Strange Visitors: a Series of Original Papers, Embracing Philosophy, Science, Government ...

Henry J. Horn
Carleton, 1869 - 249 Seiten

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Seite 225 - tis no matter; Honour pricks me on. Yea, but how if honour prick me off when I come on ? how then ? Can honour set to a leg? No. Or an arm? No. Or take away the grief of a wound ? No. Honour hath no skill in surgery then ? No. What is honour? A word. What is in that word, honour? What is that honour? Air. A trim reckoning ! — Who hath it? He that died o
Seite 135 - There came by a peddler whose name was Stout, He cut her petticoats all round about ; He cut her petticoats up to her knees, Which made the old woman to shiver and freeze.
Seite 249 - With directions for self-culture. A sensible and instructive work, that ought to be in the hands of every one who wishes to be either an agreeable talker or listener. .... I2mo.
Seite 249 - POSTAGE FREE, to any part of the United States. This convenient and very safe mode may be adopted when the neighboring Booksellers are not supplied with the desired work. State name and address in full. Victor Hugo.
Seite 133 - Dead ! dead ! You call her dead ! Oh, speak not thus ! her tender heart you grieve, And 'twixt her love and yours a barrier weave ! Call her by sweetest name, your voice she'll hear, And through the darkness like a star appear. Dead ! dead ! You call her dead ! Lift up your eyes ! she is no longer dead ! In your lone path the unseen angels tread ! And when your weary night of earth shall close, She'll lead you where eternal summer blows.
Seite 61 - ... the stray lambs to the fold. EDGAR A. POE. THE LOST SOUL. Hark the bell! the funeral bell, Calling the soul To its goal. Oh! the haunted human heart, From its idol doomed to part! Yet a twofold being bearing, She and I apart are tearing; She to heaven I to hell! Going, going! Hark the bell! Far in hell, Tolling, tolling. Fiends are rolling, Whitened bones, and coffins reeking Fearful darkness grimly creeping On my soul, My vision searing, She disappearing, Drawn from me By a soul I cannot see,...
Seite 132 - Vainly your love entombed beneath the ground! Vainly in kirk-yard raise your mournful wail! Your loved is living in some sunnier vale. Dead! dead! You call her dead! You think her gone to her eternal rest, Like some strange bird forever left her nest! Her sweet voice hush'd within the silent grave, While o'er her dust the weeping willows wave. Dead! dead! You call her dead! And yet she lives, and loves! Oh, wondrous truth! In golden skies she breathes immortal youth! Look upward! where the roseate...
Seite 139 - said I. At this she seemed mighty tickled. "I heerd you speak on those momentous subjects in Liverpool," said she. " And arter that when I read the affectin' account of your death in a strange land, I cried." " Cried ? " said I, " I'm much obleeged to you, but there's nothin
Seite 138 - As she went on she began to shine like a star, shootin' on through the azure heavens for all the world like a sky-rocket. That put me on my pluck, and I bust out just like a sky-rocket too. My blazers ! If it didn't make my head spin. When I collected my idees, I thought I'd look and see if I resembled a glow-worm behind, and there, by thunder, was a long stream of light, just like the tail of a comet ! I tell you, I felt happy ! She's regenerated me, thought I ; and I, too, am one of the "shining...
Seite 245 - ... predominance, and he dwell upon that idea to the exclusion of other thoughts, he will attract spirits who fill the air — not organized spiritual beings who inhabit the spirit world, but half-organized beings (polypus) who live in this atmosphere and were originated from the brains and the physical organisms of the inhabitants of the earth; these beings, finding his mind concentrated or magnetized to a point, will effect an entrance. Suppose, for instance the person centres his mind upon the...

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