Preliminary Report on Petroleum in Alaska

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1921 - 83 Seiten

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Seite xi - Bulletin 328, 1908, 343 pp. •Investigation of the mineral deposits of Seward Peninsula, by PS Smith. In Bulletin 345, 1908, pp. 206-250. 45 cents. Geology of the Seward Peninsula tin deposits, by Adolph Knopf. Bulletin 358, 1908, 72 pp.
Seite iv - Copper Mountain and vicinity, Prince of Wales Island (No. 540B); scale, 1 : 62,500; by RH Sargent. 10 cents retail or 6 cents wholesale. Also contained in Professional Paper 87.
Seite 13 - ... to be valuable. The figures given for the silver recovered from placer gold and from siliceous ores are probably less accurate than those for the gold. Copper mining did not begin in Alaska until 1901, and the figures for gold and silver derived from this industry, as now presented, are therefore a close approximation to the actual output.
Seite 106 - Bay and 1J miles below outlet of Little Salmon Lake. Two per cent of total drainage of Karta River enters between outlet of lake and gage. DISCHARGE MEASUREMENTS. — At medium and high stages made from cable across river 50 feet upstream from gage; at low stages by wading at cable section. CHANNEL AND CONTROL. — From Little Salmon Lake...
Seite iv - TOPOGRAPHIC MAPS. * Juneau gold belt, Alaska ; scale, 1 : 250,000 ; compiled. In 'Bulletin 287. 75 cents. Not issued separately. Juneau special (No. 581A) ; scale, 1 : 62,500 ; by WJ Peters. 10 cents retail or 6 cents wholesale. Berners Bay special (No. 581B) ; scale, 1:62,500; by RB Oliver. 10 cents retail or 6 cents wholesale.
Seite vi - TOPOGRAPHIC MAPS. Central Copper River region, reconnaissance map; scale, 1 : 250,000; by TG Gerdine. In *Professional Paper 41. 50 cents. Not issued separately. Headwater regions of Copper, Nabesna, and Chisana rivers, reconnaissance map; scale, 1:250,000; by DC Witherspoon, TG Gerdine, and WJ Peters. In •Professional Paper 41. 50 cents. Not issued separately. Controller Bay region (No.
Seite 106 - The area draining to Long River between Long Lake Outlet and this station comprises only 1.3 square miles, including First Lake and Second Lake. Because this area is at a low altitude and has no glaciers the run-off per square mile from it is greater early in the spring but much less in summer than that from the area above Long Lake, which is partly covered by glaciers. Discharge measurements of Long River below Second Lake, at Port Snettis)uim,dunng 1918.
Seite iii - The geology and ore deposits of Copper Mountain and Kasaan Peninsula, Alaska, by CW Wright. Professional Paper 87, 1915, 110 pp. Mining in the Juneau region [1914].
Seite xii - In Water-Supply Paper 314. Not issued separately. Seward Peninsula, northeastern portion, reconnaissance map (No. 655); scale, 1 : 250,000; by DC Witherspoon and CE Hill. 50 cents each, or $30 a hundred.
Seite 83 - Maximum stage recorded, 5.33 feet November 1, 1917 (discharge, 4,600 second-feet); minimum stage, 0.50 foot, February 11, 1916 (discharge, 22 second-feet). ICE. — Lower Lake freezes over, but as gage is set back in the bank ice does not form in well, and the relatively warm water from the lake and the swift current keep the control open. ACCURACY. — Stage-discharge relation permanent.

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