Science Record: A Compendium of Scientific Progress and Discovery During the Past Year

Alfred Ely Beach

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Seite 455 - Apatura and other color-changing insects ; these colors are only optical phenomena, and differ in this respect from both of the other kinds. The epidermal colors belong to the pigment deposited in the cells of the chitinized external skin or epidermis. They are mostly metallic blue, green, bronze, golden, silver, black, brown, and perhaps more rarely red. They are very easily recognized, being persistent and never obliterated or changed after death. The hypodermal colors are situated in the non-chitinized...
Seite 40 - I have known to bring spitting of blood. (4) SPECIFIC HEAT OF CARBON. DR. HF WEBER, after careful experiment, finds that the law deduced by Dulong and Petit, to the effect that the product of atomic weight and specific heat have the same value for all elements, does not apply to carbon. He finds that a closer investigation has completely verified this conjecture. The specific heat of carbon...
Seite 434 - ... or more. So steady and uniform did the force act, that the column of water appeared to be held there for some minutes, returning into the basin in millions of prismatic drops. This was continued for about fifteen minutes, and the rumbling and confusion attending it could be compared only to the confusion attending a charge in battle.
Seite 387 - ... attitude. In this position it resembled very closely a sprout or shoot of some green succulent plant, and might readily be mistaken for such by small animals.
Seite 236 - ... of the former to one of the latter. Lower the glass down in the solution until it is a little distance from the bottom, and allow it to remain there for a period of time varying from fifteen minutes to four hours, according to the thickness of the coating of silver desired. After removing it from the bath wash with distilled water, and, when dry, polish by means of a soft pad of cotton velvet charged with rouge.
Seite 445 - ... that while the denser meteoric mass forming the head approaches so near the earth once in every hundred and twenty years as to be visible in the reflected light of the sun, the more widely scattered...
Seite 60 - The one coil would only have to be placed within the cavity to be measured to enable the observer to read the temperature from time to time, without disturbing the patient, with the accuracy of which the mercury or spirit of wine thermometer employed is capable. But the same method is applicable for measuring the temperatures of distant or inaccessible places, such as the interior of stores or cargoes of materials liable to spontaneous combustion ; of points elevated above the surface of the ground;...
Seite 56 - If the bulb could be cooled down to 273° Centigrade below the zero point, it would follow by the law of Charles that the elastic pressure of air would be reduced to nothing, that is to say, the motion of the particles of air, which we call heat, would have ceased, and we should have reached the point of an absolute zero, a point which has been theoretically established also by other means.
Seite 435 - Faithful," was far more accommodating, and played at intervals of only an hour, throwing up a column of water at least six feet in diameter and one hundred and fifty feet high, for a period of about fifteen minutes. The ease with which this column of water was sustained at the great height during the period of its operation rendered it a marvel of beauty as well as of power. We may say, in conclusion, that we have been able in this article to do little more than to allude to a few of the wonderful...
Seite 416 - ... amount of volcanic action taking place upon its surface and within its crust. He shows, by estimates which allow an ample margin to the best data we possess as to the total annual vulcanicity of all sorts of our globe at present, that less than one fourth of the total heat at present annually lost by our globe is upon his theory sufficient to account for it ; so that...

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