Peridotite of Elliott County, Kentucky, Band 8,Ausgabe 38

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1887 - 31 Seiten

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Seite 349 - The publications of the United States Geological Survey are issued in accordance with the statute approved March 3, 1879, which declares that — 1 ' Thepublications of the Geological Survey shall consist of the annual report of operations, geological and economic maps illustrating the resources and classification of the lands, and reports upon general and economic geology and paleontology.
Seite 349 - Director, but otherwise in ordinary octavos. Three thousand copies of each shall be published for scientific exchanges and for sale at the price of publication ; and all literary and cartographic materials received in exchange shall be the property of the United States...
Seite 579 - On July 7, 1882, the following joint resolution, referring to all Government publications, was passed by Congress : ' ' That whenever any document or report shall be ordered printed by Congress, there shall be printed, in addition to the number in each case stated, the ' usual number ' (1,900) of copies for binding and distribution among those entitled to receive them.
Seite 349 - Third Annual Report of the United States Geological Survey, 1881-'82, by JW Powell. 1883. 8°. xviii, 564 pp. 67 pi. and maps. IV. Fourth Annual Report of the United States Geological Survey, 1882-83, by JW Powell. 1884. 8°. xxxii, 473 pp. 85 pi. and maps. V. Fifth Annual Report of the United States Geological Survey, 1883-'84, by JW Powell. 1885. 8°.
Seite 433 - Except in those cases in which an extra number of any publication has been supplied to the Survey by special resolution of Congress or has been ordered by the Secretary of the Interior, this office has no copies for gratuitous distribution. ANNUAL REPORTS. I. First Annual .Report of the United States Geological Survey, by Clarence King.
Seite 434 - On Hypersthene-Andesite and on Triclinic Pyroxene in Augitic Rocks, by Whitman Cross, with, a Geological Sketch of Buffalo Peaks, Colorado, by SF Emmons. 1883. 8°. 42pp. 2 pi. Price 10 cents. 2. Gold and Silver Conversion Tables, giving the coining value of troy ounces of fine metal, etc..
Seite 463 - Price 15 cents. 24. List of Marine Mollusca. comprising the Quaternary Fossils and Recent Forms from American Localities between Cape Hatteras and Cape Roque, including the Bermudas, by William Healy Dall. 1885. 8°. 336pp. Price 25 cents. 25. The Present Technical Condition of the Steel Industry of the United States, by Phineas Barnes. 1885. 8°. 85pp. Price 10 cents. 26. Copper Smelting, by Henry M. Howe. 1885. 8°.
Seite 435 - Price 15 cents. 32. Lists and Analyses of the Mineral Springs of the United States (a Preliminary Study), by Albert C.
Seite 462 - Price 6 cents. r 17. On the Development of Crystallization in the Igneous Rocks of Washoe, Nevada, with notes on the Geology of the District, by Arnold Hague and Joseph P. Iddings. 1885. 8°.
Seite 463 - Price 10 cents. 27. Report of work done in the division of Chemistry and Physics, mainly during the fiscal year 1884-'85. 1886. 8°.

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