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The Elzevir Library-Continued.

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BIOGRAPHY. 11 Sir Isaac Newton, James Parton.

2c 16 Life of Gustave Dore. Illustrated. 35 Alex. H. Stephens. Norton...

8c 38 Richard Wagner. Bertha Thomas.. 41 Peter Cooper. C. Edwards Lester.

8c 50 Life of Irving, by R. H. Stoddarı, also three other sketches, 10e Life of Washington. Wm. M. Thayer.

.25e 75 Sam Houston. C. Edwards Lester

150 10@ James Ferguson, the Astronomer.

2c 104 Count Rumford. John Tyndall...

2c 135 Wendell Phillips. Geo. Wm. Curtis..

2c 142 Lecture on Emerson. Matthew Arnold.

2c 155 Thomas Carlyle, Augustine Birrell.

2C 178 Life of Hannibal. Thomas Arnold, of Rugby.

8c 183 Julius Cæsar. H. G. Liddell.

86 219 Charles Brockden Brown, Prescott.

Зc 220 Cervantes. Prescott... 221 Sir Walter Scott. Prescott.

50 222 Moliere. Wm. H. Prescott.. Marcus Aurelius. Matthew Arnold.

Зc Thackeray. By author of Rab and His Friends.

5c Cyrus the Great. Geo. Rawlinson..

2c Life of Chinese Gordon Archibald Forbes.

. 15c 367 Philosophy of Style, Herbert Spencer..

3c By RALPH WALDO EMERSON. 165 On Heroism

2c 213 On Intellect. 168 On Love.... 2c 214 On Art...

20 208 On Nature 40 237 On Experience.

20 209 Method of Nature.

2c 238 On Character... 210 On History. 20 239 On Manners.

2c 212 On Friendship. 2c | 323 Self-Reliance.

Зc By MAURICE THOMPSON. 302 Cuckoo Notes

30 303 Anatomy of Bird Song.

30 305 Some Hyoid Hints

20 FAMOUS POEMS. 361 Poe, Edgar A. The Raven, and other Poems..

3 339 Spenser. The Red Cross Knight and Dragon...

30 386 Arnold, Matthew. Favorite Poems. 835 Keats. The Eve of St. Agnes, and Other Poems..

30 334 Shelley, Percy Bysshe. Favorite Poems.

Sc 333 Chaucer. The Story of Grisiide.

36 325 Dana, Richard H. The Buccaneers.

2e 320 Mediæval Religious Poems. The Celestial City, etc..

Зе 316 Gray's Elegy, and Other Poems

30 315 Southey. Inchcape Rock, and Other Poems.

3c 314 Browning, Robert. The Pied Piper of Hamlin, etc.. 313 Browning, Mrs. Lady Geraldine's Courtship....

3c 311 Hood. The Bridge of Sighs, and Other Poems..

30 277 Lowell's Early Poems...

150 256 Bryant's Early Poems. 249 Whittier's Early Poems.

. 150 240 Longfellow's Early Poems,

10€ 366 Pope's Essay on Man..

5c 150 Moore. Irish Melodies..

8c 3 Goethe. Hermann and Dorothea..

bc 106 Aytour. The Heart of Bruce, etc.

26 375 Coleridge. Ancient Mariner..

3c 10* Byron, Lord. Mazeppa

26 89 Campbell. Gertrude of Wyoming.

20 36 Schiller's Song of the Bell, etc...


2c . How Lisa Loved the

Зc 359 Burns, Rrvert. Cotter's Saturday Night Roc..

3c 377 Goldsmith. The Deserted Village, Etc.

30 360 Tennyson, Alfred. Enoch Arden THE REOVES.L.OF:



• 30

... 15c

28 Ingelow, Jean. Somalis SENAI YRARILYEZ LIBRARY

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ALONSO, King of Naples.
SEBASTIAN, his brother.
PROSPERO, the right Duke of Milan.
ANTONIO, his brother, the usurping Duke of Miial..
FERDINAND, son to the King of Naples.
GONZALO, an honest old Counsellor.

