and is set in jewelry. It is the Gagates of Dioscorides and Pliny, a name derived from the river Gagas, in Syria, near the mouth of which it was found, and the origin of the term jet, now in use.
Seite 22 - The sizes of the faces vary, and also the number of faces, according to certain simple laws hereafter to be explained ; but the corresponding angles of inclination are essentially the same, whatever the variations or distortions. Other minerals have a like constancy in their crystals, and each has some peculiarity, some difference of angle, or some difference of cleavage structure, which distinguishes it from every other mineral. In many cases, therefore, we have only to measure an angle to determine...
Seite 81 - United States, the diamond has been met with, in Rutherford county, North Carolina, (fig. 4,) and Hall county, Georgia. The original rock in Brazil appears to be either a kind of laminated granular quartz called itacolumite ; or a ferruginous quartzose conglomerate. The itacolumite occurs in the Urals, and diamonds have been found in it ; and it is also abundant in Georgia and North Carolina. In India, the rock is a quartzobe conglomerate.

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