The Works of Lord Byron: Comprising the Suppressed Poems, Bände 8-9


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Seite 205 - ... from east to west Cheers the tar's labour or the Turkman's rest ; Which on the Moslem's ottoman divides His hours, and rivals opium and his brides ; Magnificent in Stamboul, but less grand, Though not less loved, in Wapping or the Strand ; Divine in...
Seite 37 - He had written praises -of a regicide; He had written praises of all kings whatever; He had written for republics far and wide, And then against them bitterer than ever; For pantisocracy he once had cried Aloud, a scheme less moral than 'twas clever; Then grew a hearty antijacobin — Had turn'd his coat — and would have turn'd his skin.
Seite 37 - He meant no harm in scribbling; 'twas his way Upon all topics; 'twas, besides, his bread, Of which he butter'd both sides ; 'twould delay Too long the assembly (he was pleased to dread), And take up rather more time than a day, To name his works — he would but cite a few — 'Wat Tyler' — 'Rhymes on Blenheim'— 'Waterloo.
Seite 247 - I saw had an inclination to assist me, and as he fed me with shaddock (my lips being quite parched), we explained our wishes to each other by our looks; but this being observed, Martin was removed from me.
Seite 251 - The secrecy of this mutiny is beyond all conception. Thirteen of the party who were with me had always lived forward among the seamen; yet neither they nor the messmates of Christian, Stewart, Haywood, and Young, had ever observed any circumstance that made them in the least suspect what was going on.
Seite 105 - May the grass wither from thy feet! the woods Deny thee shelter ! earth a home! the dust A grave! the sun his light! and heaven her God!

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