CALIBAN, a savage and deformed Slave,
TRINCULO, a Jester.
STEPHANO, a drunken Butler.
Master of a Ship.
MIRANDA, daughter to Prospero.
ARIEL, an airy Spirit.

presented by Spirits.
Other Spirits attending on Prospero.

SCENE-A ship at Sea: an island.

ACT 1.
SCENEI. On a ship at sea: a tempestuous noise of

thunder and lightning heard.
Enter a Ship-Master and a Boatswain.
Mast. Boatswain !
Boats. Here, master: what cheer?

Mast. Good, speak to the mariners: fall to't, yarely, or we run ourselves aground: bestir, bestir.

[Exit. Enter Mariners. Boats. Heigh, my hearts! cheerly, cheerly, my hearts ! yare, yare! Take in the topsail. Tend to the master's whistle. Blow, till thou burst thy wind, if room enough ! Enter ALONSO, SEBASTIAN, ANTONIO, FERDINAND,

GONZALO, and others. Alon. Good boatswain, have care. Where's the master ? Play the men.




Boats. I pray now, keep below.
Ant. Where is the master, boatswain ?

Boats. Do you not hear him ? You mar our labor: keep your cabins: you do assist the storm.

Gon. Nay, good, be patient.

Boats. When the sea is. Hence ! What care these roarers for the name of king ? To cabin: silence ! trouble us not.

Gon. Good, yet remember whom thou hast aboard.

Boats. None that I more love than myself. You are a counsellor; if you can command these elements to silence, and work the peace of the present, we will not hand a rope more; use your authority: if you cannot, give thanks you have lived so long, and make yourself ready in your cabin for the mischance of the hour, if it so hap. Cheerily, good hearts ! Out of our way, I


[Exit. Gon. I have great comfort from this fellow: methinks he hath no drowning mark upon him; his complexion is perfect gallows. Stand fast, . good Fate, to his hanging: make the rope of his destiny our cable, for our own doth little advantage. If he be not born to be hanged, our case is miserable.


Re-enter Boatswain. Boats. Down with the topmast ! yare ! lower, lower! Bring her to; try with main-course. [A cry within.) A plague upon this howling ! they are louder than the weather or our office. 40

Re-enter SEBASTIAN, ANTONIO, and GONZALO. Yet again ! what do you here? Shall we give o'er and drown? Have you a mind to sink?

Seb. A pox o' your throat, you bawling, blasphemous, incharitable dog !

Boats. Work you then.

Ant. Hang, cur! hang, you whoreson, insolent noisemaker! We are less afraid to be drowned than thou art.

Gon. I'll warrant him for drowning; though

che ship were no strongeç than a nutshell and as leaky as an unstanched wench.

Boats. Lay her a-hold, a-hold ! set her two courses-off to sea again; lay her off.

Enter Mariners wet. Mariners. All lost! to prayers, to prayers ! all lost !

Boats. What, must our mouths be cold ?
Gon. The king and prince at prayers ! let's

assist them,
For our case is as theirs.

I'm out of patience. Ant. We are merely cheated of our lives by

drunkards: This wide-chapp'd rascal—would thou mightst lie drowning

60 The washing of ten tides ! Gon.

He'll be hang'd yet, Though every drop of water swear against it And gape at widest to glut him. [A confused noise within: Mercy on us ! We split, we split !'-Farewell my wife and

children !'• Farewell, brother !'—'We split, we split, we

split!'1 Ant. Let's all sink with the king. Seb. Let's take leave of him.

[Exeunt Ant. and Seb. Gon. Now would I give a thousand furlongs of sea for an acre of barren ground, long heath, brown furze, any thing. The wills above be done! but I would fain die a dry death. [Exeunt.

SCENE II. The island. Before PROSPERO's cell.

Enter PROSPERO and MIRANDA. Mir. If by your art, my dearest father, you

have Put the wild waters in this roar, allay them. The sky, it seems, would pour down stinking


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