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22. A guinea was paid to a woman whose husband was drowned by order of the vestry under London Bridge.

23. This stone is erected to the memory of John Phillips accidentally shot as a mark of affection by his brother.

24. We have been disturbed ever since the child was born three or four times a night.

25. I saw that it had been scoured with half an eye.

26. Her mistress was anxious to tell her to wash her face without offending her.

27. I would not go to the door to see a man in curl-papers.

28. He made a post-morfem examination on the day the remains were found in company with Dr. Major.

29. This necessitated his being parted from the books which he loved for a time.

30. It is not for me to give reasons for what men do to a gentleman of your learning.

31. The major believed Stanley to be dead owing to the absence of news.

32. How is it that no questions were put to the widow as to the treatment of her husband's injuries by the coroner?

33. He posted the letter received and read yesterday at the railway station,

34. A wealthy man has just died bequeathing to each officer on his death-bed the sum of £25.

35. I want you to let me say that I love you again and again.
36. Mr. Smith presided during the mission at the harmonium.

[186.] 37. The expectations of parents are disappointed if the children do not work hard and money is wasted.

38. Our hero was the guide, philosopher, and friend of Dr. Andrew Thompson when only a lad of thirteen.

39. He had received a special report that Falmouth was dying just as he was on the point of mounting his horse.

40. My cousin called after I had gone out to hear the news.

41. We saw some beautiful pictures when we were in London to be sold.

42. The boy has worked since he was promoted to please his mother.

[187-196.] 43. They felt that under his banner only they could hope for victory.

44. She only drank milk by the advice of her doctor.
45. I reside only in a small country village.
46. Breathe through the nose only in cold weather.
47. The principle of the bill was only confirmed by a majority
48. The Polish artillery consisted only of twelve pieces.
49. The first two named only ascended to the summit.
50. He strives not to inspire liking but love.

51. The man worked not to provide for the future but only for the present.

of one.

52. Attention to details is no more essential to the strength than to the beauty of the building.

53. The gods are either angry or nature is too powerful.
54. The beaux of the day painted their faces as well as the women.
55. Others had seen that she was sweet as well as Oliver.
56. He not only lent me his carriage but also his horses.
57. We cannot even have an inclination to do good.
58. Sixtus IV. was a great collector of books at least.

59. I think that you will find my German at all events as good as his.

60. This cannot often at least be done.

Correct the following sentences :-

1. God hath given reason to a man to be a light unto him.
2. He is the descendant of Abraham.
3. The king has given him the title of a duke.

4. The fire, the earth, the air, and the water were called the four elements.

5. The virtues like his are not easily acquired.
6. He has been blamed for paying a little attention to his duties.

[218-220.] 7. The population of London is greater than any other city in the world.

8. The vice of covetousness enters deepest into the soul of any other.

9. John is better than anybody in his class.

10. He thought the Church of England the most perfect of all others.

11. This is a volume of more interest to me than any book.
12. We take our pleasures as sadly as we do anything.

[221-229.] 13. When the baby has done feeding it [a feeding bottle) must be unscrewed and laid in a cool place, say under a tap.

14. One day we were watching him [a cat] lying on the grass with only its tail moving.

15. After thinking, it [a cat] jumped up and turned the jar over, and caught hold of it (a mouse] and eat it up.

16. The house was filled with smoke, but the fireman, with a bucket of water, succeeded in quenching it.

17. The wind blew down the wall ; it was very high.

18. On revolving the incident in his mind he resolved to scale it [a cliff].

[230-233.] 19. Brown saw Jones as he was walking in the park ; he wished to see him because he had a message for him.

20. The boys came through all right. Cousin Will took the tickets and arranged to have them taken up to the house.

21. Witness said that his wife's father came to his house, and he ordered him out but he refused to go.

22. After my poor father's death, the good gentleman took me because he was a captain in his regiment.

23. Mr. Bosworth presents his compliments to Mr. Caldecott. I have got a hat which is not his; if he has got a hat which is not yours, no doubt they are the missing ones.

24. A father who brought his boy to the police court complained that he got up and ran away before he was out of bed.

25. Mistakes cannot be rectified after they have left the shop.

26. He told his friend that if he did not feel better in half an hour he thought that he had better go home.

(236-237.] 27. The meeting was very disorderly ; they clamoured for a change of government.

28. I do not desire to bear thee company, and I have still hopes to have the pleasure of seeing you go without me.

29. The nation rejoice when its fleet is victorious.
30. The mob are dispersed by the police ; it scatters in all directions.
31. Parliament has met to elect their Speaker.
32. The jury were divided in its opinion.
33. The committee disable him, and maintain its right to do so.

Omit from the following sentences all needless words [368-374].
1. I do not like the house in which I live in.
2. My banks they are furnished with bees.

3. The king behaved to his enemies with great magnanimity of mind.

4. Her burden was almost intolerable to be borne.
5. He that curseth his father or mother let him die.
6. What went you out for to see?
7. I do not doubt of it.
8. I have got a book.
9. Go quickly from hence.
10. Simple and innocent pleasures they alone are durable.
11. One bullet entered his neck and killed him dead.
12. Bring me a jug of boiling hot water.
13. These words were audibly heard by all present.
14. He stooped down to pick up a stone.
15. We sell pure unadulterated milk.
16. The name of the town was called Swansea.
17. It is in the county of Glamorganshire.
18. At last he returned back to his home.


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