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Authorized and honoured by your Royal Highness's gracious permission to dedicate to your Royal Highness this attempt to treat of a subject of vital importance to the country with which your Royal Highness is happily associated and identified, I have only to hope that my endeavour to give unity of system to the tactics of war by land and sea, as well as military strength to the formations of fleets, by applying the principles which regulate the dispositions and movements of armies to the new system of warfare on the ocean, for which this country ought to be fully prepared, may not be considered unworthy of the illustrious name by which my humble efforts are patronized, and not altogether useless to that great branch of Her Majesty's Service, on the efficiency and the supremacy of which the security of the Insular and Colonial Empire of Great Britain, must ever depend.

I have the honour to be,
With sentiments of the most profound respect,
Your Royal Highness's devoted and
Most obedient humble servant,


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